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I have not been a member here very long but I have lived with type 2 since 2003. In the past I received very poor advice from a nurse practictioner and well meaning people. It was not until my dr finally sent me to a diabetes education class that I finally learned what I needed to gain control over my diabetes. There are several sites that only touch upon the subject but lack what can be learned by attending a class. In many areas you can find free classes and support groups. The class I attended cost nearly $600.00 but was covered by my medicare hmo.
Why oh why isn't your medical professional teaching you everything you need to know and answering your questions? My guess is that they are only alloted 5, 10 or 15 minutes per patient that includes the time they are writting prescriptions and making notes for your file. Plain and simple they do not have the time to totally educate you on diabetes. In the medical profession there are so many different diseases, illnesses and constant changes in treatments it is impossible for them to keep up. Face it people some drs just don't know squat about diabetes.
I keep seeing people on this site say stop eating carbs. I learned in class that both type 1 and 2 need to consume carbohydrates unless they are told otherwise by their specialist. No carbs includes fruits which are extremly nutritious. Legumes are high carbs but also great sources of protein and fiber. Here was a shocker, on 3 professional (not blog) sites I read that potatoes can help to lower blood sugar! I have seen so many write here don't eat potatoes. After I put them back into my meal plans I found out that my bg's were fine, can't say they helped lower for sure. Potatoes can be topped with so many delicious things instead of butter and sour cream. I use hot canned tomatoes, canned kidney beans, a healthy chili only your imagination will stop you here.
Yesterday I visited a blog site. One gentleman had gotten his A1C down to 5.7 and his doctor told him he was no longer diabetic. He continued to eat the diabetic meal plans and exercise for a while. Then he stopped and started eating like "normal" people. He is back working on getting his blood glucose under control again through diet, exercise and medications. This was a big lesson for me in the future.
Your best friend to help you with your diabetes is your daily journal. You can lie to your spouse, best friend, boss but be honest in your journal. If you eat a whole chocolate cake write it down. Keep track of portions, use measuring cups or a scale to help. Keep track of your blood glucose reading in your journal. This will help you in seeing your high and low patterns. I also use my journal to make a typed copy of my blood glucose readings for my doctor. I type 1 day per line and the readings and when done. I also make notes of why my readings were high such as I ate spaghetti or deep fried shrimp. Making these notes for your doctor helps them to get a clear picture of what is really going on with your diabetes. On a personal note my doctor was really happy that I was finally able to pinpoint some foods to avoid or cut back on.
I thought rice was really bad for me. A friend also has problems with rice affecting his reading too. After I learned from my journal that deep fried foods badly affect BG readings I started thinking about rice. The only time I ate rice was when I ate Chinese foods. Why Chinese foods? I mostly ate their deep fried dishes like Almond Chicken, General Tso Chicken etc.
Lastly if your health care professional can't or won't help you fire them. If you do not do your job well you will get fired. You do not have to continue to go to someone who won't help you. The American Diabetes Association site says they are there to help. Try contacting them for answers.
God be with you all.

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rebeccaeagerton 2011-09-15 14:33:39 -0500 Report

It is a must for anyone that has diabetes to go see a nutritionist or a diabetic class. I go every three months due to things constantly changing in the diabetic world. First, there is no way that people cannot eat carbs, there are carbs in fruit and veggies. Everyone's bodies are different and different things work for them. I have cut out all breads and pastas and everything high in carbs because I am insulin resistant, if I eat these things it makes my body and mind feel like I am drunk and going to pass out. Everyone voices their opinions on what works for them…but each individual has to find what their body needs in order to work right. I am on the Atkins diet. Have been since 2000, when I was fist diagnosed. I was 420lbs then and once I cut out those high carb things, ate more protein and greens, I began to loose the weight. Am I where I need to be? No, not yet and I still take my medication, but it works for me.
Not all physicians are education on diabetes, this is why they advise you to go to those classes. We tell all our patients to because of the wealth of knowledge they can learn about the disease, what's happening in the body and how to control it. Ultimately, our bodies and health care is up to us. Everyone needs to find someone that will work with them, but most family physicians and internal med physicians don't know much about anything but what meds work due to your blood test results. The best to start with are endocrinologist, these doctors have had major training in diabetes education, but even then be cautious because some are not very nice.

melota 2011-09-15 08:19:52 -0500 Report

I feel very fortunate to have had a PCP who had the sense to know when my diabetes was past his knowledge and sent me to a wonderful Endocrinologist. He taught me more in 30 minutes than I ever learned in a diabetes class. When I do my part, I have much better control, and it helps to know I have to be accountable with my logs hen I see him at the end of each month. You are in my thoughts and I wish you all the best for your health.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-15 08:26:54 -0500 Report

Hello Melota, that is great that you got the help that you needed. Many have mentioned Endocrinologists but I have to admit that I do not know anything about their practice. I am going to have to do some research.

melota 2011-09-15 08:51:07 -0500 Report

They deal with problems of the glands. Mine is a specialist in diabetes, and is stern in a comforting way. He never condesends or puts me down when I fail to do what I should, but he does let me know how it is so important to eat and follow the program he suggested, and always gives me time for questions. You take care and I am on your side always in this troubling journey.

MarkieMarkie 2011-09-14 09:00:05 -0500 Report

Mary… I remember when I felt exactly the same way… fortunately I have a wonderful doctor who really cares and tries very hard to help. I found her through a community porgram. I contacted the county to find out what type of assisted programs they have since my job offers no medical insurance. She is with the community Health Center and my dr. visits are only $20.00 per visit. They offer free diabetes classes which I have attended and once I did this and found out what it was that I actually needed to be doing, I got my diabetes under control. She has since reduced my medications and I've lost a total of 17 lbs. My goal is another 16 lbs.

Thank you for the information and the advice.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-14 18:08:26 -0500 Report

Markie that is so wonderful to hear. Congrats on your weight loss too,
I think my dr made the mistake in assuming I knew what to do. I was first diagnosed in 2003, fired that nurse practiconer, fired 2 more drs before going to him in 2006.
Then by July this year I knew it all because I have been on the internet researching…What I knew that was true you could writen on a bottle cap. Those classes are the best tool I believe.
God bless,

sheriden 2011-09-13 19:06:42 -0500 Report


MEGriff1950 2011-09-13 20:20:03 -0500 Report

Sheriden, my title should have been "Unhappy With The Lack of Teaching from The Medical Professionals." Yes I plan to stay here for another 2 weeks then I will be away from the internet for 4 weeks. I hope my withdrawls are not too bad. LOL Thank you for your kind words. I will be visiting with my sister and her family, it has been 7 years so I might not miss the internet too much.
Sheriden, if you scroll down on this post a bit we got sidtracked with some posts about quinoa, a very nutritious grain. You might find that interesting.
God bless

GabbyPA 2011-09-14 17:42:28 -0500 Report

When I first read your title, I was worried. But once I read your post, I understood what you meant. If you want, I can have the team change the title to a more appropriate one. Just let me know, and I will get that taken care of for you.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-14 17:59:08 -0500 Report

Thanks Gabby and I should say yes but for now lets leave it. Maybe some one will read it for the wrong reason and find something useful.

Anonymous 2011-09-14 19:44:54 -0500 Report

Correct! Your title caught my eye and I assumed it may be referring to some flame outs we've had recently, especially the one where a site PA was unjustly attacked by a member. I start reading here and again see offense has been taken where none was intended. I'm thinking more frequent BS testing is in order! LOL
P.S. not you, Mary

MEGriff1950 2011-09-14 19:49:02 -0500 Report

Actually no offense was taken. Misunderstanding happen even in our own households. I am always right but my son does not believe it. BS testing? oh you mean blood sugar LOL.

sue11542 2011-09-13 11:18:05 -0500 Report

I like your post MEGriff1950 Wish more people had the good common sense the good lord gave them. Sometimes a little knowledge can be a very dangerous thing. Medical professionals especially don't like to say they don't know or aren't sure. If you have one of these for a doc, etc. please seek out one who is willing to admit to a perfectly human flaw, not knowing everything. I would rather have someone who says I'm not sure but I'll check it out for you than to be led down the proverbial garden path to destruction.

robertoj 2011-09-13 05:13:59 -0500 Report

I am a believer in using a certified diabetes educator although sometimes they don't always give sound information. As far as carbs go they are an important part of our daily diet. The quality of the carb is important. You know the drill; whole grains; avoid processed foods; portion control; eating several small meals (so you don't overload on carbs); make sure they contain an adequate amount of fiber. Make sure you consume all the important nutrients. It really is very common sense. People get strange ideas from the diet industry. Forget about diets; eat meals that are satisfying, provide all essential nutrients, control the quality and quantity of carbs and it must be sustainable. Exercise is at least as important as diet. There are no shortcuts in blood glucose control and that includes diet, exercise, attitude and thought process (including judgment).

lorene1212 2011-09-12 23:20:37 -0500 Report

Oh Mary, when you type something very long it is intended to be misunderstood as well. There were a few things thou that you did say that you did not like about this site. That is okay. I just hope you dont leave us. I agree with some things you said that were important to hear. Thank you so much. What are lagumes??? We all love Auntie M she is wonderful, and realsis is too! I eat a lot of fiber and protein. Qinoa is excellent and they have white and red the red has an almond taste to it. I add it to rice veges and so on. I believe a lot of us here need people and need to share and that is what this site offers as well as discussions like you started. Wish you named it differently for others who are sensitive but you shared what was on your mind and there is nothing wrong with that. I am going to look for a class myself I think it would be good for me. I do however, listen to people here more than anywhere else. I love this site it has motivated me and since I have been here my sugars have gone down and meds have been changed. I am glad you were able to take advantage of that class and all the things you learned that is super.

Have a wonderful evening and sweet dreams Mary…


MEGriff1950 2011-09-13 00:00:19 -0500 Report

Quinoa was of great nutritional importance in pre-Columbian Andean civilizations, secondary only to the potato, and was followed in importance by maize. In contemporary times, this crop has become highly appreciated for its nutritional value, as its protein content is very high (12%–18%). Unlike wheat or rice (which are low in lysine), and like oats, quinoa contains a balanced set of essential amino acids for humans, making it a complete protein source, unusual among plant foods.[13] It is a good source of dietary fiber and phosphorus and is high in magnesium and iron. Quinoa is gluten-free and considered easy to digest. Because of all these characteristics, quinoa is being considered a possible crop in NASA's Controlled Ecological Life Support System for long-duration manned spaceflights.[13] Copied and pasted from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quinoa
Quinoa, uncooked Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy 1,539 kJ (368 kcal)
Carbohydrates 64 g
- Starch 52 g
- Dietary fibre 7 g
Fat 6 g
- polyunsaturated 3.3 g
Protein 14 g
Water 13 g
Thiamine (Vit. B1) 0.36 mg (31%)
Riboflavin (Vit. B2) 0.32 mg (27%)
Vitamin B6 0.5 mg (38%)
Folate (Vit. B9) 184 μg (46%)
Vitamin E 2.4 mg (16%)
Iron 4.6 mg (35%)
Magnesium 197 mg (55%)
Phosphorus 457 mg (65%)
Zinc 3.1 mg (33%)
Quinoa sounds great nutrition wise but looks like cautions needs to be taken with those carbs. I am going to look for it.

lorene1212 2011-09-13 22:00:27 -0500 Report

Damn girl yo really searched it very good cause i did not. Wow. I think that is why I cut it in half well no I do cause I dont want it all. lol I am very impressed you sound like james now… jayabee. He is member here. He is awesome if he does not know he will find out. Gabby thank you…

MEGriff1950 2011-09-13 22:09:46 -0500 Report

Lorene it was your fault you made the product sound very good and others jumped in to agree. I am very interested in different foods that contain the added food values we need. The wikipedia link was awesome that is why I included the link above. Thank you again.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-13 22:34:29 -0500 Report

Lorene, I would ask where you live and if you are close we would both be in trouble. People who love cooking and eating especially diabetics need to nerver meet. LOL You are awesome I am glad to meet you.
God bless,

lorene1212 2011-09-13 23:59:07 -0500 Report

I love it! love you too! You have one hell of a personality. I really like you honey. Your too sweet. Sweet dreams I am off to bed. Darn wish we were closer. We woudl get along way to good. ha ha ha

GabbyPA 2011-09-13 09:05:06 -0500 Report

3.5 oz of Quinoia is a HUGE serving. That weighs nothing at all. And if that is uncooked, it is an even bigger serving. It is almost like cooking air, so don't worry about it.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-13 10:24:20 -0500 Report

Thank you Gabby, I am impressed with the nutrition value and was wondering if that 3.5 ounces would cook up to a large amount.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-12 23:37:21 -0500 Report

Lorene, I sometimes have a hard time expressing myself clearly. I know in my mind how I meant it to be understood… It is just so very discouraging to see so many stories of people being told they have a disease and shoved out the door. I struggled for year with my dr saying get your sugars down, lose weight and eat 3 times a day. Would have been nice to hear how and why.
Legumes are dry peas, lentils, barley and beans. Along with being great for us they make delicious soups. My favorites are kidney and navy beans. I have found that black bean soup is quite good too.
It is a very good site and I can feel the love pouring out to others in need and not just for diabetic problems.
I will have to check into Qinoa. I love cooking and trying new things.
God bless you Lorene,

lorene1212 2011-09-13 11:10:59 -0500 Report

Thank you for responding Mary. Dry peas ha?> I love making homemade soups with beans. Barley, kidneys are great as well. Very good for you. By the way Mary, I get misunderstood a lot too. Just keep doing what your doing and people will get to know you. I love cooking also. Soups are the best. I usually make enough to freeze as well. I like the fact that quinoa is so good for you too. The red is really good. You have to get it a whole foods store thou. Regular grocery markets are rare to have it. I have to admit, I like so much I add to veges and rice. I mix it in white rice. I just got some black rice and mixed in white quinoa. Oh my it was good. Usually I cut recipes in half. With the quinoa and white rice.
I am sure you will meet many people here and am glad you shared with us Mary. Even if you express it wrong people will and do listen and it is a way to open us up so that we can share whether we get upset or not.
I sure hope you have a wonderful day Mary.


lorene1212 2011-09-13 11:20:10 -0500 Report

Hey MeGriff1950 thank you … I really should have known what lagunes are since last year I have been buying all kinds of dry beans and making different soups and etc… Duh to me…I love cooking too. Use a lot of vege's. Have a great day sweetie.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-13 11:16:24 -0500 Report

Thank you Lorene. I was online researching where to find Quinoa and came across a blog where people are raving about it. Some mention Bob's Mill Organic Grain Quinoa online and some have talked about Amazon. I am very excited to try this but will have to wait until November as I will be gone for a month.

lorene1212 2011-09-13 11:15:55 -0500 Report

Really we have Trader Joes here as well ! Thank you James. That is great I go there from time to time love their foods.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-13 16:21:07 -0500 Report

I went to a Walmart superstore today. I headed to the Hispanic section and found Quinoa there, it is the white. The box is 12 oz. and cost $4.94, I do not consider this too bad for the nutrition value.

lorene1212 2011-09-13 21:52:54 -0500 Report

Yes, it is a bit high on money but excellent source of fiber and you can use it on anything. The red you will have better luck finding like at Trader Joes or Whole food stores. Most of the stores do carry the white but the red is also good and better it has an almond taste to it. I like the cruchyness to it also.Keep in touch megriff I like you very much…

MEGriff1950 2011-09-13 22:04:26 -0500 Report

Thanks Lorene the closest Whole Food is only 350 miles away but there is a Trader Joe 70 miles from me. I will wait until after my trip to order some online. Tomorrow I am going to try making it into my Spanish Rice recipe. I also found some delicious sounding recipes for it on allrecipes.com
Awe thank you Lorene bless you,

lorene1212 2011-09-13 22:24:24 -0500 Report

Wow Great!! Tell me how it is… Love to cook you can share anytime with me Mary. I mean it we are stuck together for some reason and you make me giggle…
hugs and kisses and more hugs too!

robertoj 2011-09-13 05:19:07 -0500 Report

Quinoa is excellent. Make sure to use the red and don't forget to rinse it.

lorene1212 2011-09-13 11:17:25 -0500 Report

Hi Robertoj! I use both red and white. It is very good for us. Thank you. jayabee52 said Trader Joes has it. That makes it so nice too. Have a great day.

Betty123 2011-09-14 21:05:35 -0500 Report

Quinoa is my new favorite food. It has a nutty taste to me. I mix it with a can of tomatoes, okra & corn & yummy!! Great as a side dish or by itself. Much cheaper in Costco.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-14 21:58:49 -0500 Report

I tried the white tonight for the first time. Made it like Spanish rice. The flavor reminded me a bit of barley. I think I will keep it for soup, the white curly parts did not appeal to me.

GabbyPA 2011-09-12 12:27:11 -0500 Report

I know I was doctorless for the first 9 months of my diagnosis, and this is where I learned so much. I also learned how to talk to my doctor after I finally got in to see one. The can't know everything. I don't expect them too, but I also expect them to work with me and learn with me as well.

I have to agree, the class was priceless and even though I had to spend $75 for mine, it was 9 weeks long and I got to bring a person with me. So find a great class (and they are not all created equal) and take good notes. http://www.diabeticconnect.com/discussions?query=tcoyd&by=relevancy

pixsidust 2011-09-12 07:34:59 -0500 Report

I had the 5 minute review, script and then out the door with my new diagnoses Diabetes. I read up and came here. There is a lot of tried and true wisdom here. I appreciate you sharing this because so many get shoved out the door and then what? There are classes or support discussion groups that are free offered at local hospitals. Look on the hospital websites in your community. I had no money for classes and found there were resources.

I am so glad you found your way. We all are so different, yet have the same
dance with the same partner daily… Diabetes

elaine1155 2011-09-12 09:45:50 -0500 Report

Thank for you advice I'm new to this community and basically having to learn for the internet until I came to this website. which has been so helpful with explaining what my numbers should be and when to read what to eat and not eat. My doctor did not tell me any of this.

Marytea 2011-09-11 20:49:50 -0500 Report

I don't know what I'd do without my journal. I still make some goofy mistakes diet wise but I can look back and see I should have known better:) and hopefully not do it again.

Dixiemom 2011-09-11 19:39:22 -0500 Report

Great advice. Some foods affect people differently. I try to eat normal, whatever normal is. I know when I go overboard on carbs and not so good snacks, my BG will be higher then I like. I'm glad you found a method that works foer you. This is a site where we all share what we have learned.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-11 17:06:33 -0500 Report

Thank you to those of you who understood that I am unhappy with the way many of us are treated after being diagnosed with diabetes. I know that I am not a literary scholar but sometimes make attempts at sharing my thoughts. There are a couple of others issues that are bothering me right now but first I will attempt to find previously posted opinions on those subjects :)
God bless,

Type1Lou 2011-09-10 18:15:42 -0500 Report

Dear Mary, I'm glad you clarified that you are not unhappy with DC. Many of us here who are living with this disease have found that our key to better BG numbers is to seriously reduce our carb intake. I am a staunch believer of a low carb diet and limit my intake to 120 grams or less of carb per day. My last A1c was 6.6 so there's still room to improve but a year ago it was 7.5. Even after 35 years with Diabetes, I am still learning. This is a wonderful forum for the exchange of ideas.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-10 18:26:23 -0500 Report

Congratulations of your A1C that is awesome. I admit that I do not know much about type1 but am learning. From what I read type 1's have some very huge challenges. Yes I like this site or I would not come back. I do have a little to offer but a lot more to learn.
God bless,

AuntieM234 2011-09-10 18:10:14 -0500 Report

I'm with you realsis. "Unhappy here" to me means she is unhappy, and she is on this site; ergo, she is unhappy with this site.

MEG, the tone of your Discussion post suggests we are a "flock" of turkey-like creatures who don't know what in the world to do when it rains. You don't know WHAT we know OR what we need. We certainly don't need to be lectured by you, especially in this condescinding tone. We've been there and done that, for the most part, as far as education and research are concerned. Don't think for a minute that we don't know just as much as, if not more than, you do. We're all helping ourselves and others to learn and grow every day. There isn't one part of your speech that hasn't been discussed at one time or another on this site. I do not believe anyone here would suggest that we shouldn't eat any carbs at all. We know the importance of a balanced eating plan.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-10 18:21:52 -0500 Report

Unhappy here was the title. Had you read the context of my post you might have noticed that I am unhappy with the medical professionals who are not helping people to learn. Over the past few weeks I have seen a lot of posts from people who cannot get answers from their medical professionals. I was only trying to be a help to those who are not getting the education they need. I did not profess to know it all. I tried to make suggestions that might help the newly diagnosed. Maybe all of this has been discussed in the past but I for one am not going to read every word that has ever been posted here. If you took anything personal that was not what was intended.
I have seen many posts suggesting to people to cut carbs out of their meal plans completely. I have read many questions by people that should have been answered by their medical professionals. That indeed makes me unhappy.
I still believe that we are allowed to state our opinions.

Debbiejf 2011-09-11 12:01:56 -0500 Report

I read your posting carefully Meg. I got what you were saying and yes a lot of people on this site make suggestions on different ways to adjust diets to make the bs #s better, not all of them are going to work for everyone. But everyone needs to take everything posted on this site with a grain of salt and talk to their doctors. The best thing I have seen on this site is the support and love pouring out to everyone :).

realsis77 2011-09-10 16:42:01 -0500 Report

I do know carbs raise MY blood sugar and MY doctor suggests I limit them. He also said its best for ALL diabetic to limit carbs because of their ability to raise blood sugar so quickly. I think MOST people on this site realize we are not doctors but we DO have a lot to offer each other in tearms of support and expirence. PERSONALLY I love this site and the advice and people here have helped me termendously! Its all a freedom of choice if you don't like it then don't stay. That's freedom. I think MOST of the people here are happy and cherish the advice given to them by others. We ALL realize that its only advice, it can be taken or left. But personally I realsih the expirence and advice of others here on DC. May God bless you also.

Debbiejf 2011-09-11 12:09:54 -0500 Report

Meg is not unhappy with this site, realsis, please reread what Meg wrote and you will get that she is unhappy with the medical profession that lack the knowledge/time to educate their patients on proper care for their diabetes.

AuntieM234 2011-09-10 18:24:26 -0500 Report

I'm with you realsis. "Unhappy here" to me means she is unhappy, and she is on this site; ergo, she is unhappy with this site.

Debbiejf 2011-09-11 12:06:11 -0500 Report

No AuntieM, she is not unhappy with this site, sometimes postings need to be read through more than once. For example I can't believe how some people don't proofread what they have typed before they actually post. Some say I missed my calling as a school teacher :).

realsis77 2011-09-10 19:08:17 -0500 Report

Thank you AuntieM234, I thought I read that correctly?

Dixiemom 2011-09-11 19:47:30 -0500 Report

I agree with you, I think the interpretation is a bit off. We all experience things differently. We are not cloned, therefore we experience and feel different then others. Some Dr.'s say limit carbs, some say no carbs and some say eat. We must use trial and error to see what works and what doesn't. Remember, moderation in all things is the key.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-10 17:17:11 -0500 Report

Ahh well said but I do not believe I said anywhere that I am unhappy with this site.
No where did I say to eat unlimited carbs. From my post, " I keep seeing people on this site say stop eating carbs. I learned in class that both type 1 and 2 need to consume carbohydrates unless they are told otherwise by their specialist. No carbs includes fruits which are extremly nutritious. Legumes are high carbs but also great sources of protein and fiber."
The point I was trying to get at is to get good professional help. To that I should have added if you have insurance, can afford it or can find free or reduced cost. I also know that I need 45 mgs of carbs per meal. Since starting the 45 mgs per meal 3 times a day I have become insulin free and dropped some diabetic meds.
Please people get help in creating meal plans designed for your diabetes and or other health issues.
God bless again,

AuntieM234 2011-09-10 18:21:33 -0500 Report

Now your condescension is over the top with your statement, "To that I should have added if you have insurance, can afford it or can find free or reduced cost." Really? Do you really want to go there? Where did that come from? It is uncalled for and unkind.

Debbiejf 2011-09-11 12:23:50 -0500 Report

Really AuntieM? Seriously? How do you suppose it is that I didn't get any condescending attitude from Meg but both you and realsis did? And I ask that in all seriousness.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-10 18:30:55 -0500 Report

That was meant for the people who cannot even afford the meds or testing equipment they need. I have been there and know how it is to know you have a disease and cannot treat it and wonder if I would wake in the morning. The cost of that class for me now would be unaffordable if I did not have medicare. I am poor folk and know what it is like.
I have seen some pleas here on getting help with their diabetic costs. I am done clarifying every word that I type.

danielle2010 2011-09-11 11:50:49 -0500 Report

I am too a poor folk and without my insurance I could not of afforded my class that I went to or my medicine every month. I completely know where you are coming from.

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