Thank You Everybody For Your Words of Kindness and Loving Prayers

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I want to say thank you,thank you,thank you so much for all your prayers and love and support.I have read all of your kind hearted words, and have done all things possible on my end.I now leave it up to the Drs. and our All Mighty God I put it in his hands First and fore most,without him I would not have found all of you.I am truly greatful to have you all in my corner.I want to say special thank you to my sisters here we might not share the same blood but the love I have for you is more than words can say wright now,You were their when I needed you to talk to when my actual blood sisters couldnt make the time for me.(Sad but true).
To my big brothers I cant forget you guys you are my rocks my strength when I have no more to give,you just give me that lil extra push when I need it LOL as a lilsista dose you know.
Now like I said I have done all that everyone said ask,call,see what else they say well,ACS is looking into things for me on their part,I see the Dr.tomarrow to have a transv.ultrasound and biopsy done I also get the results of all my blood work,as for the Oncologist apt I still have to wait they cant do anything for me on that But I did ask a lady at ACS if they could look into for me and try to get me in sooner she told me they would try and see.
well I have to go for now kids are about oh yes Saturday is the day michael and I have planned to tell them all we are going out for a family picnic to my dads farm.We figured once we get their and get settled for dinner and all thats when we will tell them,I just hope and pray I dont crumble and fall on my words or scare the crap out of all of them.

All my Love and Hugs and most of All My Thanks to You ALL

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