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how do u know what sugar is best to use as alot of the un natural sugars are very bad for u . i am in remission from leukemia and very concious of what to use and not to use . its kinda scarey when u start looking at some of the stuff we put into our bodys .

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jayabee52 2011-08-11 14:22:25 -0500 Report

Howdy tenderheart! WELCOME to DC!
I have come to the conclusion that FOR ME the best thing is to avoid all "sugars" of any kind almost completely. I do consume things which contain sugars, but I keep those products at a minimum since I control my Type 2 diabetes without diabetes meds of any kind, solely with my meal plans.

It is amazing what abuse our bodies can take. It is also interesting to note how fragile our bodies can be.

Blessings to you dear heart.


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