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Kerstin Lujan
By Kerstin Lujan Latest Reply 2011-09-01 18:06:55 -0500
Started 2011-08-30 11:30:08 -0500

Hello to all, 6mo's ago I lost an upper molar tooth, two days ago the area around it has become swollen & sore. I think it's absesed (sp?), can't afford the dentist, any natural ways to bring the swelling down????My hubby says to rinse w/ warm salt water.I've been planning to go on a Christian retreat this weekend in the mountains but now i don't know…

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Caliafiosgram62 2011-09-01 18:06:55 -0500 Report

Warm salt water always seems to help but if you can, get to a dentist - Problems with the teeth can lead to problems with the heart. I was told that some of the bacteria are the same

flipmom 2011-08-30 12:04:01 -0500 Report

ohh nooo.. sorry to hear that… but it can get much worse with complications if you think theres abssed… pls get it to be seen even in the free clinic…sorry i cant be much of a help…

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