Accomplishments-Feelings of Inadequacy

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Well, I wrote this once and some how must have cancelled instead of submitting. So, I will try again. I have been a very manic and busy person; expected enormous quantities of accomplished work of myself, in just one day. I was driven; and now it is all I can do to complete one creative job, or shopping trip, or walk to the mailbox; in one day. So I have to accept that no matter how big or small the job is I have accomplished that day, that I feel good about it and not inadequate. And because of that I expect less of myself, and feel pride in that one job; if I get to do more, but pain is a real deterint, although I milk it for ounce I can stand, then I can be happier for that, and not feel so inadequate about the things I can no longer do, or the time I would have spent doing things if I was healthier. I deal with today and what I can do, and not on yesterday on what used to be; and not on tomorrow, of what could be; Just what I did Today.

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Yesterday I did a lot, and got a lot accomplished, working hard through all the pain. I will not take pain meds regularly; I have seen too much of what they have done to one of my brothers; But, I can't walk when I am in so much pain, and because of neurological problems it is even harder to walk.. I will put myself through extreme pain to complete my responsibilitie, but now today; with Thanksgiving tomorrow, I can barely move and feel very inadequate. I need to make dinner. Feeling guilty;lilmarm

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Everyday, I write in my journal 'the gifts I received today'. There are so many things to be thankful for everyday that I decided to record them. Simple things are the best.

Today's gifts so far -
1.I woke up and saw the sun.
2.I watched the leaves fall from the tree in the back yard and it reminded me that as the seasons change, so does life and brings hope.
3. I talked to my friend today. He's becoming a very good friend to me… hmmm
4. I made rolls for my son for his lunch next week and I put a beef roast in the oven and the smell is filling the house. What a gift that is, good food for the table and wonderful smells to make me feel at ease.

Just my away of looking at life lately. Look for the gifts in your day, no matter how small because even on your darkest days, there is a at least one gift for you.

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LadyDi - 26259Miller 2008-11-25 20:04:15 -0600 Report

Good for you! I love positive posts like yours! That's the type of thinking we all need to be doing, then sharing with others as encouragement. It can always be so much worse. Don't let yourself become overwhelmed to the point that you can no longer recognize the blessings in your life! Love it!

Bluebutterfly 2008-10-26 05:02:20 -0500 Report

I know how you feel. I used to work 10 hrs a day,come home fix supper,while I was cleaning up one part of my house,plus I had a child to run and do things for.I managed it all. Now I am very lucky to finish 2 loads of laundry.I ahve to sweep my kitchean 1 day and mop the next/so I guess I am still accomplishing some things for this I am grateful.Thannks for the reality check.

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The only thing that really bothers me more than not being anything to do; is the way I have to do it in order to lessen my pain. I have to wash the floors, dining room, kitchen and laundry room with a rag, cleaner and my feet. And move very slowly, but it gets done, and looks o.k.

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I learned how to sweep and mop in my desk chair that rolls. I do the dishes that way also. It goes up pretty high and seems to work pretty well.

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I get so frustrated with a regular wheel chair. standard. wheels go all over have not been able to accomplish anything with it, and can not live w/out