I want to know what to expect with diabetes

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Started 2011-08-30 18:10:23 -0500

I was just told I had was diabetic two weeks ago. Doing every thing the doc says to do. Feels like still not doing enough. Did any one else feel this way when they first found out? I've never had to take meds that didn't make me better. Heard and seen many horror stories Ron Santos being one of them. And that scares me. Does any one know of a placed I can get simple answers of what to expect.

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arliberger 2012-01-23 19:57:00 -0600 Report

Am so happy to have found this! Was just diagnosed on Friday last and am feeling quite bewildered. Don't really want to hear all my friends tell me I'll be fine … Need education, strength, patience and it would be nice if my stomach stopped hurting:) Anyway, just wanted to say hello. Just reading your posts help. Be back later with specific questions. Blessings

jayabee52 2012-01-31 22:26:35 -0600 Report

Howdy Arli! WELCOME to DiabeticConnect! Sorry you qualify for inclusion in our little group, but since you do, I am glad you're here.

We welcome questions! IMO there is only ONE question which can be called "stupid" or "foolish" and that would be an HONEST question which is NOT ASKED!

Diabetes can be as hard or as easy as you want it to be. It has to do more with your mental attitude toward this disease than it has with anything else.

So I won't tell you that EVERYTHING will be fine, but it does not HAVE TO BE a sentence in prison either.

Just start by taking "baby steps" toward understanding this disease, and then when you understand put it into paractice. I suspect you will be doing well with your diabetes in short order!

Blessings to you and yours!


MsKelly50 2011-10-23 11:43:57 -0500 Report

This is a great website to find many answers and to ask many questions.
It's hard to accept diabetes, it took me many yrs and I was diagnosed about 10 yrs ago just two weeks after my mother passed from a long fight with kidney diease due to being diabtic. I can tell you that when I take all my meds daily (everyday not just when I remember) I feel sooooo much better. I often times forget my insulin cuz I get busy…my kids remind me at dinner and my partner does her best to remind me as well. It's hard, and a new way of life to adjust to. Keep trying and you will be fine! Keep talking and you will get the answers you are looking for. Good luck and best wishes to you…oh and welcome to Diabetic Connect!

harry1 2011-10-23 06:42:20 -0500 Report

I got told on Oct 17 2006 found out by having to renew my truck drivers physical doctor would not pass me to drive and i was going into my busy time of year (drove tanker for heating oil co) but it took me about 3 months to face the fact that I'm a diabetic and with the holidays coming up I have to change my ways of eating. Turkey day sucked we have it over at my mom's house and my family members started with that you can not eat that or drink that. I know that they cared but they should have showed support instead of causing us to argue. i wish you the best of luck

cindygal1 2011-10-23 04:14:57 -0500 Report

In time you will all felt like that at one time. I have been a diabetic since 1992, and we just found out two months that my husban if a diabetiic also. He also has a rAre blood disease that e have to deal with too. St the time he was diagnosed with the blood disease he was given 18 months to live, that was six years ago, and I have already got his sugar under control. For finding out out diabeges you have come to the right place, everyone hear will help you and you can make friendas at the same timel AWelcome to our world. Wishing you the bet

bayoumama 2011-10-22 23:10:02 -0500 Report

In time you will understand it we all know how you feel . We all been there its going to be ok each day will get better the more you learn the better it will be . Its 4 years i'm diabetic i just found this wonderful place this month wish i knew about this place 4 years ago it would have help me so much . Hang in there

Marytea 2011-08-31 09:20:48 -0500 Report

Best wishes to you and welcome to the club. I was diagnosed Type 2 in May. Be gentle with yourself. Diabetes can be a real mystery. Keep your doctor informed, read, take a class or classes, test your blood, keep a journal of test results and whatever else helps you make informed decisions. DC is a wonderful place to ask questions. You should be in better shape healthwise than ever before. Best wishes to you.

robertoj 2011-08-30 21:53:25 -0500 Report

Before we learn about diabetes we don't know what to expect; fear is natural. Fear is not productive unless it is the reason you change. Once we know what we need to do and do it we begin to live with it. Relax; it takes time and complications can be avoided.

jayabee52 2011-08-30 19:33:09 -0500 Report

Howdy Rick WELCOME to Diabetic Connect!

I agree with margo and caliko. More specificity is useful in attempting to answer a question such as this.

However, this site IMO is one of the best places to find out. Take a look around. Look at the "living with diabetes" link (to the upper left of this page) read through some of those discussions. The link "Health Center" below it might also be useful to read through. There are also videos to view, but sometimes they can be confusing because people with other agendas (like getting you to spend your money on this or that product or service) put them there.

I have had diabetes since 1995. I haven't stopped learning about diabetes yet. I suspect there will always be something for me to learn about it. you might find it helpful also to go to Blood sugar 101 ( http://www.phlaunt.com/diabetes/ ) and read the many articles there.

Another way would be to start another discussion on DC focused specifically on a topic you would really like to learn about.

There are a lot of friendly people here who are quite willing to tell you all about their lives as a person with diabetes. I am willing to tell you how I control my diabetes without diabetes medications by just what I eat. In fact I have written something about that to 3 people already today.

I pray you find the resources in DC useful to you and I pray I'll see you around the site for some time to come.

Praying God's richest blessings shower on you and yours

James Baker

CaliKo 2011-08-30 19:05:02 -0500 Report

I would suggest signing up for a class with a Certified Diabetes Educator. Your doctor or hospital should be able to help you find a class. It is a beginners introduction for learning to manage the disease and the possible complications from the disease and what you can do to try to avoid them. My class (six 2-hour sessions) included an overview of diabetes, what it is and what it does to your body, how to use a glucose meter, and how to chart and use the results, an overview of diabetes medications, the different catagories of meds and how they work, a personalized meal plan with daily calories, carbs, fat grams, protein grams, the benefits of exercise, and how to read nutrition labels, and the scary day when they talked about complications. There are no guarantees, but how you manage your day to day glucose levels has a lot to do with what you personally can expect from the disease. Education is key. Good luck.

margokittycat 2011-08-30 18:42:33 -0500 Report

What specifically are you asking about. The meds and wat they can do or what to expect from the diabetes? There are many different answers to what to expect because eeveryone is so different. All of us here are here to help one another but your question ia a very broad spectrum question. Can you narrow it down for us so we are better able to help you and give you answers?

ferm 2011-10-23 12:17:56 -0500 Report

I just found out I'm a diabetic thru a wonderful physical. I felt great and had almost no symthoms, only tiredness at times. I work 7 days a week so I figured that's why I got tired at times and oh yes had to pee a lot. I have gotten my blood sugar back to normal thru my diet and exercise (96) with out any meds, I was at 207 but my diet is missing things . Anyone have any advise for a good 5 to 6 meals plan?

margokittycat 2011-10-23 14:49:14 -0500 Report

What types of things is your diet missing. Protien, veggies? You diffinately have to watch the carb intake, those will make a BS high quick, most of us have found if you eat less carbs it works great. I eat a protien with every meal and snack. I eat a lot of nuts, maily pistachios lowest fat content. I eat veggies "FRESH" with every snack as well, they will give you most of your vitamins and minerals. Lean meats, turkey, chicken , pork, fish all of those are great too.

ferm 2011-10-24 11:36:42 -0500 Report

One last thing, I've taking flax seed oil in the morming ever since I found out that I have Diabetes and its helped bring my blood sugar down, this weekend I forgot to take it and my BS was highest in the last couple weeks this morning @128. Flax seed oil might be something for others to consider in their diets

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