sugar in urine.

By runthe Latest Reply 2011-09-21 19:22:32 -0500
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Hi all, I went to see my Rheumatologist yesterday and was told that I have sugar in my urine. I ask the resident what that means and she said sugar in your urine. Can someone please break this down for me so that I can understand what the heck thry are talking about. Heres hoping that everyone is dong great.

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packrat2 2011-09-21 19:22:32 -0500 Report

when I first got type 1 back in 1962 or 63 we had to test our urine, we did not have the meters we have now. We peed in a test tube and dropped a pill in and timed it and looked at the color, most always there was some sugar in my urine…

dIDYMUS 2011-09-18 23:26:59 -0500 Report

Yikes! If a specialist like your Rheumatologist was that vague with my questions, I think that I would have to find a more caring and concerned Dr. I am newly diagnosed, and I have read things that I have no idea about. It makes we want to have my Dr. make another one on one with the very well informed RN. Good Luck. I think I will have to make a list of questions.

runthe 2011-09-17 16:42:36 -0500 Report

Thanks all for your advice. I am going to talk to my pcp about having a blood test to find out about my kidneys. I'm having a hard time trying to keep my bS under control so I might have some problems with my kidneys…

Kirla 2011-09-16 21:59:18 -0500 Report

I read somewhere that when your blood sugar gets above 220 or there about your liver will start to dump the excess glucose in your urine. Anyone who has blood sugar reading above 220 will have sugar in their urine. Once you get your blood sugar below 200 most of the time you will no longer have sugar in the urine.

jayabee52 2011-09-16 17:46:51 -0500 Report

Howdy Rhonda
How are your kidney functions? One of the reasons there may be "sugar" in your urine is the nephrons in your kidnesy aren't filtering it out properly.

High Blood Pressure, and Uncontrolled (or poorly controlled) diabetes are two of the biggest reasons for chronic kidney disease and dialysis.

If you don't know about how well your kidneys are functioning you might want to ask your PCP to either do a blood test for your kidney function, or refer you to a Nephrologist (Kidney Dr.) who could do probably a more in depth series of tests.



runthe 2011-09-17 16:35:13 -0500 Report

Hi James, I have never had a kidney functions test. I will ask my pcp to have me take the blood test for this. Thank you so much James.

grandmaducky 2011-09-16 17:35:33 -0500 Report

i was told by doctor if you are diabetic its expected to have sugar in your urine

jayabee52 2011-09-16 18:08:19 -0500 Report

if you have sugar in your urine it means your diabetes is not controlled as well as it should be, or that your kidneys aren't filtering your blood efficiently.

Dr expects either of those for you?

grandmaducky 2011-09-17 16:30:42 -0500 Report

no they were making me do a 24 hour urine collection my urine out put was fine

Carol2x 2011-09-17 22:14:44 -0500 Report

24 Hour urine test measures the volume of urine you put out within the 24 hr period. Alot of times the doctor will add the creatinine test with it. They can only add so many tests-especially if they are using the preservative additives in the big brown bottle.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-09-16 17:35:27 -0500 Report

Hi Ruthie, All I know is my PCP is relieved when mine doesn't! When he remarked about it I once said to him that I put sugar in my coffee in the kitchen not in the bathroom. His memory is so good he reminded me that I don't even drink coffee!
I am glad you posted this because I will read the post and learn!

Type1Lou 2011-09-16 17:24:55 -0500 Report

It usually means that your body is not properly metabolizing the food you are eating and that your diabetes is not under good control. Because your body cannot use the sugars you eat (because of inadequate insulin or decreased insulin receptivity in your cells) your body seeks to get rid of those sugars and you excrete it through your urine…hence you have sugar in your urine. Is this doctor aware that you're a diabetic?

MEGriff1950 2011-09-16 17:24:17 -0500 Report

Hello Runthe, this is what I found on webmd: Glucose. Glucose is the type of sugar found in blood. Normally there is very little or no glucose in urine. When the blood sugar level is very high, as in uncontrolled diabetes, the sugar spills over into the urine. Glucose can also be found in urine when the kidneys are damaged or diseased. This is the link if you would like to check it
Have you been diagnosed with diabetes? If you have a primary physician it might be a good idea to get a copy of that urinalysis and take to them.
Good luck,

lorene1212 2011-09-16 19:16:53 -0500 Report

I told you Mary you are a wonderful person! LOL… You can be so helpful to a lot of people… Thank you for being here sweetie.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-16 20:25:56 -0500 Report

Aww that is so sweet of you Lorene but I have to work very hard here. Richard, Gabby, James, MewElla, Type1Lou and others have so much knowledge they are hard to keep up with. Google is my friend and so are you :)
God be with you,

lorene1212 2011-09-16 21:12:27 -0500 Report

lmao dont try so hard honey just be yourself and do what comes natural and say what is natural. Hard to compare with others just be you, I like you very much hon.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-16 21:17:27 -0500 Report

LOL Lorene you are great my friend. I suck at sports cant even follow it on tv for me this is one heck of a learning experience. And googling is so much Oh so many sites and so little time. :)

jayabee52 2011-09-16 21:05:14 -0500 Report

I'm not ALL that smart Mary! I use Google extensively also. And If you've hung around Diabetic connect for a while, you also tend to remember discussions from a while ago and you can search for those too. Richard, Gabby & MewElla are the smart ones. I'm just a smart A at times, LoL!

lorene1212 2011-09-16 21:14:31 -0500 Report

Yes, you are very intelligent and I will never change my mind either. LOL I agree Rich and gab and Mary Ann are the best as well. Alot of us here are only some are better with some things and others are better at other things.
Have a wonderful evening! Thank you for all you do and share I read a lot of what you write and you personalize yourself very well.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-16 21:13:47 -0500 Report

Well James I have learned a lot from all of you the little time I have been here. It is great that you can remember and go back to retreive that information for us. You also have a knack for adding a personal touch to your posts. Now dont be a smart A and argue LOL Bless you James.

runthe 2011-09-16 17:37:00 -0500 Report

I have been diagnosed since 2009. I will make sure that she looks at my labs when I go next month…