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I'm beginning to wonder if mosquitoes seek out sweet people. This year is an exceptional one for me. Usually it's my husband who slaps those suckers not me. I know they have Niles Disease and I'm affraid of them. I use the gadget you hook on your belt when going outside, but one sucker finds a way of getting in and attack me. What do you all think?

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Pynetree 2011-08-18 21:27:44 -0500 Report

It is an interesting question though…are mosquitos attracted to Diabetics? I am a magnet for them ..and they bypass my husband!

Flustrated 2011-08-19 09:33:56 -0500 Report

I thought I was the only one in this situation. Now I'm using Avon mosquitos repellant and it also is a sun block SP30. So far so good.

jayabee52 2011-08-08 13:19:01 -0500 Report

Well, move to Las Vegas, Jan. Not a lot of water here for those pesky 'skeeters to lay their eggs in. Haven't had a skeeter bite for quite a while.

mustangpeg 2011-08-08 10:03:52 -0500 Report

Hi Flustrated,
In 2005 I got West Nile Virus and I am lucky to be alive. I spent 8 days in the hospital and 3 days in ICU. This disease is deadly. It affects your nevous system and swelling of the brain. You just go to sleep and never wake up. The Dr's weren"t sure if i would recover. You lose your sight and can end up in a wheel chair. It took me 6 months to come back or recover and I have a damaged pancreas, produces no insulin, because if the disease. I lived in California at the time and was the first case in that city. Several people died, I think about 59, so be careful and proctect yourself and your loved ones when outside. I never thought it could happen to me but it something you wouldn't wish on anyone. We have horses and every year they get the West Nile vaccine but they don't hae one for humans. Crazy huh?
One of the signs is a dead bird (s) lying around out side. If you see one call your city dept and they can come and remove it and test for West Nile. That happened to me.
So be very afraid of them (mosquitoes). Who would think that a tiny insect could make you deathly ill or even kill you. Please spray yourself every time you are outside.
West Nile Virus is real and deadly.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2011-08-11 22:56:10 -0500 Report

Echo on the West Nile Virus. Both my husband and myself had it and some lasting complications.
As to mosquito bites in general I never have been bit very much. Usually only 3 to 4 per Summer at the most.

Flustrated 2011-08-08 10:45:27 -0500 Report

Thank you so much. I'll be on the lookout for your signs. We live in Illinois and I know they are every where.

cindygal1 2011-08-08 12:34:31 -0500 Report

We live Georgia and they are eveeywhere here, I can't be outside much because of all of my allergs,can't even open my windows we go from heat to air, and heat to air.

cindygal1 2011-08-08 12:31:25 -0500 Report

They now have a repenlent that clips to your clothes for you wear them, check them out. I have send them at Walmart

cindygal1 2011-08-18 21:28:07 -0500 Report

You should be protected from everything. I am so light skinned with blond hair and blue eyes and that is usually the ones that get the allergies and everytihing, I can't stay ithe sun becaue I cooked, and it doesn't turn brown it peals, so I quite trying it. You sound a lot better tonight. Hope that you have a good time. Iwill catch you tomorrow. I was up all night last night, then about a four nap and that has been it. Go hav some fun

cindygal1 2011-08-19 21:41:12 -0500 Report

Well did you get bite by anything today. I wa lazy I slept until 3Pm today, that is unusuall for me. I am usually up early

Flustrated 2011-08-20 16:23:14 -0500 Report

Hi, no bites. Up at 6:15 taking care of dog and getting ready for breakfast. Never slept to even 10 am on the move. Avon must stink.

cindygal1 2011-08-20 21:29:25 -0500 Report

Well at least you didn't get bit by anything. We had our usual thunderstorm. I slpet yester until 3PM. That messed up my whole day.