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After coming to DC I learned that there is more then one method of testing for diabetes. Many have described these but they seem to be scattered all over the place. I hope this will help someone. I have copied and pasted from http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/diseases/facts/dia... There is more information here if you care to check it out
How is a diagnosis made?
Glucose levels are measured in blood samples. This is done using the following tests:
• random glucose test: glucose levels are taken at a random time on two occasions. Any figure above 11.1mmol/l is a diagnosis of diabetes
• fasting glucose test: the glucose level is measured after an overnight fast and on two different days. Above 7.0mmol/l is a diagnosis of diabetes.
You may only need to give one blood sample if you have other symptoms of diabetes.
Glucose tolerance test
If the diagnosis is still unclear from these tests, a glucose tolerance test can be carried out.
A glucose drink is given containing a standard amount of glucose (75g). Blood samples are taken before the drink is given and two hours later. The test is done after an overnight fast.
• A two-hour blood glucose level above 11.1mmol/l is a diagnosis of diabetes.
• A level below 7.8mmol/l is normal.
• If the level falls between these values, it suggests a decreased tolerance for glucose.
• This is known as impaired glucose tolerance (IGT).
• Impaired glucose tolerance is more than just a pre-diabetic state.
• People who have IGT are at increased risk of developing some of the conditions associated with diabetes, such as heart disease
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Howdy Mary.

Do you live in Great Britain, or in the USA? Your article about testing for Diabetes uses the British metric for Diabetes mmol/l. instead if the metric for the USA mg/dL. Here is the article from the US govt: http://diabetes.niddk.nih.gov/dm/pubs/diagnosis/ The different tests to diagnose diabetes is there with tables describing the BG levels. There is, of course much more in the article.