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when I work a long shift My back starts to hurt up and lower back hurt . I already take 6 docter pills an starting to take alot of aleve 2 times a day now to stop the pain is there something eles I can do .

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Doryian 2011-09-02 05:29:11 -0500 Report

Abdominal strength training should relieve some of the stress on your back. But make sure you don't have a injury like a pulled muscle, etc…

saber32 2011-09-02 01:02:38 -0500 Report

thanks I do wear a belt when i exercises that helps me burn more fat off when i exercise i even walk 8 miles a day too and I am still at 335 pounds I still cannot burn the weight off matter what i do ?

jayabee52 2011-09-02 03:05:08 -0500 Report

You might want to severely limit your carbohydrates. I've lost 50 lbs in 7 mos on a low carb high protein eating plan of my own design. I did it to get off my diabetes meds, and the weight loss was a wonderful side effect.

still smiling
still smiling 2011-09-02 00:52:11 -0500 Report

Ask your Doctor/Physical therapist for a exercise photo sheet of different exercises that will help to eliminate the pain. Wearing a back support belt alongwith the exercises has been beneficial to me in the past. Prior to getting out of bed in the a.m. and retiring I lay flat bring both legs up towards my chest with arms under legs hold it for 10 seconds and repeat. Laying flat again, with arms out to each side alternate bringing one leg across the other to side hold for 10 seconds repeat doing each side at least 10 times. Those are the main two that help me, during the day I always stop and do my stretching. Find the exercises thatwork for you and stick to them I wish you well.

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