Emergencies... what to do when you get sick

By TsalagiLenape Latest Reply 2011-09-20 16:44:55 -0500
Started 2011-09-18 17:37:11 -0500

Do you ever have those moments that you totally blank out what to do when you get sick? I.e. I have a lovely cold on top of the sinusitis. So hence I thought to bring up an important question. Its not that I dont know what to do. But having those moments of "UGH what am I supposed to do?" Where your mind is a blank. So I thought to bring this up. Especially for those of us who are newly diagnosed and etc. Or those of us who have blanks when they usually know what to do but cant for the life of them remember. As well as those of us who have no one to take care of us.

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streak23 2011-09-18 21:11:43 -0500 Report

well one big thing you should do is get an id necklace or bracelet…this will let any one know that find you and wonders what;s wrong,, if you have an attack and no one knows you are diobetic they might thin k your are drunk or stoned.. get an id tag of some kind and wear it at all times..you can get one at any drug store or walmart stores.. let people know what to expect. this should be common sense

Uncle Lew
Uncle Lew 2011-09-20 16:44:55 -0500 Report

I been wearing a Medic Alert Dog Tag (they also have bracelets, medallions and pendants) for 17 years. The beauty of Medic Alert is that the tag is not only engraved with your condition/conditions but there is a telephone number that can be called and all your vital information is made available (Name; Age; Address; Phone Number; Insurance; Contact Name and Phone Number; All Your Medications (with dosages and frequency of taking); Your Doctors Name and Phone Number). It is all encompassing. There is a yearly fee but it is invaluable for emergency care especially if you are incoherent or unconscious. I suggest looking into this rather than wearing a simple bracelet. It could be a lifesaver.

TsalagiLenape 2011-09-19 06:15:18 -0500 Report

I have one around my neck thanks to my native brother. It may seem like common sense but a few years ago, at a meal planning class, out of the 30 people there, I was the only one wearing anything stating I had diabetes. Most of the other people were many years older than I. Yet none of them had a bracelet or necklace.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-18 19:07:11 -0500 Report

Hello TsalagiLenape, Drink lots of water, If you do not have a thermometer get one and keep it handy. My dr said any time I get a temp of 100 to get into see him. My normal temp is 97 that is why 100 is important to me. For most the temp of 101 applies and is a good indication an infection is present. Also you mentioned sinusitis, if the mucus is greenish, brownish or has blood in it that needs to be checked. If it is clear or slight yellow it should be ok. It is always better to be on the safe side when in doubt. Put your feet up and rest. I hope you get better soon.
God bless,

TsalagiLenape 2011-09-19 06:17:09 -0500 Report

Well my muscus is yellow white. I need to get a new thermometer. Drinking plenty of fluids for I dont feel hungry but eating is light. Even that bit makes me feel so fat and full. Ugh! Otherwise, just sleeping for now while taking an antibiotic and pain reliever. Hugs

Auburn Bill
Auburn Bill 2011-09-18 18:20:17 -0500 Report

I have called my doctor for help at times. Seems like they want you to always come to them, $20 co-pay from my pocket! I can say the dr. has helped me thur blood clots, a low spell og blood sugar, giving me the hollies for my hi sugars. Guess i am very blessed to be good at this time! Have you tried the wrist band or necklace with your conditions on it for emergencies? God Bless, Grandpa Bill

TsalagiLenape 2011-09-19 06:18:25 -0500 Report

Well Grandpa Bill, my doctors keep their usual hours. Which would mean for me to go to the E.R…Nope waste of time there usually. Necklace on for years. Hugs God Bless

Abby888 2011-09-18 17:42:56 -0500 Report

This is a very important discussion (thank you). I personally contact my medical team when I get sick because I have both Addison's Disease and Diabetes. I generally know that if I am having chest pain, migraine, can't keep fluids down or having difficulty breathing then its time to take a trip to the local ER. For colds and minor illnesses I call my doctor for advice and drink plenty of fluids. Illness and infection can raise a diabetic's blood sugar. Its hard to know sometimes where there might be an infection. Best to call your doctor. I hope you feel better soon :)

TsalagiLenape 2011-09-19 06:20:19 -0500 Report

Well my doctor keeps regular doctors hours. What medical team do I have? None for I have to keep them all updated instead of them doing that. Hope to do so later on today is to call my doctor. But not much he can do for me this I know. I do have an antibiotic and pain reliever. So resting drinking plenty of fluids and sleeping. Thank you! Hugs