Clciking like on your own comment or gifts

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Hello- I don't mean to ruffle any feathers here, but it seems to me, that is just a way to earn points, and these points don't get you a new cr, or anything like that. It seems to me, that if we didn't like giving a gift for example- we wouldn't post it, it seems sort of strange liking the fact that you gave a gift to someone, and you click like under it, or about the comments tht you have made, if you didn't find it neccessary to post- you wouldn't have and posting like under the comment seems sort of like the person carrying around 2 bags for Halloween, and once 1 is filled, the other one is next. I have been up all night, and maybe I don't understand the reasons behind this, except for the fact of getting more points- which can't do anything, like get you a new car. This is being done on another site as well, and I was just curiuos as to why someone would give flowers as a gift and then click like, if you gave them, it seems to me that you liked the plan in the first place. Just saying…can someone give me a hint? Thank you very much, I don't mean to offend anyone, just want to know why it is done. I have just been up all night, I had some teeth evicted today, and I couldn't sleep, so the only way to really find out is to ask someone. Have a great day.

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cindygal1 2011-08-11 03:44:00 -0500 Report

It seems to be like it is great way to join with the crowd and commuicate with people that has the same illness you get and answer when you need it besides makiing friend with everyone. You need to change your minf on s loy of things , things that can help you commuicate and make friends, everyone need a free to talk too ever once in awhile. Welcom to diabetic connect and a share you ideas with you.

jladytiger1979 2011-08-08 08:19:45 -0500 Report

The only thing that annoys me about this site (because everyone has been amazing) is I had someone send me a ridiculous amount of gifts and it blew up my email. That is just silly. Not that I don't love my gifts and flowers and…More than one at a time overwhelms my technology. LOL!! If you send it, send it from love and not from points!

kittenpurr1 2011-08-08 16:27:57 -0500 Report

This is something like what the entire thing was about on another site, except it was a bit different. It was a few people being very competitive and not be a good sport about it.

jayabee52 2011-08-08 16:27:02 -0500 Report

maybe you have a not-so-secret admirer! Jlady, LoL!

jladytiger1979 2011-08-08 18:31:57 -0500 Report

Well now you've spoiled it and everyone knows!! Jeez! Hahaha

helen7898 2011-08-07 22:25:42 -0500 Report

Why do really care what people are doing. I come here to get info and ask questions. i don't care what people are doing to get points. As you can see I don't have many points. I really think this is a worthless discussion.

kittenpurr1 2011-08-08 16:58:55 -0500 Report

This is America, and we still have the Freedom of Speech for now, any way- you are entitled to think this is a worthless discussion- (I don't think you got the concept of what was going on)so, once again, I will explain it, so maybe you can see the big picture, but, when the site was messed up about 2 months ago, maybe 3- it would repost the same thing over and over- once again, I will say, a certain member made a remark, "Click like on all them, we don't have to even write anything to just get points, might as well do it while we can." That was cheating, and people do have the right to feel that is wrong, this is from another site- a member kept on and on making snide hurtful remarks to someone that pointed out- it was wrong for that to be happening, it got blew out of porition, and now, it has caused a terrible thing- it has caused, some of the best members to leave, or find other ways to discuss things, so by being selffish, it showed a lot of people this mentality of this member, so on the other site, we tried to explain to them, as soon as the problem was corrected- the points would be taken back, it was a waste of time, just to set a click like, 35 times because someone sent someone some flowers. When they saw this happening, they kept reposting, and all it was doing was filling up pages, 10 back, so it needed to be pointed out- to these 2 members, to stop doing this, because when you logged on, all you saw for 3 pages, was the same post, the gift, from the same person 25 times, with them clicking like on it each and everytime. Morals should stand for something. A member was trying to find a post that someone replied to, and had to go back and spend 5 hours- just to find what she was looking for- due to the malfunction of the site, and 2 members that were constantly posting a gift, and the site was reposting, over and over, and they kept clicking like- so by doing this, it bogged down the info in which people were trying to locate, just recently Helen, this happened again, and the member knew what was going on, and still did it anyway- so, now what was a good site- has made afew of the knowledgeable people just back away, and it has caused some to have to delete people that were once friends, because of discussions that were posted. The anology to this is let me explain it like this—-a red light is working improper, only turning green and letting 1 car go through, then it goes back to red again, and being stuck on red, the other lanes are getting through, and it's causing a back up of other cars, where the light is malfunctioning and turning green, for a minute and letting one car through. So, traffic piles up- most people don't like getting stuck in this kind of traffic jam, if this makes any kind of sense to you, the way I have explained it. So, you get a better concept! So now- maybe you can see - no one was getting to ask a question to get any info. So, as worthless as it may be, do you like getting stuck at a Red Light that is broken, especially if you have an appointment to get too, and it's going to cause you to be late? It was some way similiar to that- is the best way, I can let you see what was happening. It wasn't on this site- this time. But it has happened before on here- too. When a glitch in the system was acting up. Thank you for your input, and let's hope you don't get stuck at a malfunctioning redlight. LOL- Have a nice day.

cottoncandybaby 2011-08-07 21:34:07 -0500 Report

Wow, I have never read so much about gifts and points and likes, I have never really given them too much thought, although I am very appreciative when people do send me something positive, as we all like to have friends on here and feel like we have something worthwhile to add to the discussions. I do agree with you, kittenpur, that there is no excuse for people to be rude or insulting to anyone. If someone is not happy, they are welcome to leave, and let the rest of us continue. I do hope your dental situation gets better, there is nothing worse than teeth problems…I have many crowns, over many years, now face gingivitis, (swollen gums and bleeding when brushing my teeth) which I do not know if it is diabetes related or just aggravated by the diabetes, but am trying to treat it the best I can myself, before relenting to go to the dentist. Anyone else out there having trouble with it? I am flossing well almost every night before bed, and using Crest Pro-Health toothpaste, then rinsing well (after flossing), with Crest Pro-Health Invigorating Clean oral rinse as the last thing. I do this almost every night, once in a while I am just too tired to do the whole routine, but try to most nights. I have to say, the amount of bleeding when brushing and flossing has lessoned, but it is difficult to get the gums back to being firm like they used to be. Guess some of it is just age, but if anyone would like to add anything that would be helpful, please do so. Well, I hope, kittenpur, that your dentist gave you some pain med, that you can take with the diabetes, to ease your discomfort and help you sleep better! Well, it is late here in Florida and tomorrow morning my daughter starts her first day of high school! (She is my baby). For some reason, I don't remember being so emotional when my 2 sons started high school, but with girls, it is so dramatic…spent an hour deciding what to wear…well, we will be at the bus stop, a block away, at 6:20 in the morning!!! Ugh!! High school here starts at 7:10 and ends at 1:45. A new school year upon us… wishing a good week to you all!!!

kittenpurr1 2011-08-08 16:22:25 -0500 Report

Girls, have to make a special appearance, it seems like guys aren't as into looking good, and impressing, as girls are, and when it's are girls going into that step, we know…it won't be long, and it's off to college, or to work, we feel like we are losing them, they are out growing us, or something like that, especially when it's our baby.

jayabee52 2011-08-08 02:33:38 -0500 Report

Howdy Amy!
I think when the last one of ones' kids goes to HS (no matter the gender) it can be an emotional time since in the back of our minds it dawns on us that this is the beginning of the end of the way things were. They'll be leaving soon which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.

But that's not the main reason I started to write you. To help stop the bleeding when you brush your teeth and toughen up the gums you might want to make up a weak solution of salt (quarter tsp in 1 cup) and use that to rinse your mouth out for about a week's time, or as long as you need to to stop the bleeding gums.

Blessings to you and yours

cottoncandybaby 2011-08-08 10:04:53 -0500 Report

Thanks James, for that suggestion, I will give it a try tonight. It is not a good feeling to look down into the bathroom sink and see blood running down the drain… so I have no problem trying the salt water.
And you are so right about the emotion of seeing kids pass from one chapter of their lives to another… this morning was emotional for me, but I just acted very casual as I walked her to her bus stop with our dog on the leash (so it looked like I was just out walking the dog - at 6:25am!! - and not being the "mom who was walking with her daughter"!! I was happy to see that there were 2 other girls there (juniors) who were also taking the same bus to the high school. I intoduced myself and my daughter, and asked them a few questions to get the ball rolling, then I backed away and let them all chat…Even though they were 2 yrs ahead of Samantha, they were really nice and were giving her some tips as they got on the bus, did my heart good!! Now it will be interesting to see if she wants me to walk her to the bus stop tomorrow morning… have a great day and thanks again for the tip…Amy

Deaconess Jane
Deaconess Jane 2011-08-08 20:06:43 -0500 Report

Transitions! So hard, and yet it's the nature of things. Your little girl is growing up and will start living her own life. Bittersweet when it happens, but there's no way you can stop it. Glad your sweetie met some potential new friends and am trusting her time in school will be filled with lots of good memories for her and you.

Deaconess Jane
Deaconess Jane 2011-08-08 22:06:04 -0500 Report

Amen to that, Kitten purr. I so wish I'd taken the time to ask my parents about their growing up years, courtship, marriage. My Dad's brother was the story-teller of their family. As I listened to his tales, made me wish I'd pressed my folks to talk more about their past. But, they came from a generation that didn't share and I've found out there were some real hard times for them. They've both been gone for years now but one of these days I'll have the chance to talk to them again, but then there will be different, more glorious things to share.

Somoca 2011-08-07 16:16:14 -0500 Report

I hope the tech group IS working on this issue. I want to spend less than five minutes scrolling through things to get to the gifts people give me. Sometimes it takes just too long to find and sometimes my efforts are fu-tile ( as the star trek Borg would say). I want people to know that I saw the gifts and I do appreciate them.

Deaconess Jane
Deaconess Jane 2011-08-08 20:08:07 -0500 Report

Somoca, thank you. How to find the gifts sent has been a puzzle for me since I joined this group. I guess I didn't scroll far enough cause I never found them. lol. Now, I know why. Tanks!: O)

jayabee52 2011-08-08 21:37:50 -0500 Report

I don't remember how I did this but when I set up my profile I set it up that I would get notifications in my email when someone would post to my wall and/or give a gift. (also when I get a fridnd request). I open those notifications and notice who sent it and what they said and/or gave, and then I take the action I deem best. Seems to work well enuugh for me.

I tried the scrolling thing and was frustrated too. There was just too much going on in my profile to find it.

Good to see you back Jane! Blessings to you and yours!


Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2011-08-08 00:57:16 -0500 Report

I fully agree with you. I only see what others send by looking at my emails. Sometimes I don't check my emails for a couple of days.

MrsCDogg 2011-08-06 09:06:04 -0500 Report

Points and badges don't really matter to me. I'm here for the companionship of other people who are like me. I think that's what most of us are here for. Besides, what do the points and likes get you anyway?

kittenpurr1 2011-08-07 02:53:04 -0500 Report

It's okay- this stemmed from another site, and has caused members to leave, because of people cheating, and fussing, and that's not what it's for, it'sto help one another, and to let people know that you are thinking of them, when you take time to send a gift. Sometiems the gifts get buried so far down, it's hard to find them,

GabbyPA 2011-08-07 08:12:46 -0500 Report

I think they are working on that so the link we get emailed will take us to our gift. That would help so much and because of everyone chiming in and letting the team know about the issue they are aware and working on it to try to make it work better for all of us.

jayabee52 2011-08-07 03:13:02 -0500 Report

I was just there at that site for the first time in a while and read what was going on. Interesting!

Yes it CAN be hard to find them especially if you or the person posting has a really active profile. I really don't worry about the gifts because usually I never see them. But I know what those gifts are like and I have my profile set to send an email to my external email inbox whenever something is posted to my wall, including gifts. I note what it was and who gave it and what was said in the message, and then I respond as necessary. It generally works well for me.

GabbyPA 2011-08-06 09:10:05 -0500 Report

The points don't really get you anything, but it helps people know if you have been an active part of the site. But some of our most credible folks have few points because they only speak when they feel a need.

Sometimes we do have contests on the site that might involve earning points, so keep your eyes out for those. We have not had one for a while, but they have been fun in the past. Our last contest was the video contest. Sadly, out of all our members, we only had 3 entries. So they are not "worthless", but they don't earn you anything tangible so to speak.

Nonna2Three 2011-08-05 13:14:21 -0500 Report

I agree that it seems to skew the numbers if someone likes stuff they posted themselves. But I'm not so sure they are intentionally running their points up. Maybe they are and I'm just to naive (or blond, coz yes, I am pretty blond even if my hair did get darker with age).

I think I did "like" a discussion I started once when I wasn't paying attention. And, once I realized I had clicked like I think I tried to click unlike to back it out. Or maybe I accidentally clicked dislike and tried to back that out. But honestly, I have such poor memory these days I can't say for sure which way it went. But, either way it was not intentional (as can easily be evidenced by how few points I have.

But I would also venture to say this (even though the admins of this site probably prefer we care) I don't care about my points or anyone else's points. I friend people based on their input into discussions, news articles, recipes and reviews. If I like the way they post I am more likely to friend or accept their friend request. I have yet to go to anyone's profile and look at their points to determine if I find them worth tracking in my friend posts.

That said, and since my point value is so low - everyone please like this reply to give me a couple of points! Okay, don't like it for the points - that's a joke. But do like it if you agree with what I said.

Oh wait, now that I did the begging thing, let me try bribery - I love this site and the people on here. I have yet to encounter anyone who makes me irritated or annoyed. Maybe I just live under my rock too much and don't see other peoples activity enough for it to effect me, or maybe I'm just blessed to have friend-ed some of the best, but yeah, I love my DOC on this site. (Hey, does it really count as bribery if what I said is the complete and honest truth?)

All right, it's Friday. EVERYONE have a great and blessed weekend!

kittenpurr1 2011-08-05 20:20:28 -0500 Report

Thanks, and you have a great weekend too. It's good to get it off your mind and have a decent discussion with folks, it helps learn about them, and even I have learned some different thoughts.

MAYS 2011-08-05 11:45:04 -0500 Report

I hope that you are feeling better(tooth wise)!
Don't let the actions of others discourage you or get you down.
Remember the reason that you are here and what your friendship means to others!


kittenpurr1 2011-08-05 20:22:29 -0500 Report

Mays, my mouth- oh those shots, it hurts to yawn, I try not too, but I have once or twice, thank you so much good friend, and thanks for pointing out reasons and friendships, that we are blessed with.

granniesophie 2011-08-05 11:11:40 -0500 Report

James and Jim are right-I also have been backed off for a couple weeks now because I was deciding whether or not to drop off totally, over another bit of "kerfluffle" (I love that word!!) but I wanted to come back after I read your post and say that I deciided that I like being here, and I like the people who are my friends and the people who post insults and mean stuff should be ignored or shut down or something, and and we should continue on, those of us who support and help each other.
We aren't here to hurt each other, and those who do should be told so, and to the Devil with 'em!!
I do hope you feel better-teeth are a miserable thing-can't live without 'em and sucks to have to get'em fixed!!

squog master
squog master 2011-08-06 23:10:41 -0500 Report

I like that word"kerfluffle" too & another I like is "ruckus". I honestly don't know what all this "ruckus" is about & I really don't want to know. I've been on sparingly in the last 3 months due to a fracture inside my pelvis that makes sitting for long periods painful.

I would like to say "Thanks" to all the people who have sent me well wishes & messages of encouragement. That has meant a lot to me these past 3 months.

granniesophie 2011-08-07 10:16:02 -0500 Report

I wondered where you were, but with some much kerfluffle going on, and my backing off and so on, I didn't know why you were gone.
I hope that you are doing better now :)

squog master
squog master 2011-08-07 10:36:23 -0500 Report

Dr said 4-5 months but I'm a slow healer due to the prednisone for the RA. so will probably take longer. Go to my PCP 8/8 and will probably have to go for another bone scan it that time. That is how they found the fracture. Xrays didn't show it cause it's INSIDE my pelvis.

kittenpurr1 2011-08-05 20:26:39 -0500 Report

Thank you so much, glad you are staying, at times, people just can be so uncaring and rude, I agree with you on encouranging others, and the support is why we are here, to learn from another, to share, and just know that in every store …there is someone with dirty shoes on. (If that made any sense) I have some strange anologies at times.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-08-05 10:17:24 -0500 Report

Now I wonder if I can send myself a gift. I will have to try it!

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-08-05 10:40:52 -0500 Report

Nope, you can't because you can't befriend yourself!

kittenpurr1 2011-08-05 20:35:11 -0500 Report

Wow- that's not good- I thought we were suppose to be able to like ourself, we are with ourself, most of the time, lol. So, it's would be easier to like ourself, it's hard having an arguement with yourself, I have before, it can be done. I have oftened disagreed with myself.

Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-08-05 10:15:19 -0500 Report

I agree, but as I age I learned there are some things not getting my feathers ruffled about and points is surely one of them. I don't understand about their lack of value as I just cashed in 40,000 points at Walmart for a new grill with a side burner for a pot! :)

granniesophie 2011-08-05 11:03:56 -0500 Report

You got pot at Walmart??? And I thought they were so strait-laced there :)

kittenpurr1 2011-08-05 20:33:05 -0500 Report

Me, too- except - when they say they do a roll back on prices, and the tag says one price, and the sticker says, it's cheaper. I told them , I was taking a picture and taking it to the media, real fast, they fixed that problem. The item was marked on tag attached to garment for $10.00, and on the garment was a green sticker for more- they told me, it was the green sticker price, and I let them know…that is wrong, it's roll up, not roll back. I got my phone out, and started clicking away, "I got what are you doing?" I said proof for the media, that you are not what you say you are, they told me, it's Walmart, I told them this is wrong. I won that case- wish all things were that simple at times.

GabbyPA 2011-08-06 08:58:40 -0500 Report

Good for you. WalMart is not on my like list. I won't earn any points cause I will never "like" them! LOL

kittenpurr1 2011-08-07 02:54:56 -0500 Report

I hear ya, 20 registers, people backed up in lines, and no one to check them out, and at times they have rude associates.

vonweidhaas 2011-08-05 07:44:59 -0500 Report

wow long conversation over points! I gift people and click like ( did not know I could ) and I do not mind if they respond back or not. What do we get for points? A new car??? If so I shall like and click away- just inserting a bit of morning humor here. Sorry to hear about the Dentist situation. I laughed at your commenting about teeth vacating. I hate when that happens. Hope you feel better soon

AuntieM234 2011-08-07 01:42:34 -0500 Report

No, no, she said they were evicted! But she was probably still on the drugs! Well, actually, if they were evicted they HAD to vacate! Aren't we glad be are all literate? I LOVE YOU KITTEN! ;-) Mara

eristar 2011-08-05 06:40:20 -0500 Report

Good morning! I stopped reading comments about half way down, so I'm not certain what all else was said, but I have to agree with you…I only click "like" on someone else's post if I think it is worthwhile, or when I receive a a gift. I guess I'm not that interested in racking up quick points! Have a good weekend.

Sidehack 2011-08-05 04:20:44 -0500 Report

I LIKE the fact that you decided to start this discussion. I don't think you ruffled any feathers; but you woke people up. I LIKE that. I LIKE the fact that you got me thinking about this feedback. In fact, you put me in a good mood today and I LIKE that. You lifted my spirits and got me LIKING the people who click on "LIKE". That means they probably read something and LIKED it. Yes, I'm sure they LIKE getting points for LIKING others' comments. I just clicked LIKE on your discussion (so far that makes me "LIKE" number nine). I LIKE you! : )
P.S.: I just clicked "LIKE" on my own comment

kittenpurr1 2011-08-05 05:00:53 -0500 Report

Thank you for your reply, it does help when we have people sending gifts, to lift our spirits, to encourage us, along this journey- I am under attack on another site for this discussion, I was told it's like facebook, but no—- it's not, facebook lets you change it, if you accidentally hit like, facebook let you delete your comments if you decide it isn't to be posted, or if you post it and reconsider, you can remove the context, so this is not like facebook. I was told this by someone I guess you could say is in admin. sort of- they are a PA- so - I have been so wrong, and and they have jumped me, not everyone, b/c some know- how long this has been going on, and who started it months ago. I am not mentioning any names- I would be beheaded for that, but someone can ask me to send them controlled substances via mail, which is a Felony Drug Charge, and nothing happens to her. So, I am the gad guy here. I have pointed out vuglar remarks- site policy violations, so I feel real useful right now. I am sure my blood pressure is up, too. The site would probably like it - if I feel out and died. I mean it, I have seen some nasty things I have reported, and the person in admin, never thanked me. So, maybe next time- some one talks trashy to them, I will just let it go- and let it remain on the wall all weekend. Please don't get me wrong, there is some wonderful people on the PA, CA, teams here. I just would like a thank you- for not letting me be embarrassed all weekend, since this has occurred to this one person 2 times. It's happened on another site with another one, and another from here. I need to get off here. I have not slept tonight, at all- my heart is hurting. I have had a real high pulse rate the last several days, it's been a week today. With extreme blood pressure readings. Thanks for your input. Have a great weekend.

Sidehack 2011-08-05 06:15:30 -0500 Report

I know what you mean. Just remember that this a site that's open to millions of people. Many people will do and say as they want. When you read something offending, please don't take it to heart. Keep in mind that this is only a support group. As I learned a long time ago in a 12-step program…you will get good advice and bad advice…just take what you need. "If it don't apply, let it fly". If people abuse this site and the moderators don't care then it's not a very good site and people will leave when they've had nenough crap. This is not a place to get your blood pressure up over!

kittenpurr1 2011-08-05 06:22:30 -0500 Report

Thanks, I needed to hear that. I am going to run an errand, before it gets too hot here. Plus, I need to take my meds. Thank you again.

kittenpurr1 2011-08-05 01:16:37 -0500 Report

I wished I had never posted this discussion, it started from another site, and it's only got worse, people misunderstanding, it was really about when the site had some issues, and was reposting things over and over. One member said to another member, "We should click on likes, we are rackingup points, and it's easy, all we have to do is click like, over and over." This in my opinion is cheating, but it's okay- if they want to be that way, who am I to speak about them. Please just stop replying to this discussion, no one but afew people know what it's about anyway. I have got enough emails to kill a computer, and I look like the bad person. I don't feel well, I had 8 shots in my mouth yesterday, and they are sore, I didn't make my self very clear, I guess. So, I apologize, and I want off this site. Let the cheaters cheat!! I have tried to be good and decent on all sites that I am on, I have reported nasty crude comments, very disrepectful comments- that were awful. My blood pressure at the dentist was 199/169 and my pulse was 207- I don't need this, and being diabetic, too. My blood pressure has been at stroke range all week.

VickieF 2011-08-06 04:11:20 -0500 Report

Oh, Pish-posh! kitt­enpu­rr1, The only Bad question is the one not asked: Therefore; The only Bad disscution is the one Not started. This is a support group and a place to ask and say what you want. That is as long as there is no name calling and no deliberatly being offensive to anyone. As we are all human we will unintentionally offend someone, but that is part of being human. All we can do at that point is say I'm sorry. So say what you want and ask what you want. ;)

kittenpurr1 2011-08-06 07:37:02 -0500 Report

Thanks, and this was on another site, mostly it applied to things that happened back when the site was having issue problems of posting the same post repeatedly. A member told another member click on those like, earn those points, we don't even have to work at it, or write anything, just keep clicking like, and rack up points, I told them both- if the site is messed up, as soon as it was fixed, they would lose all those points, sure enough they did. Now they are posting something and clicking they like it to get points, I don't really care- it just hurt someone very special, and discussions were made that should not have been made on another site, it hurt a very nice person, but she will be fine, b/c she has so much support now that it's brought out, and others have seen how this one or 2 are since all this occurred, I know one of them used to be one this site, and still may be. So, I have let it drop, I stood up for what I thought was right, saw the nasty rude email that was sent to another member, and I supported and stood behind the one that I felt was right. I did my good deed for the day.

MAYS 2011-08-05 12:28:04 -0500 Report

Don't feel bad.
When I first joined this site I posted some pretty controversial discussions which I either removed or edited.
In hindsight, I wish that I hadn't because it was my personal opinion.

Because of the backlash that I received I threatened to leave, but I received a few comments and messages asking me to reconsider which I did (and I am glad).

(Thanks James-jayabee52)

When writing it's important to get your point of view across, some will like it, others will not.
That is the nature of writing something that others will read!

Remember this, there were (and are) many articles written every day that some like and others don't …

Life goes on, enjoy it!


Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards 2011-08-05 10:51:24 -0500 Report

Remember my friend, don't sweat the small stuff. There are many things and issues worth worrying about. Hey if people email you and indicate you are a bad person, so what? I have gotten emails too that indicate that I am not someones favorite person either because they did not like something that I said seriously, or something that I said to make people smile and say "That Jim is a nut". I know I will hear about my 40,000 points for a grill at Walmart, but who knows which way they will go. sorry to hear about your dental trip. I had a $4000 tooth removed this year. It had a root canal, post & crown, got infected 2 years later, 2nd root canal, got infected within a month, dose of antibiotics, no luck, so it was pulled. What fun that was! The bones on the lower end of the tooth that have the canals in them were curved inward, anchoring into my jawbone, I guess. Ouch!

jayabee52 2011-08-05 04:08:56 -0500 Report

Well, Kitten! PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF first and foremost!

I pray your BP comes down with your pulse. Mighty close to stroke territory. I for one, would hate to see you leave. You have a unique take on many matters, and you would be missed should you depart.

Please consider rather, just not posting for a while till the kerfluffle dies down over this discussion and then just quietly coming back a while later. We wouldn't want to choke your computer! LoL!

If you get some nasty emails on the DC system, or on your outside email, if they're too nasty you might wish to forward them to one of the administrators at DC. Let them deal with those people. You don't have to. Take care of yourself Dear Lady!

kittenpurr1 2011-08-05 05:15:23 -0500 Report

Thank you, JB. I really appreciate that, and your concerns. I have pointed out to them about being approached to send controlled substances to members in the mail, that I don't even know- they blew it off, as a one time incident- so I had to handle it myself. I knew I didn't want a Felony Drug Charge- so let them think one time incident all they want too, this girl is on probation, there is only afew good PA, CA, and sorts on these sites. One don't care how rude a person is to someone, she can get reports till the cows come home, and still wouldn't do anything about this nasty person calling people b…and worse, so the next time someone else can report to her when someone makes a rude remark about her. I am upset. I got from her, this is like facebook, please…how stupid do I look, this compares no where near the things facebook can do, and I have reported 2 times about a rude very vuglar remarks made about one of them, I never got a thank you from this person. So…I don't like it, but it probably want be me that reports the next time one of them is cursed at, said nasty remarks about their anotomy, and what they would like to do to it. I worded that nice. thanks, Janet my vision is acting up- so I haevt o ger off he3.

Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2011-08-05 01:40:26 -0500 Report

Hello Dear Lady!!! I have always enjoyed having you as a friend. I can raise my hand & say yes I am one of those people that likes everything. I give gifts and then I like it. I really do like it because I am actually saying to that person that I am not just sending them a gift but I like sending them a gift. I honestly never thought about more points. I think that its great that we can give gifts on this site. I really do like it that I can do this. Some people may do it for the extra points, I am one of the people that is a points leader but it's not from liking everything. I really do care about my friends and I try to write on everyones profile at least once a week. It's alot of work because I have alot of friends. I also do alot of other things to aquire my points. I review products. I review recipes. I talk to friends in private messaging. I start discussions. I do alot of other things that give me points. I really do like everything & everybody. I think you are a wonderful person with a beautiful personality. I do understand what you are saying and I certainly never intended to be a cheater. I'm sorry if I offend you by liking everything including the gifts that I give. I just see it in a different way. I really appreciate the articles and the wisdom on diabetes that you have shared with me !!! - Bless you my friend!!! - Teresa Rose

kittenpurr1 2011-08-05 01:55:37 -0500 Report

No, No—- you are not a cheater. I think that's cool with your outlook on it, it sheds a different light on things, like enjoying purchasing gifts for people at holidays, that's so sweet. You have a wonderful heart, and don't stop liking what you do— you have a good reason for doing it. Makes a lot of sense. I love that, looking at it from another view- no- please know…you are not the people I was referring to at all. I do believe this occurred before you enven joined. Please know—you didn't offend me, and please forgive me, if I don't always say thanks for gifts- sometimes…they are just very hard to find. Have a wonderful blessed weekend filled with many beautiful things life has to offer.

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