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does anyone have any idea if a type 2 can spill keytones /becouse sometimes when my sugars get high my urine smells really sweet.

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MEGriff1950 2011-09-21 16:11:09 -0500 Report

Good question today Denatrout, I just talked about this with an RN at my drs. office about that today. She said if a type 2 has very high bg #'s they can and do. She said that you can get test strips at pharmacies to check. She said that I should not have any problems.

margokittycat 2011-09-20 21:39:53 -0500 Report

Anyone not just diabetics can spill keytones. If I were you I would call you doctor and at least let them know that you are spilling them.

GabbyPA 2011-08-07 08:31:48 -0500 Report

Yes, anyone can actually do this. We can test with kits from the drugstore and keep an eye on it if you are thinking there may be a reason for concern. Share that with your doctor as well, as he may suggest some changes in your diet or exercise.

jayabee52 2011-08-06 14:42:34 -0500 Report

The "really sweet" smell may not signify ketones in urine, but if you are concerned about that they do sell ketone test strips in the diabetes care sections of most pharmacies. You need to follow the directions on the box or bottle, which usually involves urinating on a strip or dipping a strip in a container of your fresh urine.

I pray you can get your BG readings under control so you don't have to worry about it.


EDIT: Years earlier in my struggle with diabetes I deliberately let my BG numbers go high so I could have ketoacidosis. I had heard that it was a good way to lose weight (being newly divorced I wanted a quick and easy weight loss method) And I did lose weight without a lot of problem! (I think there is a term for doing that sounding something like anorexia) I was deliberately putting myself in DKA! Back then I didn't know how extremely dangerous that was! (DON'T try this at home Kiddies!) If I had checked I'm certain I would have been spilling ketones into my urine, but I didn't know better. Didn't know how utterly dangerous that was. I just thank the Lord above that I didn't go critical and die from it.

harry1 2011-08-06 12:29:28 -0500 Report

Yes you can have ketones in your urine. I'm type 2 and my endo told me to check once a day since last A1C was 13.4 if i have a postive test i have to check everytime i go after 2 days of postive tests she has me go to her office and she does blood and urine tests.

prowsepap 2011-08-06 11:01:00 -0500 Report

Here is something I copied from another webpage:

Urine does not smell very strong, but has a slightly "nutty" odor. Some diseases cause a change in the odor of urine. For example, an infection with E. coli bacteria can cause a bad odor, while diabetes or starvation can cause a sweet, fruity odor.

I would suggest you question your doctor about it if it concerns you.

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