Need Weight!

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I have had type II since 2005 and lost weight as soon as I began my medications (Metformin & Glipizide) I was taken off of the Metformin after 1 month and a loss of 10 - 15 lbs.
Recently I lost another 10 lbs and my doctor put me on Actos & Glipizide. I also have hypertension and take an Amoldipine? pill daily.
I am down to 130 - 133 lbs and am 5'-9" tall. Not Good.
I have always been thin, 135 lbs in high shool and never gained too much weight. Everyone tells me that I burn it off because I'm so "wirey :)"
The most that I've ever weighed is 160 lbs before Diabetes.
Does anybody know of a product that can help? Has to be sugar free.
Please do not respond to this discussion to tell me "You're so lucky to be thin . . ." I hear it all the time. Sorry and my prayers go out to those of you trying to lose weight.
I want to gain weight. Can you help?

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MEGriff1950 2011-09-11 20:02:39 -0500 Report

MMendell have you visited a diatician that specializes in diabetes? When I attended a diabetes education class endorsed by the ADA I was given an eating plan that was formed for my height, weight and activity level (I am overweight). I left the class laughing at the eating plan but it is working for me. Has your doctor suggested anything?
God bless,

MMendell 2011-09-12 13:56:11 -0500 Report

thanks for your reply. i did visit a dietician when first diagnosed but not recently. i don't have the same insurance and that's why i turned to this site. i gained a couple of lbs over the weekend and will re-visit those foods. soft chicken tacos (2) n spanish rice, oatmeal n toast for bkfst.

realsis77 2011-09-11 14:42:05 -0500 Report

I would go to the health food store and let them know your conditions. I know they have a weight gain powder that is protien that would likely be best but you will have to make sure its not full of carbs also! This is a tough one. I've never read the back of ensure but I know many people drink that also for weight gain. Be careful and read labels closely to make sure the ingredients are ok for diabetics. I wish you the best. Id go check out the health store and see if anything is avaiable? God bless