Sugar cravings

By CassandraG Latest Reply 2011-08-30 14:21:06 -0500
Started 2011-08-17 06:34:25 -0500

I am finding this a pain in the backside. I ate dinner around 6pm, and took my meds right after that. An hour later I checked my sugar and it was 164 so doing good for after a meal. I checked my sugar because I was full but was craving something sweet. In my case it seems that when I am having cravings either I am having a high spike or going to nose dive to a low. I have started to remove carbs from my diet and sticking to the plan of 15 carbs = 1. So I have 3 breakfast, 3 lunch, 3 dinner and 1 snack. I am also cutting meat back to very low fat, less processed, and 6-8 oz a day. For instance last night was tacos. I cooked the 93/7 hamburger, made a salad of shredded lettuce and red cabbage, tomatoes, and shredded carrots and I cooked low fat re-fried beans. I ate two tacos and was full as a tick but I was still craving something else, something sweet. Any ideas on how to help the cravings when you are too fill to really eat anything?

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MrsCDogg 2011-08-24 04:35:06 -0500 Report

I have found that if I am having a really bad sweet craving that something that is pretty high in fat will also take care of it. Also a cup of decaf coffee with Splenda and REAL cream will do the trick for me as well. I don't crave sweets as much as I used to though…I guess things change when you get older.

kitkat1955 2011-08-17 10:32:51 -0500 Report

How about a small cup of SF jello? I get it in ready made plastic cups at WalMart. Super inexpensive (approx. $2.50 for a whole tray) - or you can make your own. One small box makes several small Ziploc cups to keep in the 'frig. It's not really enough to satisfy your hunger, but if you aren't actually hungry, just need a little something sweet, this might do the trick.