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I am on disability so I can not do a lot of what i use to walk a lot, ride bike… i have not worked in over 3 years had a full knee replacement almost a year ago. I can not seem to get motivated to do much. when I do get going and do something i like i seem to not keep with it for long. been diabetic for about 18 month and when i get bored I seem to snack a lot.
how do i convince myself to get motivated and actually stay with it. in the last 3 years i think i gained about 40 LBS and i was already over weight

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GabbyPA 2011-09-05 11:22:19 -0500 Report

Maybe you can hook up with someone to help you along? I find if I have a friend to walk with or a menu planned out for meals, it helps me a lot. Getting someone to be accountable with can get you through the slumps.

I am also a "boredom" snacker and have to be careful to have snacks that won't mess me up too much. I am on a dill pickle kick right now. I get the baby dills and I can have 9 of them for just 10 calories and 3 carbs. I sometimes wrap them in a little lunch meat and they have been helping me get through the ice cream cravings.