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A little over a month ago we were told by our landlord to leave. We haven't really been able to pay rent for quite some time. He really has been quite patient with us and for that I am thankful. We have been looking for a place but not having any luck. I felt that the only remaining solution was to ask my dad if we could stay at his place. He and my step-mom spend time between both his place and her place. I was thinking that MAYBE he would but didn't know. So I asked him today and just totally did not expect his answer. He won't let us stay there because of our dog. I completely understand! Dogs make messes even when you take care of them and keep the hair cleaned up. What he is going to do to help us is to give us the money to pay off the landlord and we will have enough left to be able to find a place and get a fresh start. I am still nervous about finding a new place but I think we will be ok!
I appreciate the prayers from everyone. It does my heart good to know there are so many people who care. I want you all to know that I care about all of you as well. God bless you!

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margokittycat 2011-08-15 21:37:16 -0500 Report

Sounds like your dad is a very caring dad and loves you very much. Congrats on getting his help and good luck with the house hunt. GOD WILL PROVIDE.

realsis77 2011-08-15 16:03:23 -0500 Report

Hi a few months ago my landlord defaulted on his home loan and did not tell us. Well, the property sold and we were told to get out aafter 8 years of living there! I was so afraid but put it in Gods hands and things will work out for the best for you! Now we own our own home! I never thought we could do it but with Gods help we did! Its amazing what God can do when you give the situation to him! I wish you the very best and you will see that sometimes things work out for the better. I pray you find this to be true and soon find a place you like that will accept your pets! God bless you

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