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Sometimes I wonder if enough research has been done on conclusive treatment of diabetes? Or has anybody thought of trying new lines of extreme research for that purpose. Do the big companies who earn billions from diabetic products from all over the world put their share of very serious thought about it; after all so much has been discovered which was unpreditcable before???

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realsis77 2011-08-22 09:53:45 -0500 Report

I see what your saying… I believe your saying they are making so much money off supplies they really don't want to find a cure, am I correct? What a scarey thought!… I pray they are doing the best reasearch they can to find a cure! Hopefully soon there will be one! I would hope they are not as greedy as that! But that's an interesting thought?

JoleneAL 2011-08-22 10:10:47 -0500 Report

I have to agree; They are in the business to make money. If they cure diabetes, they lose money.

jayabee52 2011-08-22 15:57:17 -0500 Report

and it is like the world does not have enough diseases and conditions for phama companies to research and treat? That sounds a bit cynical.

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