converting bg numbers to A1c numbers

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Is there any way to convert my bg level numbers to A1c numbers? Is there a conversion chart that would say for example a bg level of 94 is around a 6% A1c?

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Kirla 2011-09-02 21:40:21 -0500 Report

I downloaded a excel file on the Internet that did just that. You recorded your fasting in the morning (as soon as you wake up), one hour after breakfast, before and 1 hour after lunch and one hour after dinner. It will give you an approximate A1C value. It wasn’t perfect but I found it was close. The chart had room for 4 months of reading. I figure you would need at least 4-8 weeks to get a good approximate of your A1C. I tried the link to the website but it didn’t work any more. I added you as a friend so if you approve my request and send me a message with your e-mail I will send you a copy of the excel file. If your not interested just ignore my friends request.

Anyway the formula that the chart used was A1C=(mg/dl+86)/33.3 was what the chart used. I would record my fasting and 1 hour after breakfast and before lunch and 1 hour after lunch and 1 hour after dinner for several weeks and then average them all up and use the formula. It’s not perfect but I found it always came close to what my A1C was. Or you can send me your e-mail address and let the excel program do the work for you. But it does take testing 5 times a day for several weeks to get a good idea of what your A1C is.

Good luck

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