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what happens if you don't take your insulin but still manage to eat healthy and exsercise?

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Armourer 2011-09-22 05:54:40 -0500 Report

I forget to do the shots now and again at meals, and although I don't feel it and it seems no big thing, I check my BG and it is always high even if the diet was very much in the norm. It shows to me how important insulin is for me! Eating right just won't cut it for me, I need the insulin!

margokittycat 2011-09-20 22:10:17 -0500 Report

Eating healthy is not going to cut it. If you have been diagnosised with the diabetes disease and told to take medication please take it. Diabetes is a silent killer. I had a friend who was my age and I say was because she stopped taking her medication and by the time anyone realized it it was to late we found her passed out in a coma took her to the hospital where they did everything they could but she never came out of the coma and her family had to make the call to take her off life support. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if the doctor prescribed meds take them they prescribed them for a reason.

jayabee52 2011-09-20 23:59:47 -0500 Report

I'm sorry Margo, I must cautiously and respectfully disagree.

As it turns out I AM ABLE to manage my diabetes with just my menu plan alone — no diabetes meds. And I am one who had been Rx'd metformin, and other oral diabetes drugs, and then put on insulin when my kidneys took a dive and I needed dialysis. I suspect Met is what contributed to my kidneys going kaput. I was on oral meds for 11 years and on insulin betweem 2006 through 2010. I ran out of insulin temporarily and didn't get ultra high readings like I thought I would. And being on diabetic connect I got to see how much insulin others were taking. My Jem and her mother also had been taking huge doses of insulin. I was taking a baby dose in comparison. (only 17 U am and 15 U pm of NPH )

Putting that all together, I decided in Feb2011 to do an experement to see if my pancreas was putting out enough insulin to cover a limited meal plan of low Carbs and high protein. I did speak to my Dr about it, and tried my experement, ready to go back to the insulin should I need it. The experement was a success. My previous A1c was about 6.8 or so. Never lower than 6.2. (which at the time I thought was great) But my A1c in may was 5.5. My BG numbers were in the normal range as long as I remained on my meal plan. ( I had fallen off the wagon a time or two and my BG numbers told me I had sinned )

So from my experience, I say it MAY be possible (note that I don't say she CAN do it ) but she may need to be ready to put in the effort to go on a very restricted meal plan. And her pancreas may NOT be putting out enough of her own insulin to allow her to manage her BG levels without meds. That's why she would need to consult with her Dr to determine if she could do it or not.



realsis77 2011-09-18 15:19:18 -0500 Report

Hi. STOPPING ANY MEDICIATION WITHOUT A DOCTORS ORDERS CAN BE A DISASTER! I also take insulin for my diabetes. The doctor usually perscribes it for a REASON. In my case I was running 300 to 400 bs. Now that I'm on my insulin I run at about 120. Diabetes can be a SILENT killer and if your blood sugar remains too high you WILL get complcations. The insulin helps to reduce the blood sugar. NOT ALL DIABETICS CAN MANAGE THEIR DIABETES WITH DIET AND EXERCISE!! I sure could not.I even tryed the pills and they did NOT work for me. So I would listen to my doctor and take my prescribed medication. He gave it to you to help you and for a GOOD reason. So please DON'T stop any medication without talking first with your doctor!!! Its best to be safe! No matter what type of diabetic you are! Be smart and talk it over with your doctor FIRST! God bless

MEGriff1950 2011-09-18 15:23:59 -0500 Report

Thank you Realsis, I wanted to yell too but restrained myself. Dhatt after I got my blood sugars under control the dr took me off of insulin on Aug 2nd. The DR did it not me.

realsis77 2011-09-18 16:19:35 -0500 Report

Good news! That's wonderful! I'm so happy for you! I wish I could be taken off mine! I do believe with all my heart its dangerous to stop any medication without doctors consent. Some things like stopping medications are just too risky to do on our own. I didn't mean to "yell" but I wanted to get my point across because I'm afraid that stopping medication on their own can be harmful to them and that worrys me ! So hopefully they will speak with their doc before stopping! I don't want to see any harm come to anyone and by stopping a insulin without doctors approval , this can have adverse results!

MEGriff1950 2011-09-18 14:21:15 -0500 Report

Dhatt, I agree with all that Jayabees said below. Please tell us when you were diagnosed, what type and what your latest blood glucose numbers are and what was your last A1C? Are you taking any pills? How much and what type of insulin were you prescribed?

jayabee52 2011-09-18 13:37:50 -0500 Report

Howdy truelove!

What happens depends on what type of diabetes you have and how bad you have it.

If you have type 1 or 1.5 you are insulin dependent. So stopping your insulin is NOT RECOMMENDED. People who were t 1 would have to do that before they discovered insulin, but generally speaking their lives were rather short.

If you are a type 2 and your pancreas is putting out some of its own insulin, you possibly MIGHT be able to manage your diabetes using a low carbohydrate meal plan plus exercise. (But again you MIGHT not)

Before you do that have a good long talk with the Dr who manages your diabetes and determine whether you can do this without a major risk of diabetic complications or whether you really do need your medications to manage your Blood Glucose levels.

Blessings to you and yours


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