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I have severely dry and flaky skin and would like to know what others' have to say.

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RebDee 2014-10-12 13:49:28 -0500 Report

I just heard about two items that are supposed to help Diabetics with skin problems, and especially for your face: hydroxatone and Bellaplex. Haven't used either one yet so I thought I might ask all of you if you had heard of these products and if they work, before I go buy them.

AuntieBear 2011-09-18 03:55:50 -0500 Report

Almost everything I get comes form places like Wal-Mart or Family Dollar because I am on a fixed income and have to bargain shop for pretty stinkin near everything I buy. The only thing I don't get from WallyWorld or Fam. Doll is the last one (Foot Miracle).

Ok here is what is in my arsenal at the moment.

Suave Natural Oatmeal Body Lotion (comforts dry irritated skin according to the label) which helps keep my skin from drying out. This is the 18 ounce size and was about $3 or $4 bucks.

Curel Itch Defense Skin Balancing Moisture Lotion For Dry Itchy Skin because I have a tendency to itch alot from allergies and anxiety. This really does help soothe my itching which surprised me because most of the time cortisone and calmine lotion will not even phase the itch. This is the 13 ounce size and was about $5.

Vaseline Heatlthy Hand and Nail Conditioning Hand Lotion With Keratin and Vitamin E I love putting this on my hands because it rubs in really well without leaving my hands feeling greasy liike some lotions can do. This is 3.1 fluid ounces (purse size) and I paid less than $3 for it.

Banana Boat Protective Tanning Oil SPF 12 this really keeps the moisture in because the oil creates a barrier that prevents moisture from leaving the skin. This comes in a 8 ounce spray bottle and is about $7 or $8 bucks at Wallyworld, but I was able to find it for $2.99 at Big Lots.

And finally, Foot Mirale Theraputic Cream Practitioner Strength. Foot Miracle is really good for people who get alot of heel calluses and fissures on the soles of their feet. I got this from my podiatrist back when my insurance covered podiatry chek-ups for diabetics. It was what I consider to be pricey. It was $10 for a 6 ounce tube. The thing about Foot Miracle is it comes in 2 different strengths. You can get the regualr stuff in the Dr. Leonard's catalog (can't remember the price) or you can get the Practitioner Strength from a podiatrist/dermatologist office. I reccomend the Practitioner Strength as it works more effectively.

Now the one thing my podiatrist did tell me, was this: "It does not matter where the dry skin is, you have to constantly moisturize it. Especially if you are a diabetic or have some sort of skin condition. So buy moisturizer and use it!" He told me this on almost every visit so I can pretty much quote him perfect on it.

I hope this helps you out.

Happy Moisturizing,