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Started 2011-08-12 17:33:52 -0500

Just wanted to say I hope everybody is well today and that you all have a great weekend. It is Saturday morning 8.30am over here in Tasmania, Australia. I cant get used to all the time differences, when I am about to have lunch you are going to bed, or some are just getting up. I am trying to send you all some of our cooler weather that we are having over here we are having temperatures in the 9-15 degree celcius range( dont know what that is in farenheit. Take care.

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peewee0618 2011-08-14 17:54:36 -0500 Report

Havinbg a wonderful weekend here in Capitol Heights, MD. Went and checked on my mom and my nephew brought her some dinner.

Marytea 2011-08-13 15:07:14 -0500 Report

Doing great here is Southern California. Hope you are too. Warm here today, but nice. I am picking up food donations for our food pantry. I enjoy that task.

jayabee52 2011-08-13 01:48:48 -0500 Report

1145 PM Fri Pacific Daylight time. Narelle enjoy what's left oy your weekend. Just starting ours here. Not much doin for me. Staying out of the hot!

Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2011-08-12 19:14:26 -0500 Report

Hi! I live in Indiana about 2 hrs. from the capital Indianapolis. It's 8:10 PM and it's still light outside. It gets dark around 9:00 PM in the summer. My grandkids go back to school next tuesday. The weather was pretty nice today. Have a family reunion tommorrow on Sat. It's supposed to rain. Doesn't it figure, it hasn't rained in a long time but you have plans for an outdoor event and it rains. Oh well , at least we have a shelter!!!

klymonmit44 2011-08-12 19:31:54 -0500 Report

Hello Teresa. I kno we better enjoy this day light savings time while its still here. & as far as the wheather gose, the rain is soooo over due, we need it right about now. Just too bad if it dose rain on your family reunoin day. But in all have a blessed weeekend:-)

AuntieM234 2011-08-12 18:48:32 -0500 Report

Hey there friend! I hope all is well with you! Its 96 degrees here in sunny central California USA. ;-) Mara

RAYT721 2011-08-12 18:22:14 -0500 Report

15 C = 59 F.

Thank you for the greetings. I wish you could tell me what tonight's lottery numbers will be. :)

I just LOVE communicating with people from around the globe and really enjoy hearing from you publicly and privately. You are such a sweetie! Thanks for being part of our family/community.