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Since I was diagnosed type 2 diabetic in 2001 I've had pretty good control of my sugar levels. But right before Thanksgiving last year my BS's went way out of control. My highest level before was around 210, but now the highest level I've gotten up to was 450. My endo doc kept raising my insulin levels with no change. He finally put me in the hospital on an insulin drip for 2 days. By doing that he finally was able to track what my sugar levels were doing throughout the day. He found out that when I would eat (no matter what it was) my sugar levels would spike and then in between meals my sugar levels would drop quickly. He also found out why my levels were not affected by the high insulin levels. He said that when I give myself my insulin the enzymes in my skin was eating up the insulin before it really got into my system. So after all of that my doc is trying to get me an insulin pump. The trouble with that is I have medicare and medicaid for insurances and it is very hard to get coverage for the pump. The first company we tried told us that they didn't have a contract with medicare & medicaid in my state. So we are now trying a new company. I'm still waiting for a reply. I was wondering if anyone else had a similar expierence and/or might have expierence with using an insulin pump?

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