Stress in your Personal Life......

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Stressful events unrelated to your diabetes may effect how you feel and how you well you cope with diabetes. If you have a quarrel or a bad day at work your blood glucose will soar. Or getting upset could make you forget to eat a meal or to take your medicines. Try to determine what is causeing stress in your life. It is also important not to react to stress in ways that might be harmful to your health or your blood glucose levels. Two negative reactions to stress is smoking and drinking to much alcohol.

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realsis77 2011-09-19 10:42:47 -0500 Report

Yes this is true. I wish I could say that I can avoid stress in my life but I can not say that. Stress comes. This is life. How I try and deal with it is I like to try to get my mind off it. I like to read a book, or surf the web, watch a good movie, anything to get my mind off the stressful situation. I also pray. God will take the burden and give comfort, I believe this.there are many ways to deal with stress, the main thing is make sure your dealing with it in a non distructive and healthy manner. Some things we can't change we just need to decide what we CAN change and what we can' the AA saying goes and the wisdom to know the difference. I think that's a great saying because some things are just out of our control and when we realize that it will help relieve some of the stressers.