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hi ,im 33 and is struggleing really bad right now it seems that ever since my diagnoses 2 weeks ago i dont want to eat nothing.

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Barbara Garrison
Barbara Garrison 2011-08-21 23:50:49 -0500 Report

Howdy msann

My name is Barbara. I live in a small farming community south of Fresno. I was diagnosed during my pregnancy of my 2nd son. I thought once he was born that I wouldn't have to worry about diabetes. WRONG! With the the he would not come down the canal properly the doctor had to perform a C- Section. He came out weighing 10 lbs, 14oz. This put a stress on my heart; I experienced cardiac arrest three times before things were under control.
At my first post prenatal exam my blood sugar was at 300 or so. The doctor told me to watch the food I ate, get exercise and watch my level of stress. RIGHT!
Well, anyway I went on for a couple of years without further education or instructions. Then behold I had an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy. Our country doctor then put me on a pill for my blood sugar. Maybe had I been really faithful I would not have had to go to insulin. I was in denial. I didn't have diabetes.
Well, once I learned the proper way to give myself injections daily I began to feel better. Well, to make a long story short, I am now on the PUMP. Love it! But it can be a hazzle.
What I am trying to say to you is don't let diabetes control you, you control it. I know from first hand experience that it can be very frustrating, scary and an adjustment to your way of life. But once you accept the fact and start doing all of the things you should, it will be easy and better for you.
Hospitals put on Diabetic classes. If you can attend them. They are very useful. The nurses and dieticians that present the classes are very knowledgeable and willing to help you attain your goals.
Hopefully this is somewhat helpful. Don't feel you're out there all by yourself. Feel free to contact any one of us at any time. Someone will get back to you.

Take care,
Barbara (buffynana)

Robin052 2011-08-21 22:28:44 -0500 Report

Hi msann and welcome to the group. My name is Robin. I totally understand where you are coming from and you shouldn't feel bad about not participating as much as you would like. I don't think I have been on this site for at least a year. I don't find it user friendly like I would like to see. When you are first diagnosed it can be overwhelming. It was a shock for me because no one in my whole family had it. It was weird. I was really good at the beginning. Did my testing every day, watched what I ate and exercised. Now I feel I am starting over because I haven't been doing this at all. I'm a vegetarian and fruit has a lot of natural sugar. I started becoming a vegetarian again about 5 months ago. I've done it before and I never really liked red meat and got tired of chicken, so went vegetarian.

I'm trying to get back on track. My main problem is depression and almost giving up on life. I have no family anymoe as of 2 years ago and I find it very sad. I live in AZ and only have 1 friend here who I hardly ever see. I have some major back issues so I'm on disability and it seems that when I need to go for procedures I have to work around my 1 friend's schedule, while I'm in pain. I am going to look into volunteers who do this kind of thing. Take people to appointments because they are not allowed to drive afterward.

But I digressed. Back to you. Did a dietician or nutitionalist sit down and talk to you about how all of this works? What to stay away from, good carbs vs bad carbs, proteins, etc??? This is very important. Let me and the group know. We may have feedback for you.

Once again, welcome and don't be scared. It's treatable and you can still have a life, look at B.B. King, LOL..


msann 2011-08-21 22:06:59 -0500 Report

hi kiki so true welcome this a great site, i wish i could participate more but i still work full time you really need to eat and test test test that is where you have to start,do you cook for more than yourself ,just do your own thing praying for you lots of luck

RAYT721 2011-08-21 15:59:57 -0500 Report

Hello and welcome to the community. I completely understand your feelings about eating and how it affects your glucose but not eating may be even worse for you than eating the wrong things. One thing that I learned early on with diabetes is to test frequently to see how various foods affect you. You will find, believe it or not, that you are not limited to salads and low fat cottage cheese meal after meal. I get a lot of variety in my diet without guilt or increased glucose readings. You may feel overwhelmed at first but give yourself time to make simple swaps of ingredients in your favorite recipes, watch portion control, and you'll find that food is not your enemy.

flipmom 2011-08-21 15:43:11 -0500 Report

hi.. i felt the same way when i first diagnosed… it felt like its the end of the word. the dorctor just said it had diabetes and thats it.. to watch what i eat and eat in small portions thats it… i have to find out on diabetes sites like this one of whats normal in hi's and in low's… im really got sick of eating and i lost 20 lbs but my diabetes was totally out of whack because i was also scared of testing and when i do eat, i eat bad choices like donuts and lots of starchy rice… i still struggle everyday, but the important is to test everyday.. so u know wat food really makes your bg to spike.. i hope you well…

realsis77 2011-08-21 12:12:01 -0500 Report

Hi and welcome to DC! I know its difficult when you first find out your diabetic! You will go through a wide range of emotions and that's all normal! You MUST eat because if you don't you will become sicker and really mess with your diabetes! Even if its small meals, but you MUST eat! Please! In your meals stay away from high carb foods. Look online and find the glycemic index. Eat foods lower on the glycemic index that will help the diabetes. Are you feeling ill when you eat? Exactly why is it your not wanting to eat? Its so important to eat. I'm very worried for you! If I can help in any way please let me know ok? We are all in this together and we are here to help one another! Please try and eat some small meals at least ok? Keep us posted on how your doing and feeling. This is a wonderful group of people here on DC and I really think you will like it here! Again , welcome to our family!

ki-ki 2011-08-21 13:05:18 -0500 Report

Thank you. well i dont want to eat because i dont want my blood sugar to be high. like to day its now 2:00 pm and i have had nothing to eat yet,

jayabee52 2011-08-21 15:33:31 -0500 Report

Howdy KiKi! WELCOME to DC!

That is not good! Starving yourself is a sure way to get what is called a "liver dump". That is when your body detects that your Blood Glucose is getting dangerously low and dumps glucose into your bloodstream. Unfortunately the glucose is not metered little by little into your blood, but is just dumped without reference to what you may actually need, therefore your BG skyrockets. It is your body's fail safe system for keeping your glucose from going TOO low, which is itself very dangerous, and potentially deadly.

I would recommend you look around the site, and read the articles in "Living with Diabetes" and "Health center". These may be found on the left edge of this page.
I also encourage you to read around in the discussions.

I used to be on insulin, but now I control my Type 2 diabetes by eating a low carbohydrate / high protein menu plan. I have kept my Blood Glucose pretty much in the normal range, my May 2011 A1c is 5.5, and I have lost about 50 lbs in 7 months.

I would urge you to eat a little carbohydrates because your brain does need carbs to fuel it. Sometimes that is why People with diabetes (PWDs) often can be depressed, or angry or moody. Eat low to moderate starchy vegetables for your carb source (starches = carbs). I don't eat bread of any kind, or potatoes, or corn or peas or rice. Broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots, are all low to mid starchy veggies. Eat those for your carbohydrate source.

Eat more protein which will eventually turn into carbs as they are digested, but will be slower to digest ( so you'll be fuller longer) and won't raise your BG numbers very high. There are plant protein and protein from animals. The most complete proteins and easiest to acquire proteins are from animal sources. Eggs and meats are what I use for my protein sources.

You have a long road ahead of you KiKi. Just take a deep breath and relax. You don't have to know and do everything about this condition today or tomorrow. Learn at your own pace. Learn what works for KiKi, because what works for me may not work for you. The foods and drinks which may spike my BG numbers, may not affect yours all that much, and vice versa. No two PWDs will react exactly the same to foods or drinks or medications. All we can tell other PWDs is "this is what works for me" and the other may try it or decide not to try it. And if the other tries it they may not respond in the same way as the PWD who suggested it. We try different things to see if they work for us. and if they work we keep them, and if not discard it and try something else.

I pray you are able to get your diabetes under control, soon.

Praying God's richest blessings shower upon you and yours!


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