new and dont know anything about being a diabetic

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Hi my name is teresa im 29 years old 2 weeks ago i was diagnoised as a type one diabitic i take metforin everyday 2000 mg well i have forgotten a couple days and i know i am not eating right i have had suger in the 330 and some are so low my meter wont read them i dont have insurance yet and everything is expesive i dont know what is to high or to low i dont know how many grams of suger is bad i dont know how much carbs are to bad for u . my doc pretty much said heres ur pills and sent me on my way my A1c was 9.3 so i know that s not really high but high. id like advice on all these things if anyone can help me please do . i know i have to exdersie i weigh 276 ilbs but im so tired all the time and if i could id sleep all day please help

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Lakeland 2011-09-17 21:55:17 -0500 Report

HI, When I first got diabetes, My eyes went blurry & my a1c was 10.3. I weighed 250 & I was scared. my dad died of kidney failure do to diabetes & my brothers almost lost feet because of lack of feeling in their feet from diabetes allowed an infection to get into the bone. I know it's serious business, so I took it extremely seriously. My sugar was 550

I remember that night wondering if I'd wake up in the morning. my doctor wanted me in the hospital but I had relatives coming in & I couldn't go, plus I was to pick them up at the airport & a traffic light looked like 6 traffic lights & I had a hard time reading the road signs.

He didn't give me insulin to drop my number so I was scared. It turned out fine, & I'm healthier now & 40 pounds lighter.

for exercise, I started walking. After each meal, I went for a brief walk (I don't do that now, but I was scared & it was a good habit to start. )

It also took me 3 weeks to get down to 140's Now I'm in the 90's .

A big help to me was to write everything down I ate. & write my sugar numbers, I found even healthy foods like fruits really spiked my sugars .

for eating the best advice I got was pick 1 carb at each meal. if you want bread, skip dessert. If I wanted the baked potato, I'd skip the bread & dessert. I never worried about the meat, I did watch the portion size.

I limited pasta's because I always liked sauce & bread, since there is sugar in the sauces & bread & pastas are all carbs it really spiked my sugars.

So, in my opinion pick 1. the next option is to make that carbohydrated as healthy as possible. I.e whole grain pasta, bread makes the body work harder to break it down in your system so you stay more full & it won't cause a big blood sugar spike.

Breakfast is the easiest for me. eggs are protien, side of meat is protien, so I just had to choose, bread or juice or fruit as my carbohydrate.

I hope my little story helps. I'm use to diabetes now, I lost much of the fear, which is nice the bad part is now that I'm keeping my sugars normal, I cheat more, so I haven't lost any more weight, I needed hip surgery& I gained some, I hardly walk any more. but, of all the diseases to get diabetes is one you really can get control of.

Best wishes

Doryian 2011-09-16 07:52:33 -0500 Report

Yes, call the American Diabetes Association. They are very helpful and caring. They sent me a packet of information and pointed me to tons of information on their website. and (800-342-2383) They can also put you in contact with your local chapter which might be able to locate some support groups or classes for you. As far as a meal plan… Everyone is different. I have read that some people keep each meal under 15 carbs. I have read that up to 45 carbs per meal is OK. I try to keep it at 30 carbs per meal. Really, you have to let your blood sugar meter tell you what is best. Whatever carb plan you decide to try if your sugar readings are still too high, you might need to lower them or if your readings are too low, then increase. It is kind of "trial & error…" Feel free to email me if I can help you with any other questions. I'm a newbie too (diagnosed 5 weeks ago)… <3

MEGriff1950 2011-09-13 20:49:59 -0500 Report

Hello Teresa, shame on your doctor. Your A!C 9.3 is bad but not horrible in my opinion the aim is below 7. I am type 2 but for all diabetics our situations are all different. Diabetes class and a meal plan made specific for you by a dietician are what is most recommended on this site. My plan calls for 45 mg of carbohydrates 3 times a day. Most juices are high in carbs because of the added sweeteners, tomato juice is the exception. I read a while ago that potatoes are actually a good carb that will help lower blood sugars as long as they are not fried and depending on how you top them. Someone mentioned earlier that they called the American Diabetes Association and got a lot of help from them.
Your doctor should be able to line you up with a diabetes class or your county health department. You are tired all of the time because of your high blood sugars. When you get on a good eating plan you will feel better and exercise like walking will be a pleasure if you are able to do that.
There are many type 1's here that can help you more then I can.
Good luck and God be with you,

alanbossman 2011-09-13 20:34:13 -0500 Report

Hi MattsGirl, If your doctor said you are type 1 you should be on insulin. Most people who are type 2 are on metformin and some are also on insulin I'am on both and I'am type 2. One thing you need to do is try to eat smaller amount of carbs. No white bread, no white rice or white potatoes. Eat more fish,chicken, and turkey. Also meals try to eat meals with more protein, and less fat. Keep sugars very low until you are more stable in your numbers.