my diabetes

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Started 2011-08-12 10:14:28 -0500

im going to neeed help paying for all my meds.

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margokittycat 2011-08-14 22:23:43 -0500 Report

What type of meds do you take? Do you have a meter and if so what kind? I have some information for places and can pass it on if it is for the right kids of medications.

1lady4 2011-08-14 22:28:54 -0500 Report

I take insulin & I use the Cozmo Pump with a meter that comes with it

margokittycat 2011-08-15 03:08:34 -0500 Report

What type of insulin do you use? If you look on one of your boxes all of them have 800 #'s and some have web addresses I would call or go online and see if they hae a patient assist program. I know Lilly does and theirs is very good. I use to get my insulin thru them every three months I would get a voucher for my insulin and now they send it to the doctors office.

nanaellen 2011-08-12 15:22:58 -0500 Report

You can try the manufacturer of any meds. alot of them have patient assistants programs. If not go to your local church's or hospitals and inquire there. Good luck!

anderson74 2011-08-12 13:08:48 -0500 Report

hello, i do not know for sure but if im not mistaking there is programs that if you have medicare or medicad will help you with things like that.

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