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We were in the house after pouring concrete in our machine shop all morning and working and putting a new engine cooling fan in our daughters Jeep this afternoon and moewing the lawn and what not. Chelsea our daughter was in her room doing homework and came out and asked what kind of bird was out by one of our semi trucks. It is a homing pegion. I took some really neat pics of it I am going to post on my profile page. It has two bands one on each leg. I took some crackers outside and it ate them my husband was in cooking after I had taken the pics of it and it seen him in the kitch and flew right to the window and sat there at the window just flapping its wings for a minute and then went back to my car and sat on it. It then flew off to our barn were we found it had made a home who knows how long it has been around our house, but it is the first time we have ever seen it. SO COOL.

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