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how do u get high cholestorol if u dont eat meat but once in a while?

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gramme 2011-09-18 12:05:22 -0500 Report

my doctor told me that diabetes will raise your cholestorol..exercise is the answer to everything

Beata2 2011-09-17 13:58:55 -0500 Report

A great book that explains cholesterol is "good calories bad calories" by Gary Taubs. It's a long read but very detailed. The main thing you learn is that dietary cholesterol does NOT effect your blood cholesterol. But the type of carbs does. They are converted to triglyceride and your LDL rises also. Sorry if this is confusing, I strongly recommend the book!

berrykins0 2011-09-17 07:47:21 -0500 Report

this is what was told that time eating refined sugar products like white bread white white rice reg sugar white noodles .cheese is high fat saturated fat. butter is worse than margine. my nutrionist told me this stuff. once i was put on a low carb diet and starting eating wholewheat products and using sugar substute. my cholesteral total went from 214 to 127 within five months. i was shocked the differance. i had it checked the last 2 yrs twice with the same diet plan. it was 120 and 118 for totals. i even have a alot of family history of high cholestral.5 people within my family history backround. i do eat meat and cheese some what andi use turkey sausage turkey brauts bacon cause there lower in fat. alot people may not believe in eating whole wheat or turkey instead of pork. and light cheese over reg cheese. sugar subitues but this seems to help me alot. everybody has there opinion i realize that.

jayabee52 2011-09-16 17:22:35 -0500 Report

The mother of my sons had cholesterol readings in the high 200s to low 300s. When I was with her she tried to lower her cholesterol with what she ate. No discernable effect. She tried statins which gave her muscle and liver problems so was discontinued on those. She tried Niacin but that gave her flushes which were annoying so she stopped that.

About that time she divorced me so I lost track of what she tried after that. But she had a major heart attack (5 bypasses) a few months after the divorce was final.

Her father had congestive heart failure. Her mother had a heart attack, and her brother as well. I believe everyone in her family of origin had cholesterol problems.

I don't know if she's still got a problem with cholesterol or what, if anything she is doing to try to control the cholesterol.

I believe that cholesterol problems seem to run in families. I haven't had that problem as my cholesterol seems to run within the normal range, and until recently I had been eating many of the foods which are supposed to be no-nos for cholesterol.

So, dena, it may not be what you eat, but your family of origin which may be the culprit.

grandmaducky 2011-09-16 16:57:02 -0500 Report

your get choleesterol form the foods you eats and your body makes cholesterol too since you dont eat much meat your body is making it most likely it does tend to run in familys like abby said

MEGriff1950 2011-09-16 10:01:10 -0500 Report

Once I stopped taking statins and went to supplements I have mine at a good level. I take 2000 mgs of Fish oil (Omega 3), Flaxseed oil (Omega 6) and Borage Oil (Omega 9) I also went back to real butter (I know bad) instead of yukky margarines. I understand that eating certin fish 2 to 3 times a week helps. Avocados have essential oils that help lower cholesterol. Olive oil also helps lower cholesterol.
From my understanding you need these essential oils to help keep your cholesterol lower.
Everyones bodies process foods differently so it is hard to say why you have cholestorol problems. Of course exercise affects that too along with eating a well balanced diet.

Abby888 2011-09-16 08:39:08 -0500 Report

Does high cholesterol run in your family? I have heard that it can be hereditary.

annesmith 2011-10-13 00:21:01 -0500 Report

YES…it is very very genetic in my family. My father had high cholesterol —-extremely high after age 50, and he had extremely high triglycerides, too. I am 41 , and my last triglyceride count was a whopping 474. I am trying to cut back on oils. I am a very brittle diabetic, so I am trying to do this all carefully. My cholesterol has been over 200 by a little bit, but I have it back down to 178. ANNE

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