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From Laura Dolson, your Guide to Low Carb Diets
For a long time, I've wanted to put together a "course" walking people through how to cuts carbs, and today I'm unveiling it. This is available at this point by signing up to get daily emails, but in a few weeks I'll have it online as well. If you sign up for it and have comments or questions, or suggestions for other "ecourses", feel free to comment in this thread in our Low-Carb Forum. I'm hoping that this can be another avenue to help people to change their eating. Have a great week - Laura

New Ecourse: How to Cut Carbs
This "ecourse" is a little over 2 weeks of daily emails taking people through how to cut carbs in their diets. The reader I had in mind when I wrote it is someone who wants to reduce carbs in their diet, but doesn't necessarily want to go very low-carb, or even really "go on a diet". There are many people who just want to "watch their carbs", and this is written for them. It would also be helpful for people starting out on low-carb eating, or as a refresher for anyone.

7 Carb-Cutting Steps
Several of these steps are about foods to add to your diet - it's just as important to know what to eat instead of carbs!
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Hospital Food Could Make You Sicker
Over the years I've heard from many low-carbers who had to fight with hospital personnel over their meals (our Low-Carb Forum has had many of these threads). I comment on a recent opinion piece in an Arkansas paper about this.

7 Myths About Low-Carb Eating
There are lots of misconceptions floating around about low-carb eating. These really bug me.
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I honestly do not know i can ask my sisters boyfriend who sends them to me. He is the one that went crazy trying to make sure i had food for the 4th

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How does one get on Laura Dolson's mailing list. Sounds like it would be REALLY useful to me in the control of my BG numbers!