5 Steps to Success when you start an exercise program!!

By MewElla Latest Reply 2011-09-08 14:35:27 -0500
Started 2011-09-05 18:26:02 -0500

1. Make it fun. Some people think exercise has to be hard to do any good. Don't be one of them. You're more likely to stick to it if you enjoy it-like checking out your neighborhood if you walk, or bike, or spending time with a workout partner.
2. Forget the old days. Thanks for the memories but move onto reality. Focus on how you can change with the body you have Now, not Then.
3. Set firm goals. Keep your goals specific and what you will actually do. Saying "I can do 5 minutes longer next time" is better than saying I will do five miles by the holidays.
4. Be your own benchmark. What you do has nothing to do with anyone but you..If you achieve a small success, like walking 3 times this week instead of 2 times, celebrate.
5. Make a note of it. If you track your progress you will see how far you've come-or haven't…

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Bogy 2011-09-08 14:35:27 -0500 Report

I like your idea of keeping it realistic. I forget this whenever I do s/t physicial.Still believe I'm 21.Forget that was 48 yrs. ago. Thank you

AmberLight 2011-09-07 16:35:42 -0500 Report

Thanks for posting these. I am going to try to get myself a program i can do in small steps until I can do full workouts.