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I have been reading the other posts. Talking about eating right, carb counting, and etc. What I havent found that is realistic is a real person's meal plan. Mind you I do the cooking. Yet there is somethings that my family wont eat and I would. Nor will I cook a full meal if there is only two eating. So what I have been looking for is a simple plan at least for myself keeping all the other things in mind. Like for Breakfast, snacks lunch and dinner. So if anyone has this I would greatly appreciate it.

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TsalagiLenape 2011-09-10 10:31:02 -0500 Report

Well one of the few things I did was slowly replace certain things like breads, pasta, and sugar. Now I love sweet potatoes they dont. So one sweet potatoe and white potatoes for baked potatoes. Also I have found that making an old recipe new is leaving out certain things like sauces and use spices. Which can be hit or miss. Since I am the cook in my household I make things for them i.e. mac and cheese just replace the regular noodles with whole grain or whole wheat. Dont over cook these and sometimes use the shredded cheese in. My grandchildren love the stringy cheese in this. Often I take turns making things they like with little changes like stated above. Yet when its something I want I make it. Their choice is eat this or you can have that i.e. a sandwich. More times than not they eat whatever I make now. Just looking into low carbing which is difficult somewhat. I know about carb counting. Just didnt realize I have been doing it all this time. Have a great day!:)

mch#19 2011-09-09 14:22:15 -0500 Report

I'm recently diagonised as of 6/11 and doing my best to learn about carb counting etc. My goal of course is to stay medication free as long as possible. I've begun to walk each night about 1 1/2 mile in about 30 minuets but no other exercise as of yet. I lost 10 pounds and will have another blood test next month to see if I'm doing ok without med's.
My problem is that locally there isn't a support group or a place to go to learn about this disease without spending a whole lot of money. The doctors refer you to a dietitian. What does one do if income or insurance doesn't allow?
Although I've purchased some books and surf sites such as these I still find it overwhelmming. I have a family of four and they've made it clear they won't eat what I will. They also can't understand why I'm having a difficult time learning this stuff.
I too would like a meal plan that would help to keep my mind from spining. I also need to watch my fat intake for high chlor. and suffer from an under active thyroid. The combinatin of all three can make a person crazy. I experiment with different receipes, and appreciate the help others give me. No fun being 61 learning to cook and eat all over again. I'm very thankful I can learn how to control this diease and relaize there are far more people with much bigger health problems however there doesn't seem to be anyone in the medical field willing to stick out their neck and give useful advice from how many carbs one should eat at a meal or day to finidng a place to help make the decissions needed.
Thank goodness for a site like this, I find it very helpful. I can understand how people can go in denial and give up. MCH

Type1Lou 2011-09-09 15:07:50 -0500 Report

One of the reasons it's difficult to come up with a general plan is that each one of us reacts differently. I am 62 and have dealt with my diabetes for more than 35 years now. For me, a low-carb diet is what I need to keep my blood sugars(BG) acceptable. Again, for me, that means no more than 120 carb grams per day (30 at breakfast; 45 at lunch; 45 at dinner) Many people here can eat more carb grams and some others have a lower daily maximum. I would start out by calculating how many carbs YOU consume in any given day. Then, by cutting back, see how that affects your BG's. Thyroid problems seem to go hand in hand with diabetes too. I would admit that one of my biggest challenges right now is accurately counting the carbs I eat to properly dose my insulin. I'm getting better at it. A friend gave me a Digital Nutrition Scale made by Chefmaster. It weighs the food and when you input a food code (they provide you with a book of codes), it gives you the total carb and fiber grams (and other nutritional values) of the portion you weighed…a really neat gizmo. Losing weight and exercise will also play a major role in controlling your BG's. Just take it one step at a time. Do what's right for you. It's a lot to cope with and you have a lifetime of habits to maybe unlearn. You can do it!

Type1Lou 2011-09-09 08:29:48 -0500 Report

I forgot to add another good, low-carb meal choice. Last night, I prepared a chicken stir fry that had around 18 carbs per serving without ramen noodles or rice…of course, my husband got his served on the noodles and I didn't. Any kind of stir-fry would be good as long as you don't use gooey sweet and sour sauces.

Type1Lou 2011-09-08 08:54:27 -0500 Report

I only cook for my husband and me. He LOVES pasta dishes. How do I fit that into MY low-carb diet? When I make spaghetti, his gets served on pasta whlie my sauce goes on top of french-style green beans…lots fewer carbs for me. His lasagna is made with noodles. I make a small portion for me substituting the noodles with either cooked cabbage or eggplant…again, lots fewer carbs. This probably isn't what you were looking for though. I've found I've had to adapt favorite foods to lower the carb intake for me. I just received a book I ordered that might be helpful to you: "Diabetes Snacks, Treats, and Easy Eats For Kids" (I'm a 62-year old kid!) by Barbara Grunes. I got it at Bon appetit!

jeffrey9127 2011-09-08 09:03:16 -0500 Report

Have you tried Dreamfield's Pasta. Very small amount of digestible carbs per serving. It does not spike my BS after eating it.

Type1Lou 2011-09-08 09:09:14 -0500 Report

Quite honestly, I don't miss the pasta and my adaptations are another way for me to add good, high-fiber veggies to my diet while keeping my carbs down too. But thanks for the suggestion…others here may find Dreamfield's pasta a good alternative for their pasta cravings.

Marytea 2011-09-08 08:44:07 -0500 Report

Are there children to feed? Adults. There are many awesome recipes for two. Take a look at the Taste of Home website specifically the Cooking for 2 part. always check the carbs. You may have to cook something different for little ones still. There are 4 people in my house only two are diabetic. It is a challenge but I cook diabetic and just keep stuff on hand if the others don't like or want what I have made. Your diet is so important. I find that my other family members are used to my recipes now. Hopefully they are healthier too. Goodluck.