Kind of a silly question...

By JDCA2025 Latest Reply 2011-08-28 21:42:25 -0500
Started 2011-08-26 11:38:45 -0500

When someone leaves a note on your profile, how do you view it? I click on the link sent in my email, but I just brings me to my profile with no note.

I figured asking you guy would be the fastest way of figuring this out lol.

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margokittycat 2011-08-28 21:42:25 -0500 Report

Does it say it is a gift or a message. If it is a message more than likely ot is in your inbox on your profile page and you just click your inbox and then it will sho the message and click the message to read he entire message.

CaliKo 2011-08-26 17:40:20 -0500 Report

Sometimes you can look on their profile (with just their comments) and find it faster than on yours with all your friends comments.

Type1Lou 2011-08-26 14:34:31 -0500 Report

Sometimes you can scroll (it seems like forever) down among the entries on your profile page to find the post. The e-mail received notifying you of the post includes who sent it and anything they might have said or the gift they gave to you. The more friends you have, the more messages/gifts you're likely to receive and the longer the search may become. I like James' suggestion to go directly to the sender's profile to acknowledge their gift and/or message rather than searching for the actual gift/message. …Make new friends and keep the old!

jayabee52 2011-08-26 14:02:20 -0500 Report

I don't worry about finding the note, I just notice who it is from go to their profile and I'll send that person an email. If they're not on my friends list I invite them to be a friend, and leave a message thanking them on their wall.

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