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Hi all I have had a sore throat and a stuff nose for about a week. Yesterday I began coughing a lot. This morning I am sick in bed with a cough that hurts really bad when I cough. Took my Insulin this morning and my two actos pills. My appetite is not good today. I have tried eating soup with crackers but I manage somehow to spill it all over my arm.(now painful) I have been drinking hot tea with lemon and honey. Just wondering if drinking tea with the lemon and honey is good for colds? Should I be concerned about this and not take my Insulin until cold is over or continue to take it? Going to t he dr is out of the question because I go to the county clinic.. Here's hoping that everyone is having a great day.

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anderson74 2011-08-08 16:25:49 -0500 Report

hi , i run across your discusion about how you was feeling and i just wonted you to know you was not the only one with a sore throat, stuff nose i had chills with mine along with feeling jittery my appetite i have gain back thanks to the honey lemon tea, alka-seltzer plus but it have left me with a dry cough. enough bout me i just what you to know that i hope you feel better soon

runthe 2011-08-06 09:27:33 -0500 Report

Thanks all, I woke up this morning feeling worse than I did yesterday. Now I have a fever to go along with this cold. I am about to try and get to walgreens and pick up some cold medicine. Just want to thank you all for the good advice. Here's hoping that everyone have a great day.

edvel54 2011-08-05 16:06:13 -0500 Report

Sorry to hear that you are sick Hope you feel better soon.
Keep taking your insulin and your pills.
Tea is good for you keep drinking it.
They do make a decongestant for will do wonders for you.
Also if you are not drinking your tea, drink like warm water. Cold water will congest you more and don't get dehydrated That is really important.

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Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-08-05 15:46:26 -0500 Report

I remember my Grandmother's "cure". It was chicken soup (of course, homemade) followed by a hot toddy! 1/4 cup (2 oz) of whiskey, and 6 oz of lemonade or Orange Juice, she would warm this on the stove. I use the microwave and make a diabetic friendly hot toddy. 1/4 cup of whiskey, Real Lemon with Stevia and heat in the microwave. I told this to a friend once and saw him a few weeks later and asked him how he was doing. "Good" he replied. "Did Grandmom's potion work?"
"Yep. Made it like you said and drank one every half hour. After about 3 hours, I didn't care if I had a cold or not!" :)

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-08-05 15:38:36 -0500 Report

Hey girl. hope you are feeling better soon. The idea behind hot (not super hot) liquids is that it helps to get blood flow to the area. The idea is that it helps the blood to get through the swellings caused by the germs and it helps carry away the germs and helps you to heal. Chicken soup is good for the soul. there might be some special properties in CS, but the warm broth is what helps. Same with the tea. all you can do with a cold is wait it out. Now if it gets down into your chest, you need to see the doctor (your flem will have darkness in it rather than being a light yellow/green). Under normal circumstances the cold will depart in 2 weeks. I find the honey in the tea to be soothing and I don't worry about my BG #'s when I am feeling lousy. Continue with your Insulin and watch your BG #'s. You may find a decongestant helps to relieve some of the symptoms, but OTC meds can screw with your BG #'s as well. When selecting an OTC product, buy according to your symptoms. So you have a sore throat, stuff nose, and cough, buy accordingly. Sounds like sinusitis. A real PITA (or should I say pain in the head) any time of the year. Hot and/or cold compresses may also help. The last time I took an empty Coke bottle, filled it with water and froze it. I use that behind my neck. On my face I had a wet rag with the heating pad set on low. BE CAREFUL of hot stuff on your face as it can burn.
Hope some of this helps. Feel better soon, Jim

grandmaducky 2011-08-05 14:10:37 -0500 Report

tea is good but i am not sure about honey depends on how high bg is would be my guess what i real wanted to say i am sorry your sick take care of yourself get well soon thinking of you I would hug u but i don't want to get sick (hope to make u smile)

granniesophie 2011-08-05 14:10:06 -0500 Report

Tea with honey and lemon is good for a cold-its very soothing for your throat. Putting brandy in it is even better :)
Soup and crackers are also good, especially chicken soup-it will clear your sinuses. If you are taking your meds still, you should be eating something to let the meds work on.
As long as its just a cold and doesn't morph into a sinus infection or something else, it should go away and bother someone else in around a week, whether you treat it or not!
They do make some diabetic cold meds-I've seen 'em in the diabetes section of my Frys store, and maybe a drugstore near you would have something to help too, If you feel well enough to creep out, you could ask the pharmacy person and maybe they could help.
I do hope you feel better soon-hang in there, and eventually your cold will move on to someone else and leave you alone.