high blood sugar reading from eating 100% wheat bread

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Started 2011-09-09 10:01:59 -0500

I have notice that whenever i eat a slice of 100% whole wheat bread with no sugar, I get high blood sugar reading after two hours. For example: My fasting reading was 80 and i had 1 slice of 100% whole wheat bread with 2 tablespoon of organic almond butter and 2 hours later my reading is 170. Is that normal?

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Grandmama16 2014-09-13 14:05:56 -0500 Report

Did you check the carbs? I've discovered that the better the bread the higher the carbs but we are supposed to subtract the fiber. I try to find bread that is less than 15 carbs per slice.i see that this subject is old but I'll try to find the pepperidge farm. Our oldest son loves a very expensive bread that is dense and looks very healthy and yummy but has tons of carbs. He's vegetarian and not diabetic but his younger son is type 1. All his family is very active. I'm not and have type 2…and am 70.

Old Crusty
Old Crusty 2013-07-07 09:10:38 -0500 Report

I make my own bread every week and I experiment with different mixes of flour. I also do not add sugar, but sometimes I use honey to help feed the yeast.
Can you explain the readings you are quoting? my sugar meter must read something different, because 12 is high and normal is about 5 here in the UK

Tina1860 2011-10-03 12:57:48 -0500 Report

Sometimes breads even though they say whole wheat they have a lot of other ingredients that effect the way your body processes them. I've been eating a new brand called Dave's Killer bread, Powerseed. There are other types of his breads as well. This one has 6 grams of fiber per slice and I love it with some peanut butter. I only eat one slice though. But for me the fiber seems to do the job with keeping my sugars from spiking and it seems to fill me up pretty well. The nutritionist I went to see said to watch what ingredients were in the breads. If there are a lot of ingredients in the label don't get it. Less is better.

Bogy 2011-10-03 12:27:47 -0500 Report

Good for you. I'm strggliong with carbs. Hopefully I, like you ,will get a handle on them .Pete

lisaloo2429 2011-09-30 09:53:57 -0500 Report

How about Ezekiel bread? I've been eating that - I need to check the nutritional information on it. Yikes!!

Bogy 2011-10-03 12:30:40 -0500 Report

Check it out, see how it effects your BS.,then make adjustments. Wish you the best ,Pete

jayabee52 2011-09-30 18:03:45 -0500 Report

why Yikes?

lisaloo2429 2011-10-03 13:38:26 -0500 Report

Idk Yikes becuz before i was diagnosed that's all i ate. I like Ezekiel tortillas 1/2 of one 1 tbsp of organic no salt added almond butter and sliced banana w/a drizzle of agave nectar. It's so yummy!!!

GabbyPA 2011-10-04 19:54:22 -0500 Report

Yummy is right and it should be a great food to eat. You might want to cut it down to 1/2 of a banana, but otherwise it sounds wonderful!

MrsCDogg 2011-09-30 05:43:54 -0500 Report

Since I was diagnosed 10 years ago my docs and diabetic educators have always told me that it's total carb count you have to watch. Don't worry so much about the sugars alone but watch the carb count.

stormz 2011-09-30 20:33:51 -0500 Report

Yeah that is what they told me too and since I have been watching the carb. count my sugar and my total chol. is completely under control. It might have taken me years to do it but I have.

Bogy 2011-10-03 11:42:13 -0500 Report

Be that as it may I have serious be elevations from whole wheat and multi-grain paspas.Mybe I'm hypersensitive. Pete

Bogy 2011-09-14 15:00:44 -0500 Report

Good afternoon Okhi, some people believe that whole wheat products take longer to metabalize. This results in a prolonged elevation of BS.I saw my endro. last week and he told me that I should pay more attention to carbs than sugar as sugar is processed quickly in our bodies. I have have noticed on the lable of many whole wheat breads is molasses as well other sweeteners.A few nights ago I had a bowl od Brand Flakes. Next dat (morning) my BG was "out of sight). Hope this informative. Pete

stormz 2011-10-03 11:59:33 -0500 Report

Great information Bogy…it is helpful all information like this is great to all of us! Thanks for the information it was helpful for me..hugs

berrykins0 2011-09-13 16:16:57 -0500 Report

have you ever tried these buns called sandwhich thins they have 5 grams fiber 22 carbs 100 calories bun. fiber is a good source thats suppose to make carbs break down slowly. not all breads whole wheat have alot of fiber but one bread does fiber one bread does.hope this helps.

robbins7eggs 2011-10-03 17:18:00 -0500 Report


flipmom 2011-09-12 22:10:17 -0500 Report

mine get higher whenever i would eat them plain or with butter… i noticed that if i made sandwich with them with lettuce tomatoes and cold cuts or with salad my bg doesnt get as high..

diabetesfree 2011-09-12 17:10:10 -0500 Report

Another thing you may want to take into account (besides carbs) is the ingredient label for the bread you are buying. The vast majority of whole wheat breads sold commercially include high fructose corn syrup as an ingredient. Ounce per ounce, this is one of the worst food ingredients you will find for diabetics. Since it is cheaper to buy than cane sugar, it is often included as a sweetener in a number of food and drink products, especially sodas. If you can find a brand of bread locally that doesn't include high fructose corn syrup, it would probably be worth the extra money it costs to avoid it.

okhi 2011-09-12 22:01:59 -0500 Report

The wheat bread I was eating has no high fructose corn syrup. It is 100% whole wheat. It is only 18 gram of Carb per slice. I tried it twice and it still raise my blood sugar. I have stopping eating whole wheat bread..in general, I don't eat bread or pasta…

audiophile55 2012-12-13 15:19:36 -0600 Report

I think I must be eating the same bread you mention, without the high fructose corn syrup. It's called Brownberry Dutch Country. I think I should try some other breads. I like to have one slice of toast with breakfast, and one either at lunch or supper, but I can't always. I tested my BG and reads 217. I'm on two types of insulin, and it obviously isn't working. One,I take before lunch. I tell you, there is nothing worse than trying to make it through Thanksgiving, Christmas and the new year without messing yourself up. I wouldnt wish this disease on my enemies.

diabetesfree 2011-09-13 07:09:27 -0500 Report

I've never seen any commercially-sold bread without some type of sweetener in it. As jaybee52 mentioned, there should be some indication on the ingredients label.

okhi 2011-09-13 19:26:30 -0500 Report

Like I stated before, I said it had no high fructose corn syrup not sugar. The label stated it has 1 gram of sugar.

GabbyPA 2011-09-14 17:19:42 -0500 Report

Could you post the ingredient list and maybe we can help you see what is hidden in there that the Nutrition Label doesn't tell you? I know it would be a pain, but maybe that way we could help out a little more.

jayabee52 2011-09-12 22:55:21 -0500 Report

What DOES the bread use as a sweetening agent? To get the yeast to rise there has to be a sugar of some kind for the yeast to work on.

I don't eat bread of any kind or pastas either.

Richknowbody 2011-09-12 12:14:18 -0500 Report

Thought this would help. But you need to find a bread with a glycemic index of 55 or less, if you want a low GI bread.
Hope this helps and it isn't too much information
Classification GI range Examples
Low GI 55 or less most fruits and vegetables, legumes/pulses, whole grains, nuts, fructose and products low in carbohydrates

Medium GI 56–69 whole wheat products, basmati rice, sweet potato, sucrose, baked potatoes

High GI 70 and above white bread, most white rices, corn flakes, extruded breakfast cereals, glucose, maltose

nzingha 2011-09-11 15:08:31 -0500 Report

i love bread…all sorts.. and now i have to be so careful how much i eat… i looove ice cream and nuts.. I found an incream that claims no sugar added and I buy it sometimes..but since I've been put on insulin ..I dont even look at it when i go shopping… but BREAD.. I need to eat it… and we dont have the variety or choices here.. nor can we find the ingredients to make it..help Rickknowbody.. the bread expert..lol!

Richknowbody 2011-09-11 10:00:44 -0500 Report

If you go to that web site, you can find a bread that has a low glycemic index. I saw one Rye bread with a GI of 41.

Richknowbody 2011-09-11 09:59:02 -0500 Report

Glucose has a glycemic index of 100. A GI of 55 is considered low.
Pasta is considered to have a low GI because it is densely packed and so does not digest quickly.
Bread is made to rise, so it digests fast and has a high glycemic index.

Richknowbody 2011-09-11 09:57:03 -0500 Report

whole wheat bread has a glycemic index of 74. White wheat bread has a GI of 75. not a lot of difference.
Some rye - wheat combination breads are as low as 41 GI. I am hoping for a 55 GI. bread.
This is where I am getting my information on GI numbers.

Richknowbody 2011-09-11 09:50:10 -0500 Report

Rye bread is what Doctor Neal Bernard recommends. so this is what I make. I grind the rye and wheat and make it fresh. I make 3 loaves a week for my wife and I. I have been using 3 cups of whole wheat with one cup of rye. But I recently changed it to 2 cups rye and 2 cups of whole wheat.
Rye is hard to get to rise, and so is whole wheat, but I do get a good loaf. A slice of my bread is 24 grams of carbs. But I keep upping my insulin to match the carbs and can not get enough insulin to match the carbs. Today I am calculating 32 carbs for my 24 carb slice of bread.

Jan8 2011-09-30 09:36:04 -0500 Report

I agree with Dr. Bernard. I eat Jewish rye and have no problems but I cannot eat wheat bread.

MEGriff1950 2011-09-10 14:04:56 -0500 Report

Sugar in food is not the problem with diabetes. It is your total carbohydrate intake. Certin breads may not have processed sugar but can still be high in carbs. Are you type 1 or type 2, there is a big difference. If you are 2 and not consumming enough carbs your blood glucose will rise because your body is producing extra glucose on its own. I suggest you attend a diabetes education class. Keeping a daily journal noting what you eat and the portions plus your BG readings. Soon you will learn which foods affect your blood glucose. I am supposed to get 3 portions of carbs per meal which equals 45 mgs of carbs. What else do you consume with that 1 slice of bread? Fruit juice is very high in carbs and fruits have a lot of carbs.

okhi 2011-09-13 19:37:33 -0500 Report

I was eating too kinds of whole wheat bread..one had 13 grams of Carb per slice. And another has 19 grams. Long as I stay always from any kind of bread, my BS is fine. My doctor told me to get all my carbs from fruits and vegetables. I stay always from all grains expect for organic brown rice. I have about 1/3 cup of cook brown rice with my meal. It doesn't affect my blood sugar at all. Everything I eat is portion control.
My BS reading after two hours of eating is 110. All the time.

GabbyPA 2011-09-10 09:20:52 -0500 Report

All wheat bread is not created equal. You may want to try a whole grain bread instead and watch the size. Some of the more artisan breads are higher in carbs. Read those labels. Find out the carb count per slice.

The other thing is like Jaybee said. We are all different and if that is all you are eating, maybe a little more protein is in order to help curb the carb? Did you drink coffee with your breakfast? That could be a contributing factor as well.

jayabee52 2011-09-09 17:50:02 -0500 Report

Howdy Okhi!
I have had similar problems with whole grain carbs in general. DIABETES is NOT NORMAL! I have completely stopped eating breads, pastas and potatoes of all kinds. It makes it rather interesting ordering from a menu in a resturaunt, but otherwise I don't want to go high. (I manage my BG numbers by what I eat)

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-09-09 15:45:11 -0500 Report

Read the label. How many carbs are in that slice of wheat bread? Believe it or not, it varies from wheat bread to wheat bread. As I understand it the difference between a white bread carb and a wheat bread carb is that the white bread carb will shoot your sugar up faster and hold it there longer and the whole wheat one will have it rise slower, but it still can stay there long. You are talking about diabetes here, nothing is normal! Different people react to the same food in different ways.

Gemm 2011-09-09 14:47:56 -0500 Report

Haven't seen that with 100% Whole Wheat but have from white bread. Recent trip to hospital (COPD related) the doc wanted me on low sodium diabetic diet so what do they send me - white bread for each meal with sugar on the tray for sweeteners. Somebody in that cafeteria wasn't looking at their computer monitors right as all that info is put on the main computers at intake as were my food allergies, several of which were sent to me also. I swear if I ever have to go in to our local hospital again I am not only taking my own food I'm taking my own meds as they screwed those up too :( COPD puts me in there and my environmental allergies including perfumes and colognes etc were put in my file and one of my nurses came in so loaded with perfume yesterday that it even gagged my husband who isn't normally bothered by them :(

I had a long talk with my doctor about all the problems most of which he couldn't really do anything about. I know that I will be getting a form soon on how well they did/didn't do during my visit so I will be letting them know.


MEGriff1950 2011-09-10 14:13:42 -0500 Report

Gemm, no your doctor won't do anything about the problems you have when in the hospital. Next time you are hospitalized keep your journal handy. Write down the times, the problem and names of people involved (if Possible) and take the list to the hospital administrator. Most hospitals have regulations about employees wearing perfume. In some states it is illegal. If you do not get satisfaction from the hospital administrator take it to your state board of health. Become a hell raiser, this might not only help you but it might impact others too. In most states you are also allowed to request to have the administrator visit your room. As for the foods being sent a digital camara might come in handy, try to capture the name on the tray along with the diet card if there is one,

Gemm 2011-09-30 11:30:09 -0500 Report

Actually it seems that my doctor did do something about this as I got a call from the hospital yesterday and the social worker mentioned the complaints from my doctor as well as what I had written on the survey that I had filled out and sent back.She said that my doctor had actually made quite a big deal out of part of this too, though she failed to mention what part and when I asked she just changed the subject. All I got was an "official" apology but nothing to indicate that this would be addressed any further than "we talked to the staff about being more careful with patient intake files" —- figures!!! :(

Well, we will see as I go back to that same hospital (only one in town) today to start PT again - aqua to start with. Biggest problem I have here is other patients using colognes/perfumes both just before coming and in the restrooms after their PT :( When I was going before I know the staff tried to talk to the other clients about this but many still felt it was their 'right' to wear it wherever they were and if someone else has a problem with it then it was their problem. If I end up in the ER from it this time around as my COPD has gotten a lot worse then maybe someone will be willing to take it seriously —- MAYBE!

Doryian 2011-09-10 08:17:52 -0500 Report

I had the same experience. Was in the hospital with 600+ sugars. Every meal had stuff I wouldn't even consider eating when on the meal plan. One breakfast was oatmeal, blueberry pancakes and a biscuit. Crazy!

jayabee52 2011-09-30 18:10:16 -0500 Report

If you are in the hospital again you might ask for the food service nutritionist to come visit you and ask them "How is this a good menu for a person with diabetes?" Then talk with the hospital administrator about it.

Auburn Bill
Auburn Bill 2011-09-09 14:39:39 -0500 Report

I am back to eating rye bread, oly 2 slices a day. Either for breakfast with my poached eggs, or at lunch wiht my turkey, swiss cheese, tomato, onion sandwitch. Even my big 95 lb lab loved my rye vread sandwitches! Would you like to be friends? Grandpa Bill

DAAdams 2011-09-09 13:46:52 -0500 Report

Carbs are an easy way to raise the blood sugars. That would probably be pretty normal. But whole wheat and multi-grain breads are the way to go if you want the bread as a part of your diet. Just practice moderation in your carb intake.

realsis77 2011-09-09 13:08:50 -0500 Report

Hi, the thing with diabetes is to watch out for eating CARBS. Carbs raise our blood sugar as fast as sugar if not faster!you want to keep the carb intake low. Carbs are breads, cerals, pastas ect. These things will raise us and fast with out blood sugar! I remember when I first got diagnosed with diabetes and I did not understand why my blood sugar went up with whole wheat noodles? Well, what I didn't understand then is even though it is whole grain its still a carbohydrate. These are what we want to stay away from! Its a lot easier for me now that I'm on insulin. It really helps keep my blood sugar in check. But there was a time when I was only taking the pills! I ran 300 to 400 on the pills! I'm so glad my doc switched me right away to insulin! I've been under good control ever since. However, if I eat carbs I will raise up! Keep the carbs low and you should see a difference! Learn what is high in carbs and what is not. This really helped me a lot! Also what helped me personally was looking at the glycemic index. Also get a few diabetic cookbooks. They help a lot!

okhi 2011-09-09 14:10:30 -0500 Report

i have a log where i write everything I eat. Whatever food make my blood sugar have high reading, I dont eat that food again.. now officially, whole wheat bread is out of my diet…

realsis77 2011-09-09 15:00:39 -0500 Report

Haha that's a great idea! If you check out the glycemic index online it will give you a good idea of foods you CAN eat. Foods lower on the index are best! This helped me a lot! Good luck and God bless!

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