What do you do for fun?

Jim Edwards
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Each day with look "D" in the eye. Each day we jab, test, and maybe inject. We watch what we eat (even though it may not be good for us, we still watch it!) and try to do things "right". What do you do for fun? What do you enjoy doing?

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ReaderReader12 2014-07-26 20:36:27 -0500 Report

For fun that is a good question. I read for fun, I watch music videos and then make my person watch them with me so I can show her. That is very fun cause it drives her crazy at times. I try and laugh a lot. Today I mowed the grass for about the first time in about 7 years. My youngest was around and he did it, then my knees really hurt bad so my person did it. Now she might be in greater pain than I am so I did it and it was fun to see I could still do it, but slowly. Plus it felt so good when it was done and I was able to beat the rains that are here now. So yes I think mowing the lawn was fun.

Sam Stokes
Sam Stokes 2013-08-16 15:26:53 -0500 Report

i be into researching , supplements since 1996 books only up to 2011 then internet , other than that i enjoyed ps2 , everquest online adventures , frontiers multi player game ,2003 -2009 , now scrabble , candy crush on facebook , sharing information to help others, playing with our dogs , and sharing time with my family.

Jesse's derby
Jesse's derby 2013-06-08 18:25:34 -0500 Report

I am actually enjoying learning about foods and different ways to prepare them. (Gonna try the shrimp and mango recipe here). I have come out of my shell more since I am feeling better. This is a big deal! Contact with "normal" humans. I do not hesitate to tell them there are things that I cannot partake of due to health reasons. No one has been offended. Found a local open mike venue. (I am a great audience!) Also gardening, reading. I rent from Netflix. I am not into superheroes and the like. They have a good selection of documentaries that I enjoy. It is time consuming to do all we need to do. But there is time to do what we want!!

sNerTs1 2013-05-09 23:11:53 -0500 Report

A question started in 2011 … It's cool that we pull these through again. I was gone from the site during this time (for the most part). What do I do for fun huh? I dabble in graphics, read, take in movies, play volleyball, golf and take long walks on the beach LoL not really on the Bach, not many of those in Wisconsin. I can't garden as I have more than the proverbial black thumb, I have a black hand, can't grow a thing blah! I love to paint and just BE. I'm fortunate that I don't have to work and have enjoyed retirement for nearly 12 years now … Life just couldn't be better.

coolred63 2013-05-09 22:23:53 -0500 Report

Well I enjoy time with my wife now that our only child has moved out on his own so we have our alone time now. I like to watch a good horror,action or sci-fi movie. I also love listening to music as I love music its kind of a getaway for me.

GabbyPA 2013-04-19 08:32:25 -0500 Report

Right now I have been doing a lot of camping and really enjoying being away from the computer and just hanging out with Hubby and nature. Going again this weekend, but it's suppose to rain. We will see.

Young1s 2011-11-26 13:09:18 -0600 Report

I have a few things on the fun list. I love spending time with my family but cherish my alone time. I am a big fan of Logic Puzzles, especially Cryptoquotes. I also like to read and/or watch TV. Mostly sitcoms and cooking shows, but lately my daughters have me watching X-Factor and America's Next Top Model. But my true passion is cooking. I can spend hours reading cookbooks, watching all types of cooking shows or experimenting with new foods. My family doesn't get the fascination but hardly ever complain about what is put out on the table. Although, that might be because, when I am feeling particularly under appreciated, I have been known to go on a cooking strike. Taheehee!

Mickey/CCHT 2011-11-30 21:42:20 -0600 Report

You can cook for me! I would appreciate you! I'm not one to cook much. I have to be in the mood. If it's not pretty simple, I won't do it. I used to be a nanny many moons ago, and I cooked 5 course meals everyday! Not too mention all the baking! I think that's what did it too me!

lucymarcum 2011-11-26 12:44:40 -0600 Report

i love to make things. i crochet a lot and for a while this year i've sold some of the things i've made. i currently am making all my friends and family taboggins and scarves for Christmas. i love to read and learn things, i usually buy text books at goodwill and read them (i know, nerd alert!). i love to take walks with my dogs or snuggle with them. my husband and i rent movies to watch together. i love to cook so i try out new recipes (probably leading to overeating, but lately i've tried to make healthier foods and to eat smaller portions). i used to love to go out with my friends but most of them have moved away or i guess found someone more 'exciting' than i am lol!

Mickey/CCHT 2011-11-30 21:40:36 -0600 Report

I'm going to out nerd you (maybe) I just spent the whole day last sunday veggie out and watching all 3 of the first set of Star Wars movies! I grew up in that era and I still to this day remember when by mom and dad took us to the show to see the first Star Wars movie and the big ship comes across the screen! I think I sat thru the whole movie with my mouth open!! Except when we were laughing at the bar scene with the band! I still remember cracking up!!

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-11-26 13:09:09 -0600 Report

I laugh about the taboggins (what are they?) and scarves for Christmas. My mom had knitted me a very warm, hunter safety orange hat when I was in HS in the 70's. Warm…you bet. I misplaced it and asked her to do another one. she does these while watching TV. Well, it must have been a good, long show, because she made it about 6" too long! We had a winter last year that was windy and cold and doubled up that hat kept me very warm. Mom (82) almost peed her pants when she gave it too me because she was laughing so hard!

Mickey/CCHT 2011-11-26 00:34:49 -0600 Report

Because of my job, when i have down time, i like to chill. I like to read, and I love playing with my goddaughter when i get a chance. I love to swim, but have not gone lately. I don't like wearing a bathing suit in public. Wish they would let me swim in a t-shirt and pants!! LOL But because i need to start exercising, need to look into water aerobics. Been putting it off because my daughter is sick, but want to get into that.
I guess I'm pretty boring!! LOL

medic673b 2011-11-26 00:13:30 -0600 Report

I walk, ride my mountain bike, or go hiking. thanks to all three i have been able to quit taking my BP medicaton

Weizy 2011-09-02 07:24:14 -0500 Report

I play with my cat, Smokey, I read, crochet or put puzzles together. the puzzles help me to stay calm. I also visit with friends and just talk things out with them.

lilsista39 2011-08-29 00:10:28 -0500 Report

I play with my kids as much as i can yes most of them are grown some are still home but we hang out watch tv crack jokes play games twister night is the best night

JDCA2025 2011-08-23 16:26:06 -0500 Report

I play a lot of bass, write short stories, and go to stand up comedy like it's my job. All else failing, I'm a big walker, and often prefer walking everywhere unless driving is an absolute necessity.

GabbyPA 2011-09-02 08:19:00 -0500 Report

What kind of stories do you write? I love writing stories, it kind of takes me back to a place or to a new one.

JDCA2025 2011-09-04 11:49:36 -0500 Report

Depends, though usually most of them are kind of weird/dark. My last one was about a hearse driver who talks to the dead on the way to the funeral lol. What about yourself?

GabbyPA 2011-09-05 10:27:52 -0500 Report

I used to write some stuff like that. I partnered with a good friend when we did that kind of thing. Now I write what I call "observations that make the everyday extraordinary. Simply taking a simple moment in time and expounding on it to show just how wonderful our everyday moment can be. Always short prose. I dabble in poetry, but prefer the prose format.

Type1Lou 2011-08-22 08:08:04 -0500 Report

I quilt and sew, teach quilting and sewing, read novels and listen to audio books, play bad golf (my mantra is "Bad golf is better exercise!"), volunteer at the local library. I'm walking with a friend…can't say that I do the walking for fun but time spent with my friend is a delight! I tried Zumba but couldn't get my hands and feet to work together and felt like a dork. After everything else, I might have time to do some housework but that is definitely not fun!

berrykins0 2011-08-22 07:27:58 -0500 Report

i like listening to music, play on computer ,watch tv, get outside enjoy the nice weather like to bake and cook and grill out ,go shopping. i love my job cause i get be in and outside i clean rooms that are not totally inclosed they do have doors on the room though.ha ha. have a wonderful day.

GabbyPA 2011-08-22 06:40:59 -0500 Report

What do I do for fun? That can depend greatly on who I am with! LOL

I love the outdoors and hiking, camping and things like that. Gardening is fun until it gets too hot and I enjoy going to the movies with my hubby and holding hands. My job is actually fun most of the times, as I get paid to draw and color. Who knew!

Another fun past time is writing. I'm not called Gabby for nothing you know. I dabble in poetics and prose, but nothing long and nothing that Jim will need a Kindle for. LOL Though I bet the book I am in, might be available.

One of the final things that is fun is doing home improvement projects. They are hard sometimes, but the fun is in the challenge sometimes and the end results always, well almost always, make me happy.

kaveolook78 2011-08-23 15:14:45 -0500 Report

The art work is the fun part of my job doing the bulletin for the Hall ways. ESPICALLY CHRISTMAS I LOVE DECORATING

JDCA2025 2011-08-23 19:14:36 -0500 Report

Home improvement is always enjoyable. The sense of satisfaction you get when you complete something is hard to equal.

GabbyPA 2011-08-24 20:12:23 -0500 Report

You are so right on that. I can do tile, make cornice boards, sew curtains, hang light fixtures, paint & wall paper (but I prefer paint), build simple rough carpentry and more. Lowe's has a parking spot with our name on it. LOL!!

Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2011-08-20 22:40:02 -0500 Report

There are so many things that I do for fun. 1. I love to play my guitar & sing. 2. I love to write music. 3. I love to draw. 4. I love to paint paintings of collages of peoples faces. 5. I love to make roses. 6. I love to do all types and kinds of art. 7. I love to cook. 8. I love to read. 9. I love to write. 10. I love getting on DC. This is 10 things that I do for fun.

50Jewels 2011-08-20 22:49:36 -0500 Report

I love that you are so positive. I try to stay positive each day and figure I better get as much in now as I can because later the diabetes may stop me from doing things I love to do.

alicejoart 2011-08-20 22:22:14 -0500 Report

I like going to the movies although I have make sure I have something to eat with me. Walking is fun now! I walk in order to burn the sugar! I also went back to school and am taking online classes. It pays to keep yourself busy so you don't think about it like a life-stopping event.

Gwen Morten
Gwen Morten 2011-08-20 15:08:20 -0500 Report

i read, listen to music and go to the movies.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-08-20 15:12:06 -0500 Report

Never did like to read, and now as I age it is tougher on the eyes. About 3 years ago I took up listening to books on CD while I drive. I have 205 of them done!

nzingha 2011-08-20 20:32:01 -0500 Report

want to send some of them my way Jim? I love audio books but they r soo costly.. :)

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-08-23 07:58:04 -0500 Report

All of mine are from the Library! They might frown on it if I started sending them to you! Our library has a super collection of them. Now that I posted this, I see Type1Lou does the same!

Type1Lou 2011-08-22 08:09:27 -0500 Report

Borrow them from your local library. That's where I get my audio books. I listen to them when in the car or when I'm sewing.

Type1Lou 2011-08-24 07:49:15 -0500 Report

I live on Florida's gulf coast and our county library system has lots and lots of audio books. When I lived in New England (Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire) I was also able to borrow audio books from the local library. I'm so sorry to hear that your Ft Lauderdale area libraries don't have them.

Nonna2Three 2011-08-20 15:19:27 -0500 Report

I love to read but find audio books hard to stay with - my mind always found other things to occupy it both of the two times I tried audio books. Probably a touch of ADD, but they didn't diagnose us as ADD way back then, so I only assume I have a touch since I can become so scattered and find myself in the middle of a dozen things at once. then I have to force myself to focus and finish them up one at a time until the stress of so much on my mind is resolved.
Strangely enough I don't have that problem when I read on my Kindle, but then again, I usually read my Kindle at the end of the day when I settle down in the recliner and call it a day.

Type1Lou 2011-08-23 07:28:19 -0500 Report

I find some authors works are easier to listen to than others…John Grisham, Clive Cussler, and James Patterson are three of the easy ones. When the plot or storyline, gets too complicated, its easier to get distracted, particularly when I am multitasking. Love to listen when I'm driving; it makes the trip go by so much faster!

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-08-20 17:00:45 -0500 Report

The funny thing is my ability to retain is still as bad as when I was in school. if you were to take my list of 205 books and say, "what was this about? Was it any good?" My answer would be…

Type1Lou 2011-08-24 12:32:37 -0500 Report

You're not alone. I started keeping a computerized list on a data base by author name and title of all the books I've read because, more than once, I started a book and felt it sounded awfully familiar…and yep, I'd read it before. Most of what I've read, I'd have a hard time giving you plot details…I'm lucky if I remember the general gist of the story. But, I love reading and always have a book to read and one to listen to. I read before going to sleep…it's sort of my sedative/sleeping pill. When the book falls out of my hand because I've nodded off (and then wake up because it fell out of my hand), I know it's time to bookmark my place and turn out the light. I'm a big fan of our public library system and will rarely buy a book.

jayabee52 2011-08-20 15:36:29 -0500 Report

and you find yourself falling asleep? LoL!

At the urging of my bride Jem I finally went to get diagnosed. Sure enough I had ADHD, as I had suspected for a number of years.

The symptoms you describe sound a lot like what I experienced.

Nonna2Three 2011-08-20 16:19:40 -0500 Report

No, usually not. In fact, if my book is really interesting, I have been guilty of having to make myself close the Kindle and go to be about 2 a.m. - I try not to let that happen too often though - that kinda scheduling will catch up with me pretty quick.
But yeah, a lot of the things I have read about ADD & ADHD are things that I recognize in myself as well as my son, who was never diagnosed ADD or ADHD, but struggled to keep his focus in school. I did take him to a psychologist when he was young, but they never used the terms ADD or ADHD and they never prescribed any medication for him, but i spent a lot of extra time working with him to get him through school. In fact I had to take him to a local college for classes they called "Special Studies" course. I also had to get him tutoring for a couple of years.
Now, years later, both his 16 year old and 6 year old have both been diagnosed - the 16yo as ADD & the 6yo as ADHD. But, as is the case with so many diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, both of these girls are very smart - book-sense - they father (my son) on the other hand was passed over when book-sense was being handed out - well, common sense too for that matter. But it did not skip that entire generation because my daughter, his sister, sharing both the same mother's genes and the same father's genes, got the book-smarts - and for the most part she got all the common sense too (even though as an adult she has made some choices I would rather she had not made - but then again, most adult children do).
But back to the ADD/ADHD - I truly believe there is a genetic link there.

jayabee52 2011-08-20 17:10:09 -0500 Report

I agree. My #1 son is very much like me, although hasn't been Dx'd yet.

I struggled in school too, but it was mainly because my mind was jumping all over the place or I was looking out the window daydreaming. I graduated from HS and then went to work for 3 years and was OK. But then a topic of study grabbed my attention and I went back to college and then on to grad school, and I ended up with a masters degree. When I am interested in a subject I can hyperfocus, which got me through college and grad school. My ADHD for me is not manifested in physical hyperactivity, but mental hyperactivity. My mind seems to be jumping around a lot of the time, unless I am hyperfocusing. Then it takes an A-bomb going off under me to break it.

My #2 son doesn't seem to have that problem/blessing, and my #3 son, the jury is still out on him.

Are you on the ADHD sister site? If not you might like it.

Richknowbody 2011-08-19 09:54:01 -0500 Report

Hiking, hunting (got a pig this year), photography, travel. We take a nice drive for about a week each year. Went to Seattle this year.
Cooking, baking bread, and making new bread recipes.

GabbyPA 2011-08-22 06:27:11 -0500 Report

You hit it on the head for me too! I love to travel and hike. Camping and photography. I think we are twins.

I have not hunted yet, but am eager to try. I have been practicing at the range. I'm not to bad of a shot, even if I do say so myself. We go about once a week. Now I just have to get used to my husbands bigger rounds.

I love to cook as well and your canning discussion has lead me to doing more of my convenience foods for myself.

Richknowbody 2011-09-04 12:31:30 -0500 Report

Funny, every time I see your profile picture, I think about my sister. You look just like her.
Hunting is fun, but I only hunt pig. I have gotten deer in the past, but they really are pretty. I could do bobcat, but why? Just to have a pelt. They aren't hurting any one. I do metal detecting also.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-08-19 11:14:24 -0500 Report

I know there are wild pigs around where my Daddy was from in Wahalla, SC and a neighbor of mine said we have a herd (?) of about 8 pigs in our area. have not seen any yet.

alanbossman 2011-08-19 08:51:08 -0500 Report

I enjoy playing softball in 2 leagues tending my garden and watching my granddaughter and playing with her. And when she gets older I will teach her how to fish.

nzingha 2011-08-19 06:05:46 -0500 Report

Oh I have a very active and productive life still…part of my fun is my excercise pgm.. I walk on a very big property that I have the privilidge to work on and there r fruit trees planted all over, so i stop and raid the tress for my fruits . I swin 3 mornings a week with a friend, I go to movies, plays and lots of functions .. I make everything I do once I am outside of my house..fun! Sometimes I even look forward to what I will be cooking up for dinner .. and now my son eats what I eat and he's looking so fine.. all the girls r chasing him cause he is a big structure boy…!

nzingha 2011-08-19 06:06:56 -0500 Report

oh I forgot..I bought myself a kindle and am still learning to use it and since reading is one of the things I enjoy..thats an addition..

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-08-19 09:08:53 -0500 Report

Guess I will have to Google "kindle"

GabbyPA 2011-08-22 06:29:02 -0500 Report

LOL, I hear you on that. A Kindle is an electronic book. It is a pad that can hold hundreds of titles in it, and you no longer need a library. I am not fond of that. I still mark and underline, and dog ear my books...hard to do with a Kindle.

Nonna2Three 2011-08-18 22:35:05 -0500 Report

Paper crafts - I color stamped images and make handmade cards for Operation Write Home - a group that collects handmade cards to send to deployed troops for them to use to write home to their loved ones. Some of my work is in my photos here on DC.

Diaschm 2011-08-18 19:19:17 -0500 Report


jladytiger1979 2011-08-18 19:06:14 -0500 Report

I also love photography. I miss hiking. (Used to live in the mountains & I loved photographing waterfalls.) I walk on the beach when the sand flies don't try to eat me up. I know they are trying to help and suck the sugar out if my blood but they are aweful painful!! I have a favorite trail that hours through one of the swamps here that's nice. I do that one every day. I love cooking. I also love to knit & crochet. I make lap blankets and donate them to nursing homes & VAs. Makes me feel awesome!! I have 2 rotten kitty cats. I love messing in my flower beds. I like fossil collecting so when I get a chance I run out of town & hunt to adds to my collection. Adding I LOVE to travel & explore new places even if its only an hour away!! Always looking for that next awesome score!! I like shopping when I am treating myself for meeting a goal. I love new Piggy polishes to add to my collection. I like drawing, sketching & painting. I love waking up healthy every day now!!! That makes me very happy!!

kaveolook78 2011-08-18 19:02:04 -0500 Report

That's the same way with me, I enjoy fishing season, bear watching, star gazing and spoiling my grand babies. Talking to my family, listening to the elders stories of long ago. In like going to movies when I go to the cities. If I can I would eat a lot of Thai food.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-08-18 22:15:01 -0500 Report

I enjoy star gazing. But I have a bear phobia. Used to like seeing them in the zoo (I am a city person). The first year when I went backpacking for a week at Philmont (the BSA camp in New Mexico) a few Rangers decided to "scare the girls." They waited until we were just getting settled in our sleeping bags to pretend they were bears. They did pretty good, grunting and growling and knocking stuff all over our campsite. They even slashed at our tents. The rest of the week and the next two times I was thee for backpacking I was hardly able to sleep. A few times I even woke up a night at home in the Denver Metro suburbs and thought I heard a bear. It would take me a little while to calm down and remember it was only my Dad snoring.

jladytiger1979 2011-08-18 19:17:13 -0500 Report

Love fishing. Used to fish ever weekend but I was having some weird sun allergy so I only go a few times a year now!! Nothing better than sitting on the pier listening to the sound of the ocean & watching the sun rise…

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