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How long do you have to have diabetes before you notice small black spots before your eyes and straining to look at the computer?

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Debbiejf 2011-09-13 18:50:29 -0500 Report

Hi Cher, floaters etc. can be caused by different types of eye strain not just being diabetic. I can't read a book (with normal size print) for more than a few minutes before my eyes are so messed up. So I have gone to larger print type for everything…pc, books, everything. If you are straining your eyes you need to make some adjustments to your pc screen, try dimming it just the slightest and make the print just a little larger to begin with, you should find the adjustments somewhere in your Contol Panel area. Good luck, your eye doctor should absolutely do a complete diabetic eye exam especially by dilating your pupils so see if there are any problems there :).

MEGriff1950 2011-09-13 16:57:46 -0500 Report

Hello Cher, I was first diagnosed with type 2 in 2003. April this year I got my first pair of prescription glasses mostly for distant vision. I already wear reading glasses for reading and pc. In July I started getting by blood sugars under control. In August I noticed that my vision was changing again a bit. Last week I retired my prescription glasses. My distant vision is excellant again now that my blood sugars are totally under control.
As far as computer eye strain you can try changing the brightness of the display. I keep moving my chair so I see it at different distances, even inches make a difference. You did not say if that strain is from a job or personal time on a pc. I often make myself stop playing games, leave this site and go do laundry or some other fun thing LOL even sitting on the front porch.
Most importantly getting a complete eye exam by an opthomologist is a must for diabetics at least once yearly. That is recommended by my dr, the ADA and most sites you visit. Shelly had a lot of good advice too.
God bless,

ShellyLargent 2011-09-13 16:38:05 -0500 Report

Everyone is different. It is also going to depend on what your glucose levels run normally (the higher they are, the faster you can cause damage) and how long you sit in front of a computer. About a year after I was diagnosed (in 2001) I noticed little "floaters" in my vision. Went to the eye doc and he did an extensive test. He discovered that I had retinopathy of the eyes. Meaning that I had most likely been diabetic for about 10 years prior to being diagnosed. Once I got my numbers in check and under control, the floaters went away. Eye strain from sitting in front of a computer, unfortunately, is more a sign of our times, not really much to do with being diabetic. Talk to your doc or eye doc to see if they have any tips or ideas on how to reduce your eye strain from working on a computer.

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