I think theire should be a channel on TV for Diabetics

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Started 2011-08-11 21:24:00 -0500

Anyone agree with me?

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Kisha J
Kisha J 2011-08-16 05:23:54 -0500 Report

It would be great to have a reality show about life as a diabetic and coping skills.

Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2011-08-15 02:16:36 -0500 Report

I think that DC should have DC members put videos on of themselves making their favorite diabetic recipes. Maybe even have a contest for the best video & recipe. Another video that would be good is a day in the life of a diabetic. Show what life is like for a diabetic as they go through their day.
The DC site is awesome and I am blessed to have found it!!!

Anonymous 2011-08-14 22:59:05 -0500 Report

I think Americans watch too much tv.
Rather than sit in front of the tv for hours people (especially those of us with chronic illnesses!) should get up and move around more.

Anonymous 2011-08-16 08:51:31 -0500 Report

Most of us with cronic illness do move around more than you think. Watching a TV Show for an hour is relaxing, it ain't like we are setting on our buts for 12 hours watching TV. I believe you are just anti everything as you seem to have so many comments about this subjuect that are negative.

GabbyPA 2011-08-17 20:35:53 -0500 Report

This little bit of thread seems to be going down a rather bad path. The point of the discussion is to talk about having a show that does focus on diabetes in different ways. Not to criticize.

Point: I think it would be great to have some FUN positioned around diabetes that was not about cooking or sugar control. We have a rounded life and seeing diabetes as just part of our lives, for the good, bad or the outrageous, would be fun. I might not want a whole channel about it, but at least a few more shows to pick from. But then, would we want a cancer channel or a cleft palate channel? Hmmmm, something to think about.

Point: Most (not all) Americans watch an average of 4 hours of TV a day (or more). And yes, sitting at the computer qualifies. Every hour we watch according to a study released today cuts 20 minutes off our lives. Exercise on the other hand can add 3 years to our life with just 15 minutes a day. (how they come to conclusion that without making us live forever, I am not sure. But you know how studies go.)

Point: Diabetes is, at this time in our lives, not curable. That makes it a chronic illness. That doesn't mean that we are debilitated by it, it just means that we will deal with it the rest of our lives or until a cure is found.

Anonymous 2011-08-16 09:03:12 -0500 Report

My tv comment is the only one I made about this subject.
How much exactly do I think people with chronic illnesses move? Please don't make uninformed comments about what I do and don't think. I stand by my original statement that people should get up and move around rather than sit in front of the tv (or computer!!!) for hours. Toward that end I'm off to do some yoga and then go for a walk. I hope you chose to do something good for your body today!

margokittycat 2011-08-16 11:11:04 -0500 Report

Sound to me like you are stero typing all diabetics in your comment. Diabetes is not a cronic illness, when you do what you are to do to take care of it. I take offense to your post, as a full time worker, grandmother and mother of two children who are still in the home. we run a trucking business and I drive truck some of the time when my husband or son are sick and we load grain and live stock and we do not make our customers do any of the loading, thats why they hire us. We farm and raise livestock as well so besides my full time job and kids, I also round up cattle give shots and ear tag them. Our daughter shows cattle for 4-H and that is also a lot of hard work and exercise.

keek 2011-08-16 12:11:57 -0500 Report

"A chronic disease is a disease or other human health condition that is persistent or long-lasting in nature."
I think, by definition, diabetes IS a chronic disease (or illness as anonymous worded it). I am Type 1 and have been diabetic for 16 years, which I consider to be long lasting (that is more than 1/2 my life!!!!).
Margokitty- you sound like you do a great job of managing your diabetes, keep up the good work!
Also, I think Anonymous was really stereotyping Americans, not diabetics. I don't know where you live, but I am from the USA and we are one of the most inactive, over weight nations in the world. I like to exercise and do on a regular basis, but I do agree that as a whole, people in this country need to move more and my students — I teach 6th grade— definitely watch WAY too much tv!

margokittycat 2011-08-16 15:44:01 -0500 Report

Keek , I also live in the USA. I do not consider diabetes to be chronic because you can keep it in control if you choose. Diseases I consider to be chronic are those that here are treatments for but treatment does not work and it eventually ends up causing death. Diabetes is a very very controlable disease those if you choos to do what is needed to control it. I also am type 1 for 30 years (that is more than 3/4 of my life). I teach my kids as do our schools systems here in Nebraska to exercise. All kids are required to take P.E., weight training or another type of exercise class from k-12, so we also do what needs to be done. I do agree that a lot of children watch way more TV then they should and should be restricted on how much TV they watch. TV is not going to help them through life getting a good education or going to college and getting a degree so they can get good jobs. My kids get 1 hour of TV a night and that is it. They only get that if their homework is done and chores are done. We as a family walk every night 2 miles. In the winter our school right up he road has a gym and we walk in the gym when there is bad weather or it is too cold outside.

I do understand where you ar coming from and what you are saying about chronic illness and how you define it and now yo know how I define it.

Thanks for the message nice to talk to you.

Anonymous 2011-08-16 09:10:21 -0500 Report

I work out everyday so maybe you should stop making uniformed comments. I bike and swim and walk. I do a lot of errands for my business to and keep very active. I am a girlscout leader, president of our schools PTL on our school board as well so what other comments would y like to make. I have been dealing with these disease for over 3 decades you?

mustangpeg 2011-08-14 11:17:22 -0500 Report

I think they should have a food show that shows Diabetics recipes and how to live life heathy. It would be great information for us and we could all learn to eat better, instead they have shows that are high in calorie and fat and carbs.

Jimslin 2011-08-14 09:56:55 -0500 Report

I think it would help me out a great deal as I am an newly-diagnosed diabetic. I have so much to learn and with my busy life (a full-time job, a home-based sewing business, and family) it would give me somewhere to turn for answers. And besides that, it would HAVE to be better than PAID PROGRAMMING!!!!

nanaellen 2011-08-13 18:19:20 -0500 Report

In my honest opinion THIS site is better than any T.V. show!! I've learned more here on DC then the classes I took OR the support group that I'm in right NOW!!!

jayabee52 2011-08-13 20:50:38 -0500 Report

Totally agree ellen! This fits the way that I learn the best. But not everybody has the same modality of learning.

MrsCDogg 2011-08-13 15:22:52 -0500 Report

There is actually a 30 minute show on CNBC on Sunday nights called Dlife. It's all about diabetes and has all kinds of good info and recipes. I should say it used to be on, I'm not sure if it still is or not.

Auburn Bill
Auburn Bill 2011-08-13 12:45:01 -0500 Report

I think this would be pretty borong to watch, you need to have your local hospital have classes and discussions program for you to visit in the evenings. This would get you out of the house, see and meet others in your condition, have a common bond with these folks, b able to talk there or visit ech other when the Chips are down! Only a suggestion, Grandpa Bill

peewee0618 2011-08-14 17:49:49 -0500 Report

The hospital where my diabetic doctor is has classes, but I have not attended any yet. Working on it though

GabbyPA 2011-08-13 08:48:01 -0500 Report

There is not a channel, but Dlife does a show that comes on in my area on a regular basis. You may want to suggest it to some of the channels like Discovery Health or something.

1lady4 2011-08-13 09:39:57 -0500 Report

I looked on Channel 208 CNBC & it has DLife & it comes on every Sunday 7:30 in the morning

Sidehack 2011-08-12 16:57:05 -0500 Report

Diabetic Entertainment Network…hosted by Wilfred Brimley. Featuring such favorites as "Dialysis Days of Our Lives". "The Young and the Restless Type 1's", game shows such as Diabetic "Jeopardy". I'd like the network to showcase game shows and all the prizes are free diabetic supplies…aaahhhhhh, you might have something there 1lady4.

Anonymous 2011-08-12 15:03:57 -0500 Report

With so many post in such a short time, I guess you are shooting for points. With these points are you going to go to Walmart and trade them in for a new car? Sorry, it just bugs me.

Anonymous 2011-08-14 12:45:46 -0500 Report

Guess you need to come up with a real discussion according to your standards if your lucky you'll get hits and points, but I would not count on it. Small minded people are just that small minded.

Anonymous 2011-08-13 09:27:39 -0500 Report

Car or cart? Cuz last time I was there walmart didnt sell cars. Kittenpurr1 it's bad enuf you start a discussion about this but now your going after this member who started a real discussion. Get over yourself already.

Anonymous 2011-08-14 12:44:00 -0500 Report

This is a serious topic and a good one at that. If it was not good I guess there would not be as many hits. Get over it and get a life.

Anonymous 2011-08-13 19:08:55 -0500 Report

Don't blame kittenpurr for this. I posted this here just because if i posted it on one of the other ones it would contribute to the point collecting. I have no objection to a diabetic tv channel.

Anonymous 2011-08-14 13:12:37 -0500 Report

Obviously you do or you would not being making such a big stick about this. Your comments were very uncalled for and those of it serious on here take offense to it are you a true diabetic or just looking for something to do in your spare time?

Anonymous 2011-08-12 18:48:53 -0500 Report

This reply was uncalled for. This is a serious conversation. I like the idea of a Diabetic Show and what it could mean to 100's of 1000's of us that take the disease very seriously.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-08-12 11:49:48 -0500 Report

First, we would have to get a TV!

Kinn D.
Kinn D. 2011-08-12 12:10:36 -0500 Report

yup. My parents just cancelled our television. We still have the litteral TV's but nothing on them except for our gaming systems.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-08-12 12:31:21 -0500 Report

Ours broke 5 years ago when we moved from Maryland to WV (the breaking had nothing to do with the move) and since we were building a log house, we had little time. Moving into log house this Fall, don't know that I want a TV. My daughter allows her daughter (4) to watch 1 hour a day. Her choice is usually Dora & Diago. I do not really miss it. when I visit my Mom's in NJ, she watches it a lot and I usually keep myself busy on projects. I do watch Jeopardy and WOF, before we play a game of Hand and Foot.

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