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I'm new on this site, I am from a VERY REMOTE village of northern Alaska, I was diagnosed back in October. I cried like a baby cause its HARD to get foods shipped in to our community being we don' have a road system so we have times when we don't get the right amount of fresh produce shipped in , and when we do the cost of living is VERY HIGH. SO I had to MAKE MYSELF EAT as best as I could 5 small meals a day, half an apple/bananna a lot of fish and chiken breast. It is was very hard the first few months and can get frustrating living in a VERY REMOTE place food gets boring cause we don't have the BIG grocery stores. I TRY VERY HARD BUT…you can't let it beat you STRONG is the word. BE STRONG ITS LIKE GOING COLD TRUKEY WITH FOODS WE LOVED A LONG TIME. Thank God I have friends who help me out. also I have to be THE STRONG ONE. It always have to come down to ourself to beat this.

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scuffy69 2013-01-24 16:29:56 -0600 Report

wish you all the luck I know how hard it is when we have all the foods at our fingertips Being strong is sometimes hard to do

berrykins0 2011-08-17 15:30:13 -0500 Report

your right about being strong like having hard giving things up that are not good for you but it well worth it. if makes our health problems inprove.i gave up alot things to be healthier. well worth it.well look at it this way at least you can get fish and chicken which are healthy things to eat. i know that get sick of eating them but at least you can get them.i wish you had walart it's a awesome grocery store. it's one of our cheapest ones we have in the area i live in.sorry to hear it's hard to fresh produce in your area.

kaveolook78 2011-08-19 22:48:18 -0500 Report

it sure would help out. BUT…we are able to order from WAL MART C.O.D. which helps a bunch but Id rather be at the store picking out the things myself. BUT fresh produce are hard to come by here in my TINY town. I LOVE FISH…folks are catching them with nets for our long winters we have here.

robertoj 2011-08-16 19:23:01 -0500 Report

To me being strong is bi product of many different factors. Accepting is where it all starts. Some things we did were factors in this disease; guilt is useless, change is necessary. Educate yourself as much as possible, make sure your doctor is knowledgeable and answers all your question. Take their advice and make decisions with your doctor. Gently educate your friends and family so you can avoid difficult situations. Build a strong support system and if you have bad days or good ideas please share them with us. Welcome to the DC community :D

mellowayne 2011-08-16 02:33:06 -0500 Report

I'm new to this site too. Keep those friends you have close at heart, they'll make the difference if they're behind you! Also keep in mind that you only have to watch your diet a day at a time. Don't project too far into the future, and make excuses to treat yourself occasionally. Good Luck, maybe you should learn to drink a little more water too, as a filler.

kaveolook78 2011-08-17 15:28:54 -0500 Report

LOL, hear that all the time about drinking water, I know I got to get back into drinking water thanks;) projecting the future Is Gods work we never know whats going to happen day by day. I'm doing with what I have with friends and family herebto help.

Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2011-08-16 00:20:06 -0500 Report

I would love to help you by just being a friend and caring. I love all people and I am happy that you found this site. It's nice to hear that you have friends that support you. Does anyone else in your family or friends have diabetes?

kaveolook78 2011-08-19 22:50:32 -0500 Report

My father did my sister has type 1 I have GOT to quit eating bad things I've been bad all summer. So glad school started I can get busy again with working out. I coach co/ed volleyball middle school/high school. our school is very,very,very small. Great kids.

nanaellen 2011-08-13 15:10:05 -0500 Report

Hey can you send some of that strength my way???? Sure could use it about now!!!

kaveolook78 2011-08-17 14:35:23 -0500 Report

NEVER SAY YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING! I grew up with STRONG women in my life its just a mind set thing. and PRAY reading the bible helps "IF" you are into that. I also grew up with religion on both side of my parents. Helps :) Good luck and NEVER say you are not able to do things its hard but…you ALONE have to make the decision for your self. :) good luck and God Bless

robertoj 2011-08-13 02:16:07 -0500 Report

Strong is good; over doing it is not. Remember that it is your life and you should enjoy it. Have you tried the recipes on this site? Low carb doesn't have to be boring. Don't forget to give yourself a pat on your back for all you have accomplished so far. Good luck you sound like you are off to a good start.

kaveolook78 2011-08-19 22:52:44 -0500 Report

you know I REALLY DON'T CARE FOR THAT BROWN RICE. I made myself eat that, I LOVE THE WHITE RICE I know its NOT good for me. I told my daughter I should just become a veggie person. People here harvest caribou,dall sheep,sea mammels,fish. GREAT food:) I want some caribou soup.

kaveolook78 2011-08-17 14:37:10 -0500 Report

alot of recipes I WOULD have to order the ingredients to make it worth while. My native foods are simple. I been ordering thing for recipies. I don't really care for spices ONLY certain foods. :)

jayabee52 2011-08-13 01:56:40 -0500 Report

Really Kaveolook, you don't have to have special foods shipped in. You can AVOID the high carbohydrate foods and eat basicly lo carb & high protein menu. I have gotten my diabetes under control by eating a that way without the use of diabetes meds. You may not be able to do that without meds, but you can keep your Blood glucose readings low by eating such a menu plan.

If you want more info, ask and I'd be happy to share my plan with you without cost or obligation. (I'm not a salesman)

Blessings to you and yours


kaveolook78 2011-08-17 14:32:55 -0500 Report

I ate bunch of chiken breast, a lot of fish we are subsistance hunters this way we eat fresh Game like Caribou,Dull sheep,seals,whale,fish in our diet. YUM! I am taking meds, get blood work done every 3 months. and do that sugar level check at home. I have support here in my school which is great. I just have to get off my lazy butt and start working out which will be in a week or so soon after school starts up which is in couple days. I work out with my Volleyball team each season. I just HAVE to get back in the routien again. I WILL control it. I have to. thanks , so what kind of plan do you have?

jayabee52 2011-08-17 15:15:59 -0500 Report

My eating plan is rather what I have pieced together on my own. I don't follow a plan like south beach or Atkins. I eat what my meter says I can have.

My breakfast is 2 eggs, generally hard boiled, but I will have a couple pan fried from time to time. I then usually eat a SMALL clementine orange and will have a 1 c metamucil drink for fiber.

Lunch is generally a chicken breast, grilled on a George Foreman style grill. ( I have no place where I live for a grill which uses flames to cook, but would if I could ) I have a serving of low starch vegetables see for a good list of these.

I also eat a small amount of fruit, usually 4 strawberries or 6-8 blueberries or rasberries.

For dinner/supper/evening meal I will grill a lower fat hamburger pattie or microwave a serving size of meatballs. More low starch veggies, and another small serving of fruit. I also add another metamucil fiber drink in the evening,

For a drink I drink water.

I would use nuts for snacks, but unfortunately I am a kidney patient and I must avoid nuts.

I am looking on adding turkey breast and fish to my rotation of foods, but haven't gotten that far yet.

I have been on this eating plan since Feb 2011. I have kept my BG numbers close to the "normal" range. My May 2011 A1c was 5.5, and I've lost about 50 lbs since I started this eating plan.

I pray this is helpful to you!


grandmaducky 2011-08-12 19:09:00 -0500 Report

can you order low carb stuff on internet?

kaveolook78 2011-08-17 14:38:47 -0500 Report

folks here usually order from places like Fred Meyers,Wal Mart for foods. fresh things in the winter time is VERY iffy to make it to the person in good shape. VERY DIFFERENT LIVING HERE in the North slope of Alaska. :)

jeffrey9127 2011-08-12 17:23:09 -0500 Report

You sound strong enough to handle Diabetes and not let it get you down. Good for you! Good luck to you, and I wish you well.

kaveolook78 2011-08-17 15:24:20 -0500 Report

A lot of prayers and reading and believing in the words from the Bible. Family and friends are good to be there for you. Thank you Jeff I am not perfect I'm still working on myself. It can be a struggle sometime but…we all can get better. Good luck too

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