♫ ♫ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♫ ♫ To Me !!! - I've made it past 50 !!!

Teresa Rose
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I am so happy today !!! Not so much that it's my birthday but because I have lived to be past 50. My father passed away when he was 47 so anytime one of his kids makes it past 50 it's a pretty big deal. There are five of us in all and I am second to the youngest. He smoked two packs of cigarettes a day; Drank about 7 pots of coffee a day & he overate and was obese. He didn't exercise. I recently found out at our family reunion from my fathers brother that my Dad was type 2 diabetic. I found out that my uncle is also diabetic and so was my grandmother. It's really important for me now more than ever to take care of myself so that I will be a good example for my children but also so I will be here for them. My Uncle has taken care of himself, unlike my father, and is still here in his golden years for his family. Happy Birthday To Me !!!

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Chopstix 2014-11-04 21:20:18 -0600 Report

Happy Birthday to you. You are about the age I was when I found out I'm Type 2. May you have many, many, many more. The best of health to you…

Donnadoll 2014-06-09 07:24:10 -0500 Report

Happy Birthday to you. It's so important to teach our children by example to pay attention to their bodies and to be good to themselves. It's also important for families to share their health histories.

Carla48 2013-09-07 17:45:01 -0500 Report

Congratulations Teresa! Your special day is a big milestone for you and your family. Keep on track and keep setting the good example for the younger generation.

Tony5657 2013-03-23 10:58:39 -0500 Report

Hey you youngster! Congratulations, maybe I'm a little bit late, but … congratulations anyway. I'm looking forward to my 70th, in 2014. I've outlived many of my "rowdy" friends & like Hank Williams Jr. song says, "All my rowdy friends have done routed all down." Hey, those of us (my friends) that are still alive actually grew up - mentally/spiritually! Maybe I'll really mature at 70? LOL

Tony5657 in New Braunfels, TX still maturing?? Be patient with me folks!!! :o)

DARRELL EDGELL 2011-10-10 19:52:49 -0500 Report

Hey congrats to you. I felt the very same way when I turned 51. Way to go.

kimmy4u41 2011-10-12 13:49:16 -0500 Report

I am going to be living life well until i die!!! Taking care of ones self should never be something we do if we get diabetes. I love this forum to hear great information !!!

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berrykins0 2011-09-13 16:12:49 -0500 Report

thinking postive doing thing right is they way to .keeps your body running smooth.your uncle sets a good example you want to do the same thing. i'm proud of you keep up the good work. it pays off in the end.

Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2011-09-12 16:01:57 -0500 Report

Hi Everyone !!! I just wanted to say Thank You so much to all of you for your Birthday Wishes and kind words!!! I appreciated your comments so very much. I had a really nice Birthday weekend. My Son came down and our family all spent time together and we all went out to eat at my favorite Chinese Resteraunt ( I was very picky about what I ate). The most fun about it is that we rode in my husbands new Limo. He recently bought a 1986 Armbruster Stageway 6 door Cadillac Sedan Deville. He got a really good deal on it. It's in near mint condition and has only 6,000 original miles on it. It was owned by a funeral home and was garage kept. It had only been driven from the funeral home to the graveyard. It wiill see some life now. We got alot of looks. It's pretty cool. It's Silver with Blue interior. The stereo sounds really nice. We listened to the oldies station on the way there and back and had fun singing along. The best present of all was spending time wth my family. - Again, Thank you all so very much!!! - Teresa Rose

shortdog49 2011-09-11 23:16:20 -0500 Report

Happy Belated Birthday. Glad you're happy and smiling and I hope you have many more. No kids but I know what you mean about the kids. When ever I see my nieces & nephews, I feel a burst of energy to stay healthy myself.

SaraF 2011-09-11 18:22:12 -0500 Report

Happy Birthday, Teresa! And many more. I know where you are coming from. My mother died when she was 54, one of my sisters died when she was 54, and my brother died when he was 53. Everyone in my family is diabetic. My grandmother died from an insulin overdose when she was 78. I just hope I can get healthy enough to live longer than my mother, sister and brother. Keep your spirits up and keep trying to live healthier. God bless you.

iarriaza 2011-09-11 13:24:01 -0500 Report

hi! teresa, i am new here… but never is too late to say Happy birthday to you! I am 54, but when i turned 50… i had the feeling that the better of my life started that day… I wish you the same…

Jan8 2011-09-11 10:54:38 -0500 Report

congrats Teresa. with all of the innovative treatment options to come, this is very exciting. Hope you had a great one!

Caliafiosgram62 2011-09-11 10:36:50 -0500 Report

Happy birthday two days late. My 62nd is today. My aunt had type 2 diabetes and lived to be 86 when she died. I hope I can go a long - then I'll be able to see all of my granddaughters at least graduate from high school. You've got to take care of yourself and you'll get there

SheliaDell 2011-09-11 09:42:56 -0500 Report

Happy belated birthday! I am so proud of you, that you are living a healthy life and being a good example for your family. I'm so sorry you lost your dad when he was so young; it's never easy to los a parent.

nzingha 2011-09-10 23:27:47 -0500 Report

happy belated birthday. my dad died at 67 which at the time i thought was old.. but now that i've reached this age.. the decade of the 50's i realise..nooo.. i've got a lot of living to do and i dont want to be working hard now..just smart and i'm taking the time to just take care of me.. especially with this diabetes which is what killed my father tho he worked very hard at managing it. He did well too because he had so many complications which came on because they did not diagnose him on time.

busdriver46 2011-09-10 11:46:49 -0500 Report

I am new on here but want to wish you a Happy Birthday too. My dad passed away at 52, my mom was a couple months away from 83. I never thought about it but my sisters did. My sister just had a birthday, 71, and she celebrated her age with glee. Happy Birthday agian.

GabbyPA 2011-09-10 09:30:39 -0500 Report

Happy Birthday Girl! Who says the good die young? LOL
My mom thinks the same way as you. Her dad died at 56 so she said she has lots of cherries on the top with her now being 77. So her next goal is to outlive her mom who died at 94. She just might do that!

Funny how our dads go young. My dad was 67...at least our bench mark gets older as we go.

shoulders 2011-09-09 17:15:43 -0500 Report

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!glad to celebrate this mildstone with you. Watch out for those candles on the cake… Don't want to start any forest fires(LOL,LOL). Hope you recieve lots of gifts and hugs, and kisses. I will add a new part to the nightly prayers, hope that Teresa Rose makes another 100 years!!!!!!!!!

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Auburn Bill
Auburn Bill 2011-09-09 14:42:35 -0500 Report

Hey good lookin, Happt Birthday to You! Glad you are with us, and us with you to celebrate LIFE! Wishing I was back there again, but time goes on! LOL, Grandpa Bill — Would you like to be friends??

granniesophie 2011-09-09 14:10:17 -0500 Report

Happy Birthday! Don't think about what will happen in the next part of your life, just LIVE it and enjoy it-the best is yet to come!!
Take care, my friend :)

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-09-09 13:43:12 -0500 Report

I figured you in your early 40's. Didn't realize that you were running to catch up to me! Alright, how did you get those musical notes in your title? My birthday present to you is that I will NOT sing Happy Birthday to You!

dds317 2011-09-09 10:34:47 -0500 Report

Happy Birthday to you i am 53and i find out in June 2011 that i had type 2 and high blood and i am obese i also smoke about 1 to 2 packs a day. i am new at this so maybe you can help me out. i also that a lot of my family has diabetic. and as long as you take care of your self. may you have many more HAPPY BIRTHDAY…

AuntieM234 2011-09-09 06:47:46 -0500 Report

Hey Dear Friend! I don't think you had a chance to see all the good wishes I sent to you, so I copied them from the older news feed and am pasting them here:

"You gave Teresa Rose a hug.
Happy Birthday to You!
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You gave Teresa Rose a present.
Happy Birthday to You!
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Happy Birthday to You!
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You congratulated Teresa Rose.
Happy Birthday, Dear Friend, Teresa!
Congratulations on your 51st! ;-) Mara
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I wish only the best for you in a long, happy, and rewarding life. I love you my dear friend! ;-) Mara

eristar 2011-09-09 06:39:49 -0500 Report

Happy Birthday! I just turned 61 a couple of weeks ago. Glad you are taking care of yourself - it's the best present we can give ourselves!

VickieF 2011-09-09 03:29:11 -0500 Report

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Teresa!!!!!!!
A Happy Birthday to You
A Happy Birthday to You
May you feel Jesus near
Every hour of the year
A Happy Birthday to You
And may it be the best you've Had!

This is the birthday song that my parents would sing. I hope you enjoyed it. LOL Be glad that it is on the computer as I can not even carry a tune in a radio. LOL
I am very glad that you made it past 50. What would we do with out your wonderful spirit helping us through the day.