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Since I was diagnosed in back in @1988 with type 2 diabetes, I think I have had 5 plus visits not counting visits when in the hospital with the Dietican. And also in different states. It seems to renew my thoughts and sometimes add to my new suggestions about different things to try and how to measure them and keep the portion sizes up to date. So I think its good to have two visits a year with the Diatican to recharge the thought process of things that we might forget. Just wish they could come up with a one size fist. One young man in the last class on portion control had a hand that was giant. And he thought he was really going to get extra portion size due to his hand size.

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We must keep ourselfs up to date of information about anything to do with Diabetes. Seems like everyday something has been added or changed or removed from what we were told previousely. Might learn something new as well.