Maybe I Should Come Off Metformin

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I have been on Metformin since my dx in January. It has really helped a lot. I know this because I have tested both mine and my hubbies, who was told that he is pre-diabetic, BG post meal when we ate nearly bite-for-bite an identical meal. My number would be so good and his would be slightly elevated. We joked about it since I was diagnosed T2 and he was only diagnosed pre-diabetic. The difference is I take 1000mg Metformin every day and he takes none.

Now I find I have numbers that seem a bit too low for what I ate. Two good examples are Friday night and today. Friday night I participated in a facebook event for a Diabetic Ice-Cream Social. For the first time since my dx I ate the full-of-sugar variety of ice cream rather than my newly adopted lite or lower carb offering. I tested 1.5 hour postprandial and was BG89. I re-tested using my back-up meter and was still BG89. I found that so odd considering I had consumed a serving of what is basically sugar.

Today I expected to have to pay for lunch by eating a pared down basic salad because lunch today held two starches. I have been trying to keep starches limited to one per meal and even then eating only a half cup serving. Today for lunch we had hamburger steak with gravy and we needed potatoes or rice. We also had green beans and I would have made glazed carrots for the second vegetable but today hubby wanted corn rather than carrots. Since he has been so good to help with so many changes in our diets these last few months I figure I can give him corn and just make up the difference with supper.

But again, I tested 1.5 hour postprandial and was BG89. I also repeated my test using my back-up meter and still came up BG89. I tested Hubby Dear and he was BG146.

So, how does one know if it is time to come off the Metformin? If meals that should have impacted my BG more are not is it because of the Metformin or is it possible my body is responding better to carbs because of months of diligence in my new lifestyle?

And, as a footnote - I have commented on another thread regarding severe hair loss that I believe to be attributed to the Metformin, so if my body is being better behaved then coming off Metformin would have an added bonus.

Anyone else been taken off Metformin? And if so, how was it determined that it was the right time to come off it?

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jayabee52 2011-08-08 01:13:52 -0500 Report

Congratulations on doing so well! If you have signifigant lows, Nonna, I would suggest that you talk to your Dr about backing off the doseage. The numbers you mentioned are NOT low, but are quite easily in the "normal" range. But talk with the Dr about it before you unilaterally do anything like that.

Yes I have been taken off Met. I was taken off Met and put on NPH insulin in the ER when I was there when my kidneys shut down due to an infection. Nothing was said about the cause of the switch, but later I found out that Met had been implicated in causing kidney problems. I had to go on dialysis for life (so I thought at the time) but 10 months later I could discontinue dialysis (Kidney Dr said so). Now about 6 yrs later my kidneys need help again and I will be going on dialysis soon.

Blessings to you and yours


George1947 2011-08-08 00:06:57 -0500 Report

The icecream has fat and protein in it, so the sugar may have hit later than you tested. Remember that when you eat combinaton foods you may have to recalculate your peak time. I think if the meformin is working then stay with it. I've been taking it since 1998 and haven't noticed any hair loss I can attribute to the metformin. I have lost some hair since being diagnosed with thyroid cancer and going through treatment for that… but my beard is still full! :)

Marytea 2011-08-07 18:19:21 -0500 Report

Always ask your doctor before taking yourself off any med they have prescribed. No one wants to be on meds forever and with numbers like yours I doubt you will be. Just pass it by your doctor, please. I want you safe and happy. LOL.