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Question, I am an (uninsured) Type I diabetic, and have been a diabetic for 27 years now. I have a soreness and pain that covers the the left side of my body, most my left arm, all the way to my shoulder blade. This started out six months ago and has gotten worse. to the point I have only been sleeping a few hours a day.
I have tried taking over the counter medications, but they don't work. I was recently relocated to another city (read: dumped) then the firm fell apart. I am trying to relocate as I had a recent death in my family, and I am the last one left. I need to move 2000 miles to obviously get a job, but to be near the remainder of my family.
I flew out to this new city recently that I am trying to relocate to, but after interviewing, they said come back as we haven't made a decision yet, I scored 100% on their tests (technical) they had given, they knew this flight, hotel, was coming out of my pocket, and without a job, I couldn't get an apt. regardless if my credit is good. Now, I am trying to get something more permanent so I won't be flying out for nothing.
I also don't have insurance, so once my insulin runs out, I will have to go to a cheaper one that I have had reactions to in the past, because it is $500 cheaper (healthcare in this country is a pathetic moneygrubbing joke). Once I can no longer afford it, well that's it, I am a libertarian to the nth degree, I take nothing from no one, I worked close to 30 yrs. without a vacation, and I end up with nothing.
Sorry for the distraction, but anyone know what could be causing this left pain and soreness, I don't remember lifting anything hard or banging on anything.


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Gimpalong 2011-08-03 23:57:08 -0500 Report

I agree with Elaine, this is nothing to mess with. My doctor gives me my insulin if he has samples in the type that I use. He also gives me medications that he has prescribed in samples. Have you tried to contact the pharmacutical company that makes the insulin at agrees with you? Many companies will work with you, giving medications or charging next to nothing for them. You might check with some of these doctors or pharmacutical companies. Sometimes our health is more important than pride. I know for me, pride will not bring back the health I had before. Just something to think about. People are willing to help, but first we have to ask.

elaines 2011-08-03 10:08:03 -0500 Report

First of all, I have been there. No insurance and no insulin. I was walking around with sugars over 650, my meter would just read high. I had pride and would not even tell my own family I could not afford my meds and I know they would have helped. Now, many years later I am legally blind in one eye and had the other removed last year, I suffer from neuropathy and have had several strokes. My kidneys failed and was on dialysis for 1 1/2 years until my sister donated her kidney. This is nothing to mess around with. You never know how severe your problem can be. Like they said hospital bills don't go against your credit and as long as you pay something, $5 a month, they won't bother you. So get checked out and find a way to get your medications. I am not sure where you are but there are many hospitals who prorate you based on your income, making it affordable. They may also be able to get you medications at a cheaper cost. Best of luck to you and keep us updated. Good luck with the job search.


rayfamily 2011-08-01 20:02:17 -0500 Report

Regardless of insurance- THEY HAVE TO TREAT YOU! You said it yourself, you worked for 30 years & have never taken anything from anyone. READ- you have worked for 30 years, the system owes you! You've EARNED IT!. Now, get to the ER! Make sure you're ok!
On the not affording insulin. I, also, never took from anyone. I have been without health insurance for over 2 years, and have figured out how to buy my insulin-without dr. prescription. It is available OTC. AND- Wal-Mart has generic available. I was using my local "chain" drugstore for months, paying "retail" cost for insulin. I finally realized, I could switch from Lantus (>$100 a vile- one shot, once a day) to Novolog N (eqiuvalent, long lasting- but for 12 hrs vs. 24- and 2 shots a day) and pay only $25 for a vile. I also switched to the Wal Mart brand of Humilin R (fast acting, taken on a sliding scale based on # of carbs consumed) also for $25 a vile. And, for testing- I watch the ads. When the "buy a meter get test strips free" ads pop up, I look closely! I've been using a Wal-Mart brand meter (cost $10 w/ additional savings via mail in rebate) and the test strips are $20 for fifty.
Regardless of all this, you need to get to the ER. Get checked out & let us know how you are!
Good luck! Natalie

ladymagnolia1963 2011-08-03 12:52:28 -0500 Report

Walmart has been a Godsend! We too have been w/o insurance for a while now. My husband and I are both type 2 diabetics and both use vial insulin. We both take 100 units of the long acting Humulin 70/30 for $25.00 a vial. we take this 2x a day. Plus the Humulin R as needed for just $25.00. We also use the Walmart sugar machine/ strips & syringes. My husband has been out of work for over a yr now and unemployment only goes so far! So very thankful for the OTC insulin products.

harry1 2011-08-01 18:08:51 -0500 Report

get to the E.R. i thought i had a pinched nerve in my back, i told my dr about this she sent me for a stress test and a echo stress test. the test showed 3 blockages. she sent me to see a cardio dr he said what it looks likes they are over 50% blocked. I'm getting the cather done on 9/2 he said that if he sees anything at 75% or more they will do a bypass the next day.

RiNow 2011-08-01 14:23:13 -0500 Report

Ok all thanks, I probably won't go, as one, they can still bill you, and I can't afford that without insurance, and two, if I do get to get this written off, I would prefer to not do this. I never took anything from anyone, and regardless of the consequences, I can't.

I appreciate everyone's help, good luck to everyone.

nanaellen 2011-08-01 22:45:24 -0500 Report

Yes, they can still bill you but guess what? It WON'T go against your credit because of med expenses! And it won't do you a bit of good to end up DEAD!! SOME things you just HAVE to swallow your pride and DO IT!!! Been where your at…I know it's a gut awful feeling…but you have to do what you HAVE TO DO!!! Just DO IT and let us know that your BETTER!! NanaEllen >(

realsis77 2011-08-01 14:06:25 -0500 Report

Wow just as everyone else says,go to the E.R! They can't turn you down just because your not insured. I believe they HAVE to see you! Don't mess around! Go go go!

MewElla 2011-08-01 13:44:12 -0500 Report

Please go to the Emergency Room and get yourself checked out…Plse keep us posted…Good Luck to you…

Harlen 2011-08-01 13:39:43 -0500 Report

First off I am so sorry your going thrue this I know it suks.
I would be at the ER now there is so much that can make it go real bad real fast
Best of luck Frend

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