There is always someone worse off then you

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Post not taken the way it was meant.

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I am only trying to say that we all have our problems, health and otherwise, and some days are good for some and bad for others', nut we are all the same, We are all the same new or old; I do not know or acknowledge the difference in that respect. And if you recognize the title words, you would know it is meant to "COMFORT YOU" which is what I wanted to do, all of you;Guess my words were not too clear, but I meant well. I had a vision, of help

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You are so correct. There is always someone worse off than we are. That is something that helps me get thru the rough times. Not that I wish awful things on other people, but it does help knowing that there are people out there that are worse off. I met a man once that was in a wheelchair from MS and could not feed himself, but yet he always had a smile on his face for anyone. One day I asked him why he always smiled all the time…he told me that some people just need a little pick me up, and that is something that he was still able to give. It has stuck with me for a long time.


Anonymous 2008-10-24 04:01:01 -0500 Report

I am not real clear on what you are trying to say. That we should only help newbies because they need more. Veterans need advice sometime too. I have been diabetic for a long time and still find things very useful on here. One thing that is very overwhelming when you join here is you get bombarded with alot of friend requests. While that is great, you just do not know everyone and want to feel you way around the site at first. People probably thought I was rude and mean because I ignored alot of them till I got to know or read posts. And then I did the inviting. I quess that was just me but could you clarify what you meant. Are we supposed to help only a few or try and help everyone. And we are only people living with diabetes, so are "discussions" are not meant to be medical advice. Just what has worked for us.

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Hi Anonymous,
I agree with you. We all need to have the Support, even if we have been a member for a while. We need to feel that we are listened to. And even getting a kind word or support from the people have
been there or have not, with words of

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