Why do we need to eat so many meals in a day

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My problem is that if I am not hungry why should i eat? I know a lot of people have a problem with eat too much. My problem is that I think I am not eating enough. I only eat 3 meals a day. ANd rarely am I hungry in between. That being the case. My sugar levels are through the roof. Especially after I went off Actos because of the weight gain. The good news was I got off the Actos and lost 10 pounds. Bad news is that my levels have been higher. In the 200's and at night when I go to bed it is sometimes in the 300's. I see my doctor tomorrow and I guess I will have to go on another pill. Anyway can anyone help me to understand why we have to eat more? I am confused. Thanks you are all great here and I am glad I have found this website!

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RebDee 2014-11-29 10:58:24 -0600 Report

I don't know about anyone else but since my bariatric sleeve surgery last August, I cannot eat much any more. Therefore I eat three meals and three snacks per day — mostly protein, a little carbs, and occasionally a bite of dessert. For my diabetes, it keeps my blood sugars level to start my 6 meals per day at 8AM and then not have anything except water after 8PM.

Jupeto 2011-09-01 20:49:38 -0500 Report

Ojk - not sure you will listen to an old man - but here goes anyway.

1. Pills only do so much - it also depends upon which pill. Actos does not work in all cases and just recently they found it causes other problems worse than diabetes. I am on metformin and it acts to make your body less intolerant to insulin.

2. It also needs to be said that maybe the doctro needs to consider another form of therapy. Do you go to a specialist - not in your message. Most family physicians will prescribe actos to see if it works - in most cases not.

3. 5 to 6 meals a day is to help get the carbs in your body over a longer period of time. I am on 70 carb meals for Breakfast , lunch and Dinner. I am oon 20 to 30 carb snacks 2 times a day. It didn't work. I started to eat light breakfast, light snack, light lunch, light snack, light dinner, light snack - it worked for me. I think it is because I am not putting more than 40 carbs in my body at anyone time. 70 was too much for me at a meal. I can have the 70 carbs and it will not adversely affect my readings now that i usually have light meals before and/or after.

4. It is not bad going on pills, wait till you have to do 3 to 4 shots at a time for breakfast luncha dn dinner. I would rather have a pill and control my diet with several meals a day. That is where i am pointing my compass.

5. talk to your doctor. Ahow an interest in attending a clinic on diabetes. Mine would not just send me there - he was waiting for me to want it - so I asked for it and never had such care in my life.

6. Talk about victoza. It is new and helps to control both weight and bG.

Hope this works for you. Blessings and I am praying for you.

RebDee 2014-11-29 11:03:56 -0600 Report

First Jupeto, how old is old? Actos almost killed me, it made my body swell so that I could not bend ankles, knees or groin so I stopped taking Actos and my doctor put me on an insulin pump which I must say was the best until I had bariatric surgery and now I take no medications for Diabetes. I only have to watch what I eat — mostly protein, lots of water, some carbs (not anything white) and only a little at a time.

Weizy 2011-08-26 09:51:38 -0500 Report

I only eat 2 meals a day and don't snack at all. I agree with you that if I am not hungry, why should I eat? The nutritionist says it is to help keep the blood sugars level, but how can you eat when you are not hungry?

realsis77 2011-08-23 11:08:36 -0500 Report

Hi. My doctor suggested small meals through the day to keep my blood sugar level. I was like you, running 300 to 400 . This is when I was taking a pill for my diabetes. I got switched to insulin thank GOd because the pills did not work for me. Insulin has been a God send for me and I have more engery than ever and my blood sugar now runs perfectly! Some people can't take the pills they just don't work for some. You might want to discuss your options with your doc. Insulin does NOT hurt and it really is easy to use. Being on insulin I like to have healthy snacks to help prevent lows. This is the reason for eating more often. If your not having problems with lows and are not hungry then you would not need to snack as often. Let your numbers guide you also your body. If I don't snack I'll go as low as 39. So I must snack. Everyone is different and you know your body. If your not having lows don't worry about "forcing" yourself to eat.let your body and your numbers guide you …I truely hope you get your numbers under control soon! Damage can occur at 150 and above and its a very silent thing. Then before you know it the complcations can happen! So remember we want to stop the complcations from happening by keeping our blood sugar at 140 or under.if the pills are not working for you, (they don't work for everyone) consider your other options. I've never had such great blood sugar since I started insulin! Its amazing! It really works well for me! Just speak to your doctor and work on a treatment plan that will get your sugar under control! That's sooo important! Understand you have different options to help you achieve these goals! I wish you the very best ! God bless

Anonymous 2011-08-23 10:11:16 -0500 Report

Your body wants to pump out glucose to give you energy. If you feed it between meals, it won't do that, or shouldn't. I too am not hungry between meals (and rarely at meals), but I force myself to have a mini-glucurna bar between meals and that helps keep my body from over compensating.

Armourer 2011-08-22 21:21:56 -0500 Report

For the last month I've been eating mostly one meal a day, sometimes two. One meal is 4 scrammbled eggs with half cup of quinoa. Other meal is quinoa mixed with various peppers. I've lost 12 pounds, my sugars have been mostly below 150 with almost every day dipping down into the 50 & 60s. I've adjusted my lantus insulin from 110 units down to 100. Why, I don't know, I'm just continuing to eat this way. Why you are having problems, wish I could say. Eating smaller portions, lots of protein & fiber? Less carbs?

jayabee52 2011-08-22 21:19:44 -0500 Report

Howdy Gail, WELCOME to DC!

I believe the theory behind eating 5 or 6 minimeals per day is so you can space out the number of carbohydrates entering your bloodstream at once. That would reduce the need to consume more medications.

The following website is not focused on eating to control diabetes, but eating to lose weight, but the principles seem about the same: http://www.thehealthyeatingguide.com/6smallme...

Here is the Google list of articles on the subject: http://www.google.com/search?q=eating+6+small...
Reading many of the sites which disuuss this the verdict is split on whether 6 meals a day or 3 meals a day is the best way to go,

You say you need help understanding why you have to eat more. Are you thinking that the recommendation to eat more frequently means that it is also a recommendation to eat more food / carbs / calories?

The idea is to eat the same amount of carbs / calories a day, just spread those carbs / calories out in more meals. If that is the way you want to go. If not, then go back to eating 3 meals a day and eat the same number of carbs per day as you were eating when you eat six.

Blessings to you and yours


Marytea 2011-08-23 09:26:54 -0500 Report

It took me quite a while to realize that it was the same amt of food just spaced out over the whole day. LOL. I am losing weight now at about 1/2 pound a week and very happy.