can u eat like a normal person and still have 6.2 blood sugar average????????????

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I have a friend who is type 2 and she eats everything such as rice, pasta and sweets. She doesnt exercise. and she is taking januvia. she tells me her average blood sugar is 6.2. Is that possible? so if you are taking januvia, can u eat like a normal person. It is hard for me to believe her. I watch what i eat and stay away from carb such as rice, pasta and sweets. I even exercise and my average blood is 9.

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margokittycat 2011-08-28 21:02:55 -0500 Report

I am guessing the 6.2 and the 9 you are refuring to as Blood sugars are actually A1C's. I do not believe she can et like a normal person and only be taking januvia and have an A1C like that. I am a Certified Pharmacy technician besidws being a type 1 diabetic and there is no way that just being on januvia she could eat like a normall person needless to say it would not matter how many meds she was on, she could not eat like a normal person and get a reading like that. I hate to say it but I think she may be fibbing to you about her reading.

nay1414 2011-08-28 20:54:10 -0500 Report

I know this sounds mean but she just might be telling a little lie.You know how people say they can eat all this to make them seem more in control of the type 2.I was in a class with a person like that.Or she may be on more meds than that.I would not worry about it because everyone acts diffrent to the foods.But it is always better to have a protien with pasta and rice or a carb of that type.It does help

berrykins0 2011-08-28 18:36:56 -0500 Report

within reason you can have rice pasta well i prefere sugarfree candy myself.i started at 8.2 for ac1 i got mine to comedown by losing weight. mine is currently 5.4 for the last yr half it was at 5.6. in april it was 5.4 i do take metforin once a day. but i was never told that i couldn't have rice or pasta even while i was losing weight i wasn't told that.i see a nutrionist. i can also have bread and fruits and veggies that are consired bad carbs within reason to.

realsis77 2011-08-28 14:05:13 -0500 Report

Wow are you sure she is diabetic ? Haha… well, every Body is different. All januvia did for me was give me a headache! And on januvia I ran 300 to 400 ! I'm glad I'm on insulin now

jayabee52 2011-08-28 13:58:17 -0500 Report

An A1c average is just that —- an average. She may be eating those things and going high, and then eventually going very low to make up for it.

My bride Jem had much the same thing going on due to her Rhumetoid arthuritis. She would have to take prednisone pills of cortisone shots and her BG numbers would be somewhere between 200 to 300. She had an A1c in the 6.5 range. When I asked her endo about it, he said that she was having some mighty low lows to get an A1c that low.

The being on the BG roller coaster is not good for one's body. My bride passed from this life July 2010, and I would not be surprised if the BG roller coaster had something to do with her passing.

It is a dangerous game your friend is playing. I pray she wakes up before it bites her in the backside.

GabbyPA 2011-08-28 08:05:42 -0500 Report

Everyone is different and sometimes it may just seem unfair. If she is able to do that then it may catch up with her eventually as her poor habits are not trained into better ones. Diabetes is progressive (usually) and she may need more and more as time goes on.

If she is not telling the truth, then it is just herself that she hurts. If she is telling the truth, then kudos to her, but she may wear that medication out in it's effectiveness as time goes on.

So keep doing what you are doing. I have always believed that as long as you are working hard and doing what is right, the pay off in the end will be worth it.

RAYT721 2011-08-28 07:54:38 -0500 Report

Wow. I have been called a lot of things but "normal person" was never an adjective to describe me in any way whatsoever. As excard stated everyone has his or her own bodies and reactions to foods and their carb/fat/calories. Every body and everybody is so different. I went from a 6.5 to 6.8 without even altering my diet and assume that the highs come during the night because when I test I am pretty much just above average (did not say normal). You may wish to consult your doctor as to whether a medication might help you lower your numbers but keep on doing what you're doing with the consciousness to food choices and exercise. One thing to think about with a1c levels is that the a1c is an average of highs and lows. This could mean that your friend is having a lot of lows over that period of time, which is NOT a good thing.

excard1970 2011-08-28 07:35:23 -0500 Report

One thing I have learned is that everyone's body and reactions are different. I am a type 2 on januvia and insulin and I can't eat what I want. My reaction to pasta is not typical since I hardly ever have high numbers after a meal but my reaction to rice, sweets and a lot of fruits bring a high to very high number. She may just be eating very small portions.

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