Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance

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Hey guys,

We've been around for a little bit now parceling out our information, but now we feel it's time to make our presence fully known.

The JDCA is a non-profit organization ( funded solely by our founder) with the explicit goal of curing type 1 diabetes by 2025. We act as independent analysts who examine research projects and diabetic charities in order to inform donors of opportunities that provide the best chance of curing type 1 diabetes within this timeframe.

Do you ever wonder where charities are placing your donated funds? The chances of a cure the brings people back to a pre-diabetic state? Why we have set 2025 as our goal date?

Please visit our website at http://www.thejdca.org/ to examine our current findings, read our beliefs, and join our mailing list to support the cause, as we have a lot more information on the way.

We are the JDCA, the voice of the donor for a cure.

Comments? Questions? We would love to hear from you, so please respond below or at our website.

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