Glycemic Index (GI) as it relates to Diabetes

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My husband was diagnosed with Type II diabetes last week. I have been doing some research & ran across something that said that following the GI format for eating, testing, etc. was better than paying attention to your carb intake. Does anyone know if this is correct information & if so why? Almost everything I have seen deals with carbs, fat & sodium.

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Richknowbody 2011-08-17 08:51:46 -0500 Report

When I go to buy food, I keep in mind the Glycemic Index,
When I decide on the amount of insulin I am going to need, I count carbs.
When I made my pumpernickel bread recipe, I studied the Glycemic index to determine the ingredients.
This is how I use it.
Keep in mind I am a general contractor not a person that knows anything about medicine, except now I am diabetic, so forced to be interested in the subject.

jayabee52 2011-08-16 10:49:20 -0500 Report

Howdy Marylynne
I use the glycemic index as a rough gestimate of what a food will do to my BG readings.

However each Person with Diabetes' (PWDs') response to something consumed is different. I use the GI as a starting point, but then I use my glucometer to tell whether a food/drink plays nice with my metabolism or not.

I do control my BG numbers without meds by eating a low carb high protein meal plan of my own devising. I do pretty good keeping my BG numbers in or close to the "normal" ranges.

I pray this is helpful in regulating Jim's BG levels


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