Foods I HAVE TO AVOID for My Diabetes!

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Instead of eating cookies, cake and soft drinks-I try to keep handy apples, berries, pears -these carbs have fiber to slow down the absorportion of glucose.
I used to love fruit juices, like orange juice and grape juice-but, I learned juices contain concentrated amounts of fruit sugar causing my bg # to shoot sky high-Now, I drink lots of ice cold water..
I used to snack on raisins or dried apricots, but find it has too many super concentrated natural sugars.
I used to eat white rice-switched to brown rice or wild rice and whole grain breads…try to stay away from white carbs like white bread and pasta.
I used to eat high fat cuts of meat-but now I know they are high in saturated, I eat lean proteins like chicken (skinless) fish, salmon, tuna in water and lean beef.
I used to love fried foods like french fries, etc…now, I know fried foods have too many calories and fats packed inside.
I know if I don't make the right food choices, diabetes will pick up its speed on my body causing me all sorts of complications.
It's like a food fight everyday!!

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healthcoach97 2011-08-09 14:20:03 -0500 Report


You are doing a great job of finding substitutes and making good food choices. I'd be happy to share some recipes with you. You can make very diabetis-friendly foods and not give up on taste.

GabbyPA 2011-08-09 09:14:10 -0500 Report

I agree with Jaybee...Food Fights! they get messy. Maybe if we throw the foods we no longer eat such as corn on the cob, frosted flakes, and spaghetti noodles it would be more fun.

Seriously though, just as MewElla says, we find substitutes. I have found barley to take place of my rice as well as qunioia.
I replaced my cookies and chips with crunchy veggies like celery, carrots and cukes. Those are good with dips on them too.

jayabee52 2011-08-08 13:14:17 -0500 Report


Yes diabetes is a lot of fighting with foods that you used to love, but with which you cannot afford to continue.

(Throws a big 'ol handfull of mashed 'taters [sorry Renee] LoL)

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