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My BFF just found out about a month ago that she has type 2. She was hospitalized for about a week. She is having a hard time with portioning foods and keeping her blood sugar up. I cant believe she has diabetes! She use to work out EVERY day. She always eats good, healthy, food. I feel so bad that she has to go through this. Is there anything I can do for her? P.s me and my BFF are 13.
Thanks so much,
Sam :)

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realsis77 2011-09-02 09:41:46 -0500 Report

Hi! You can learn as much as you can about diabetes and this will help her! :) you can support and love her just like your doing! Your a great BFF and she is very lucky to have a friend like you! So learn learn learn! :) then you can really help your friend by being knowledgeable about her disease! God bless you! Take care :)

GabbyPA 2011-09-02 08:45:36 -0500 Report

You are already doing it. You are being her best friend and that is HUGE. One of the other things you can do is make sure you are not tempting her with things she is trying to avoid. You don't have to be doing things for her so much as supporting what she is doing for herself. Sometimes that just means you let her vent her frustrations on you...then you laugh a bit. It may mean letting her cry with you so she can be strong where she needs to be. And sometimes, I might mean a word of caution, but don't become a nag.

You are friends and now is not the time to start treating her "different". She is the same person and you can still have fun. Do the things you used to do together. You may have to find ways to adjust them, but those things will come. Don't let her feel "different" and she will do great. Both of you will.

She is fortunate to have a friend like you who cares.

jayabee52 2011-09-01 23:56:16 -0500 Report

Howdy Sam, WELCOME to diabeticconnect!
She is going through some very scarey times in her life right now. I take it you are not a Person With Diabetes?

What your friend needs right not is non judgmental support from you. Let her know that her life is not over with the diagnosis of diabetes. Don't EVER blame her for getting this condition. It happens to even the best of people. There are people who have lived good lives with this challenge for 60+ years. It is not a death sentence. She will have to learn a slightly new way of eating to avoid highs and lows. Another thing you must be aware of is what to do if she should go low. Find out from her what to do. Lows CAN be dangerous if not handled properly. Discover what the signs of a low Blood Glucose are and then learn how best to react to them.

I pray for you and your BFF.